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121208 Waldorf School of Orange County Winter Festival 2012 handmade painted banner

Winter Festival 2012 at our Waldorf School of Orange County, Costa Mesa, California.

Entrance to the Elves’ Workshop

 Wednesday Morning Craft Group.

The Elves!


Thanks to the crafty elves of our craft group, the Elves Workshop was filled with handmade treasures this year. Click here to view a gallery of our Wednesday Morning Craft Group projects.


Waiting in Line To Visit The Elves’ Workshop

Ah! The excited anticipation for little children.

130123 little girl Kaili waiting in line to enter Elves Workshop

The Children and Their Selected Treasures

“It’s a surprise!” she told me.

Thank you to all busy elves who crafted these treasures!

A Peek Inside The Elves Workshop!

Jzin’s Note: Please do not let your children view this webpage. This page is written specially for parents, crafters, adults. I feel that if a child were to see this page, it may diminish their sense of awe and wonder at the actual event. So, to preserve the magic of the children’s experience, I suggest to you to keep this page for adult view only. To the adults: aren’t you inspired to see the joy the children get from our lovingly handcrafted treasures?

To our diligent crafty elves: Thank you so much for your wonderful handwork!!!

Thank you Liz Shier-Burnett for many of the insider photos! I came a tad late and many of the goodies were gone!

King Winter and Snow Gnomes galore

 Blossom Fairies, Magic Wool Angels, felt hair clips and more…

A pencil gnome caught this boy’s eye.

At the beginning, the Elves Workshop was well stocked.

121208 Christine Newell inside the Elves Workshop at 2012 Winter FestivalPhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

paper balls christmas tree ornaments by JosephinePhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

wooden sailboats and beeswax decorated candlesPhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

double masted sailboat with white sails. What a dream!double masted wooden sailboat with white sails

Photo by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Felt balls. The example below was made by Gloria Chang.121205 Gloria's needle felted fawn on felted ball for Winter Festival Elves Workshop Room

Handmade Felt  plush handstitched teddy bear Christmas OrnamentsPhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Handmade water lily babies, felted birds in birdhouses, felted teddy bears. Click here to see our craft group making felted birds and other handmade items for our Winter Festival.

Handmade water lily babies, felted birds in birdhouses, felted teddy bearsPhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

There were just so many lovely items I could not post them all. You can go through our gallery of craft group projects and look at them.

Blossom fairies by Alena Audenis…121205 Alena's miniature blossom fairies on the cherimoya tree

Click here to view our craft group making these felted birds and birdhouses.

Felted birds in wooden birdhousesPhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

wooden peg and felt knight figurine toysPhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Beaded Felt Stocking Christmas Tree Ornaments

beaded felt stocking christmas tree ornaments for Waldorf School Winter Festival

A cornucopia of handmade wonders! My 8 year old daughter picked a blue felt hair clip. Is is her treasured hair clip which brings her much joy.felt hair clip, leather bracelets, bath salts, felted gnomes and other handmade treasures for Elves Workshop

Click here to see how our craft group made these leather bracelets.

more leather bracelets…handmade leather braceletes

The handmade crafts were gone fast.

121208 Red hearts mobile in Elves Worshop at WSOC Winter Festival 2012Photo by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

 Magic Wool Fairies. Click here to see a our craft group making beautiful magic wool fairies. This link is also a tutorial.

White Magic Wool Fairies guardian angels for winter festivalPhoto by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Felted Christmas Tree Ornaments. Click here to see our craft group making these ornaments in Fall 2012.

Felted picture christmas ornaments

Photo by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Bearded wizards with pointy caps and capes

Photo by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Felt gnome book marks.handmade felt gnome book marks

Photo by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Photo by Elizabeth Shier-Burnett

Outside of The Elves Workshop

Once out side the Elves Workshop, the helpful elves helped each child wrap his handpicked treasures.

Every item is individually wrapped with care by one of our helpers!

121208 Tomoko wrapping treasures from the elves workshop

Our little helper returning empty baskets from the exit end of the Elves Workshop to the Entrance.

Little boy with elves workshop baskets

GIVEAWAY!!! Handmade Medieval Fairy Tale Dolls “The Knight and His Lady” by CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Giveaway ends January 30, 2013. Enter the handmade dolls giveaway here.

130118 Handmade doll giveaway Needle-felted and handstitched miniature fairy tale Knight and Lady with logo. square

130118 Giveaway landscape orientation 6

Waldorf School of Orange County Spring 2013 Bliss Fundraiser

Craft donations are being accepted in the front office. Fill in Auction Donation form (Click here to download) if you have craft (or other) items to donate to our Waldorf School Spring 2013 Gala Auction.

Here are some auction items to get your bidding mojo running! Waldorf School of Orange County Bidpal site is still currently in the process of being updated, please check back periodically.

130114 Wooden Fairy Tree House

Waldorf School Auction items on Bidpal. Check back frequently. Items are currently being loaded onto the website daily. Share the magic fairy tree house on Facebook.

Here’s a partial list of Waldorf School of Orange County auction items (mainly crafts are listed here) on Pinterest…(check back periodically for updates)…130122 Sun burst with CastleofCostaMesa.Com logo

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Meanwhile, please support our local peeps! Thanks! – Jzin

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 Wednesday Morning Craft Group

Check out our Wednesday Morning Craft Group craft projects by clicking on this image below.121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

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