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It was a cold, dark and rainy Saturday afternoon. After a sumptous potluck lunch, our Second Year Foundation Studies group gathered around Robin Theiss in a circle, lit by a warm beautiful candle for our Modeling workshop. Today we will be visiting the kindergarten curriculum with a beeswax exercise.

We listened to Robin Theiss read from Goethe’s The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily as we each kneaded our own beeswax candle creations. Darshi took photos of our collective creations with her camera. I thought: Wow, if only I had beeswax during all those long lonely childhood days in the pews at my Catholic masses. I could have created some awesome figurines as I listened to the priests’ long sermons filled with fantastic biblical images!

The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily by Goethe

More photos of our collective creations. Thank you Darshi for taking these photos!

 I love collective art projects and exercises because it is interesting to see what others are experiencing from the same story.

I think Hugh made this surfer inside a tidal wave. We are very Californian.

Allison’s red lily is so beautiful!

That boatman of mine is not holding an electrical guitar…it is an oar.


Which beeswax creation did you make? What struck you in the story?

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