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131030 Jzin's Boat Tutorial square cropped with Mermaid Georgina, Merbaby Sunshine and Sailor Prince in white and mint blue felt boat


131030 Ring of glittering mermaid on blue silk around boat with merbaby Nigel sitting in it

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Every felt playscape needs a water feature. A waterfall, a gushing rapid, a babbling brook, a meandering stream, a pond or an ocean. Water makes people happy. When you have water, you need a boat.

Therefore, I have written a tutorial to show you how to make felt boats. This step-by-step pictorial tutorial does not require sewing or needle-felting. This is something you can enjoy making with your children. The basic skills in my tutorial will springboard you towards making many other structures.

131031 Nunu help selling raffle tickets at Company of Angels Store

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream…

131030 Russell the Root child adrift on a small brown boat with a lime green interior.

Rub a dub dub, three gnomes in a tub…

131030 Rub a dub dub three gnomes in a tub on honeysuckle bush.

Oh! Bring back my bonnie to me…

131030 Auburn flower fairy in lime green and brown wet-felted boat

C’est presque au bout du monde
Ma barque vagabonde
Errante au gré de l’onde
M’y conduisit un jour
L’île est toute petite
Mais la fée qui l’habite
Gentiment nous invite
A en faire le tour

– Youkali. Kurt Weill

131030 Root child doll rowing in a small white boat around the silk scape river bend 2

Happy mermaid riding on her mother-of-pearl oyster bed-boat. Tra la la!

131030 Mermaid Geogiana riding in her wet-felted oyster bed boat vessel on a blue silk sea

Cover her up with a piece of seaweed and she will fall asleep in her bed shortly.

131030 Mermaid Georgiana asleep on a wet-felted oyster bed covered by a seaweed kelp blanket.

Tuesday October 29, 2013. My 8 year old Nunu needle-felted Merlin. Here Merlin is riding on his pod shaped little brown boat, adrift a starry night.

131030 Nunu's needle-felted Merlin doll sailing on a brown pod shaped little wet-felted boat on a starry night.

Boats are the preferred rides for your homemade peg dolls, they love to go places in felt boats! Below is the wet-felted playscape handmade by my 8 year old daughter and myself over Spring Break in 2013.

131031 Nunu's first wet-felted playscape overview photo

The versatile boat shape encourages open ended play. Here the boat is used as a baby’s cradle. Shh… baby’s sleeping.

131030 Wet-felted boat that is also a felted baby's cradle bed

Even the Nibelung dwarf Alderich dreams when he is afloat the river Rhine…

131030 Dream of a dwarf on a leaf boat mermaid Georgiana beneath the surface

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131030 Buy Tutorial Now. square. Russell the Root child adrift on a small brown boat with a lime green interior. no logo

Click on the picture above to purchase Jzin’s Boat Tutorial! You will be privvy to my tips and tricks on how I make these felt boats: no sewing, no knitting, no crocheting, no needle-felting, easy peasy lemon squeezy craft project, suitable for your mommy and me crafting with your children. These easy crafts have also been known to be made in between cooking and feeding 3 hungry children on weekday afternoon hours. Yes, hear me now and believe me later, this tutorial: It’s boatloads of fun!

With this tutorial, it’s more than just learning how to make a boat, you will…

  • Learn the fundamental wet-felting techniques applicable to other projects.
  • Jzin’s secret tips for wet-felting
  • Possibly rekindle your passionate excitement for a certain unavoidable, mundane, routine household chore
  • Your purchase will help justify and fund my creative passion and spending so much money on wool fibers and other craft supplies… so please, buy my tutorial and tell all your friends about it!

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131030 Jzin's Boat Tutorial square cropped with Mermaid Georgina, Merbaby Sunshine and Sailor Prince in white and mint blue felt boat

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