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Finally, Jora allowed herself to be cajoled by her friends to sneak up to dry land for an exploration. Here she is under a big tree, quite uncertain as to what to do here away from her watery home. Her two girl friends are having the time of their lives, basking in the sun on someone’s front yard! Jora is pale with fright! “What if we are caught? What if we never get to go back to the sea again! Oh! This is not fun for me!” She thought!

She wants to show Kerensa and Merah that she, too, knows how to have fun. Rolling around the cold tile floor, Jora feels her limbs heavy without the seawater carrying them.

“I feel so awkward, heavy, like a sea lion.” She rolls on her tummy, then sits up.

“Hey look! I am a human! I am a human!” She pretends to stand up on the tippy tip of her tail.

But after a while, her tail hurts. “When are we going home?” She thinks of her merboy at home and what he would say about all this forbidden excursion on land.

. . .

Jora is handmade lovingly with thoughtfully chosen quality materials. She is about 7.5 inches tall (19cm). Her arms and body are posable. Her skin is from 100% organic cotton knit fabric. Her shimmery tail (look how beautifully it shimmers during on an overcast day in the photo!) is of fine blue sequin. Her hair is 100% cotton yarn that faintly smells of sugar and cream. Her face is needle sculpted and embroidered for a sweet and simple look, in the spirit of Waldorf Dolls. She is stuffed with wool. Her shimmery tail reflects blue light beautifully especially at sunset, when she most longs for her watery home. Her tail flaps as she swims.

Mermaid Jora met a 7 year old girl at the May Faire 2010 of Waldorf School of Orange County, California. She now lives with the little girl somewhere in Orange County. I plan to bring some more mermaids to the Waldorf School May Faire celebration.

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