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Wednesday Morning, September 12, 2012.

Christine showed us how to make felted painting AND felted gnomes. Most of us made gnomes today.  Kirsten and Julie dove right into felted painting.

Click here to look at our gnomes. Click here to see gallery of our past crafts.

Kirsten working on her needle-felted painting.

September 19, 2012.  Julie Fish brought in her completed felted painting from last week. So stunning! I am stunned.

September 19, 2012. Wednesday.

Cathrine and I started our felted painting today. Amidst heaps of colored rovings, you can find Cathrine in the throes of creation!My felt painting was lying next to hers.

laying down the colored roving…

An Autumn Scene. Cathrine’s work, thus far this morning. To be continued the following week.

September 26, 2012. Cathrine added gnomes to her felt painting that was started last week. She is considering donating this piece to our school’s fall fundraising efforts. Yay, Cathrine!

After our felt paintings are finished, Christine will add frames to them.

February 5, 2013. Finally, I managed to photograph Cathrine’s artwork. You will be able to bid on it online to support our Waldorf School of Orange County’s Annual Gala + Auction in Spring 2013.

Click on images to enlarge view.

130205 Cathrine Ji Gnomes around fire outdoors cropped close

February 5, 2013. Later on, Cathrine had made another needle-felted picture: a squirrel. You will be able to bid on this picture online as well to support our Waldorf School of Orange County’s Annual Gala + Auction in Spring 2013. Thank you Cathrine for your generous donations!

130205 Cathrine Ji's Needle-felted squirrel picture

Click here to view a partial list of (mostly craft items) of auction items on Pinterest.

September 19, 2012. I started my first felt painting by exploring colors, wondering how this medium differs from watercolor. I realize colored roving is quite opaque.

September 19, 2012. My first felted painting. Reluctant for needle marks to show, I lightly needle-felt this piece in few key places. I am a little concerned that pieces may fall off in time…

While creating this, my head and heart were on a Chinese Fairy Tale Scene that I am working on for my daughter’s November 2012 birthday (Check out our homespun and handmade Fairy Tale Puppet Show for Nunu’s 7th birthday last year). This would be the backdrop for my character’s perilous journey to the Heavenly Court of Xi Wangmu 西王母 (Western Queen Mother) in the Kunlun Mountains to ask for 3 wishes… Shameless plug: Please “Like” me on Facebook and check back, as I will post pictures of the upcoming Chinese Fairy Tale puppet show in November 2012.

Jzin’s homespun and handmade Fairy Tale puppet show for Nunu’s 7th birthday last year.

Book Recommendations by Christine

I forgot the names of the other 3 books she showed us. If you remember, please remind me (write the names on the comment box on the bottom of the page). Thanks! -Jzin

Making Fairy-Tale Wool Animals by Angelika Wolk-Gerche. A very sweet book. Inside, there is a tutorial on how to make needle-felted baby chicks hatching from real egg shells. I want to try that one.

Alas! I think this book is out of print!

If you sprechen Deutsch, perhaps you can get a copy in German online somewhere…

Tiere aus Märchenwolle von Angelika Wolk-Gerche.

Magic Wool: Creative Pictures and Tableaux with Natural Sheep’s Wool by Freya Jaffke and Dagmar

Excerpts from this book…

Upcoming: 16″ Waldorf Doll Workshop with Christine Newell

Christine posing with one of her 16″ dolls. This doll is available for purchase at the Company of Angels.

Karen, Christine Newell and her handmade 16″ Waldorf Doll.

Some pictures from our past 16″ Waldorf Doll workshop. Click on photo to see more.


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Check out my handmade dolls for Waldorf Seasons Nature Table

All Seasons

I am giving away a handmade doll in Fall 2012. Please leave a comment below and suggest the doll(s) you will like to see on my giveaways. – Jzin

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