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October 10, 2012. A beautiful Wednesday morning creating with friends.

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Today, I woke up with a ho-hum mood after worrying over 2 children who just recovered from several days of fevers. However, after a glorious morning of crafting with friends, life is radiant again!

Gisela baked delicious German plum cake, Rachel served hot tea in her emblematic tea cozy. Making craft, in the company of friends, what could be better? Ah! The creative energy and the stunning results of our group this morning were something to behold!

October 10, 2012. This morning, our craft group project was needle-felted paintings. For a $5 supply fee, we each got to make a small rectangular needle-felted painting to keep, plus a felt circle to be made into Christmas tree ornament for our school’s December 2012 Winter Festival gnomes cave.

Christmas ornament for our Winter Festival Gnomes Cave.


Gloria busy needle-felting.

a work in progress…

Gloria’s needle-felted scene…these are what beautiful childhood memories are made of.

Antoinette’s luscious apples from the apple tree.It’s so 3D the bottom one is rolling right of out the painting!

Do you know that Antoinette just published a book? Antoinette, can you leave us a link below (in the comment box) so we can all check it out? I think copies of her book are also at the Company of Angels store.

The artist at work.

Gisela with a work in progress:

by the end of this morning…

October 17, 2012. Gisela added a frame to it over the week.

October 17, 2012. Gisela brought in more needle-felted paintings she did over the week.

Gisela’s needle-felted painting lighthouse by the rocky shores look so dreamy when photographed on a white bed sheet. Tis’ the wonder of this felt medium.

October 17, 2012. Gisela’s painterly shrub of violet flowers. I enjoy how she used the bulky yarn for the stem, flower and soil, bringing the subject forward and giving the picture a 3D effect.

Gisela’s needle-felted picture of a large blue blossom.

Cathrine finished her gorgeous gnome painting to donate to our school fundraiser! Thank you generous Cathrine!

Today, Kirsten completed her needle-felted painting that she started a few weeks ago. Here’s what it looked like on the first day…

Voila! Now this week we saw the finished painting…

She blanket-stitched a felt backing onto her painting.

Kimmy’s springy scene…

This is one of my favorite paintings…so sweet, it rouses the imagination.

A work in progress. I will post more pictures when Kimmy brings in her finished painting.

Rebecca’s beautiful leaping dolphin. I like how she blended the roving using the carder.

Cathrine’s needle-felted blue angel. This is like impasto oil paint. You could see and feel the layers…amazing piece.

It is so stunning, I kept hollering, “Cathrine! Pick it up, show it to me, I want to take a picture of this!”

Cathrine’s blue guardian angel: Masterpiece completed in one morning!

Stars were hand-stitched on using loose pieces of clear, iridescent sequins.

October 10, 2012. Merry Christmas! These Christmas tree ornaments are ready to dress your christmas trees!

Christmas tree ornaments…celestial blue and gold needle-felted paintings. Felt is is blanket stitched onto the paintings as backing.

Castle in the Snow: We were rendered speechless by the perfection. Someone said, we have all raised the bar of excellence in our craft group today. Yes, I felt the palpable creative energy as we come together to craft, it was something wonderful. We are a force of nature, this craft group!

I thought that was done and perfect. However, Rachel muttered…”Oh, I am going to add a dragon here” and proceeded to add one on it! Just like that, free hand! I will post the picture when I have it perhaps next week.

Here, Rachel was attempting to work as Cathrine and I enthusiastically kibbitzed the maestro. “The hind leg should be like this!” ,”The eyes should be bright yellow”, “blah blah blah”.

Another piece…a white angel! By our very prolific and artistic Rachel. Just look at those “painterly brushstrokes” done in lambs wool!

Simply beautiful!

November 28, 2012. Wednesday. Rebecca made more of these for our Waldorf School of Orange County Winter Festival 2012 Elves Workshop.


Needle-Felted Dolls

October 10, 2012. Wednesday morning.

 Voila! Lovely needle felted mermaid with gorgeous sea-green/purple tail (photo is not doing the colors justice, sorry!) completed this morning!

Our talented fellow crafter (who wanted to remain unnamed because she was making a surprise gift for her sister) unraveled specialty yarn and blended the wool colors using the carding machine.

The carding machine…

Gisela brought in some more mermaids that she made at home. Click here to look at her earlier creations.

Gisela’s girl gnome in a pink cap…

Another mermaid, handmade by Gisela. She is sitting on mussel shells, atop drift wood and other treasured finds from nature. What a feast for the eyes!

Rachel’s needle-felted painting…a gnome and toadstool.

As for myself…I did not make a felted painting today. I was busy trying out my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens, taking pictures of everyone’s artwork and socializing.

Here I photographed my latest handmade dolls (for my upcoming puppet show) with my new camera lens

If you click “Like” on my facebook page, you will be in the loop and know when my Chinese Fairy Tale Puppet show will be ready (hopefully early November 2012).

While we were all at it, Truus came by with a poster for the Social Initiative Forum. Since I was in the picture snapping mood, I decided to help her pass the word…

A close-up of Truus’ poster…Social Initiative Forum hosted at the Westside Waldorf School in Pacific Palisades, California, October 19-22, 2012.

Here’s the Facebook page of Social Initiative Forum.

Little Catherine awoke from her nap to  join mommy.

Wow! Today was a productive and creative day! Thank you Christine Newell and Rachel Skelly for organizing these amazing craft group meetings! They are so great! Do come and join us after drop off Wednesday mornings, it is fun. – Jzin

Needle-Felted Painting Book, recommended by Christine

Magic Wool: Creative Pictures and Tableaux with Natural Sheep’s Wool by Freya Jaffke and Dagmar

Excerpts from this book…

 A Free Giveaway!!!

For those of you hardcore crafter folks who are still reading this blog page to the bitter end…well, congratulations! I want to tell you that Aleta in Australia is doing a Giveaway of her gorgeous felts. Giveaway ends October 25, 2012. Hop on over and join! I did.

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  • How exciting to find ‘me’ here! A heart felt thank you ♥
    I love this beautiful post.
    Your craft group looks like a wonderful place to spend time and create. Warmly, Aleta

    October 11, 2012
  • Cat in Your Hat

    I’m a fan–of myself? Ha! We love you dearly, Jzinny Jzin Jzin.
    Grant me my wish. I want a carder!
    A whut?
    A wool brush!!!
    Who would have thunk?! Not moi!

    October 13, 2012

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