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Here is mermaid Mondine enjoying the warmth of the Corona Del Mar sun.

141008 Mermaid Mondine on the rocks in Corona Del Mar tide pool  2

Mermaid Mondine and friends, venturing up the shores of Corona Del Mar, not far from the Castle of Costa Mesa.

110422 Handmade waldorf mermaids and mermen merfolk dolls group photo

Splashing in the water is so much fun.

110422 Handmade Waldorf doll Mermaid Mondine sitting on a sea moss covered rock 2

Mondine with a little vintage hot housed flower in her hair.

The sun makes me so sleepy…

140415 4 mermaids discovered


130720 mondine discovered by sailor prince.

 Click here to take a good look at the Sailor Prince.

Flee little mermaid! Back to the safety of the deep seas!

Mondine was one of my first mermaids, since then I have made many others. Mondine is handmade lovingly with carefully chosen quality materials. She is about about 8.5 inches (21.5 cm) long. Her arms and body are posable. Her skin is from 100% organic cotton knit fabric. Her shimmery tail is of fine blue sequin that reflects beautiful blue lights. Her tail flaps haphazardly as she swims away from sharks and other predators in the wild. Her hair is made from red boucle mohair yarn. Her face is embroidered simply, in the spirit of Waldorf Dolls. She is stuffed with natural wool roving and a tiny pinch of dried Californian lavendar. She wears an exotic vintage dahlia in her hair.

I can custom make a mermaid doll like this for you. Thank you for sharing my joy in this sweet mermaid lass.

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