Chinese Children’s Songs: Red Berries

红莓果 Hong Mei Guo

A very lovely waltz! I think it’s German. Can someone send me a comment and confirm? What is it called in German? This is one of my childhood favorite song!

呵啦啦啦        呵啦啦啦        呵啦-啦-啦
呵啦啦啦        呵啦啦啦        呵啦-啦-啦
呵啦 啦-啦啦啦-啦啦 啦啦
Red Berries
There was a girl who went into the
woods looking for red berries
Looking for red berries
When she met a hunter
Young and so lively
Young and so lively
Her lalala Her lalala Her lalala
Her lalala Her lalala Her lalala
Her lalala lalala lala
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I found this youtube video that is sooooo endearing! You can feel the love between these two as they are deep into this lovely song. Thank you rodneyliu and family for the permission for us to use your video! A mother’s loving voice is ALWAYS the sweetest sound to the ears.

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  • Oh, what a cool story behind this treasury! The song is so charming…

    Thank you again for including me in this collection!

    June 10, 2011

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