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Castle of Costa Mesa

Urban Food Forest, Southern California, Zone 10b

180617 E harvesting peaches 4636 edited L

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190414 Auto-feeding Composter L square190427 Ferrocement Bed patches of wet cement L square
180406 DIY Composting Chicken coop with chicken salad bar square160607 Sheet Mulching turning lawn into food forest square 6204

Unfinished Page. Work in Progress. Sorry!

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            • unfinished: Some photos of our urban food forest garden
            • Chicken moat fodder system
            • DIY sun tanning bed for my husband = vermicompost bin = al fresco summer dining bench
            • Auto-feeding composter. Spring 2020.
            • Vertical Migration Vermicomposter
            • The fruits we grow
            • Composting
            • Gifting from the garden
            • Vertical gardening and my love of cattle panels
            • Heirloom Roses
            • DIY Magic teepee with vines and window
            • harvesting homemade compost for use in the garden
            • Free resources: wood chips, compost, food scraps, leaves
            • butterflies, bees, mason bee, hummingbirds, phoebes, finches, june bug grubs and other wild lives
            • Unfinished page: Meals from our urban home garden
            • Fun and unusual plants
            • Water saving. What do forests do? Amazonians? Roman Villas?
            • native plants
            • Inspired by Ilan-Lael



  • Linda Waldorf-Dreams Todd

    Wish I lived in California!!

    January 26, 2013
    • Laura

      me too

      June 5, 2013

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