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130116 Rachel modeling handmade Artfelt Scarf in the Company of Angels Store. square

Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Today Christine Newell showed us how to make felt the “easy way” using water-soluble Artfelt potato starch based paper.

Here is our crafting journey this morning.

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What is Artfelt?

“It’s not needle felting. It’s not wet felting. It’s not fulling. It’s Artfelt and it is revolutionizing the way we felt. The artfelting technique utilizes Artfelt paper, a patented new paper specifically developed to ease and speed up the felting process.” – Artfelt.

Here are some examples of the Art Felt scarves on sale at The Company of Angels Store:130116 Next Week Craft Project Art Felt Scarves on Cherimoya Tree.

Our beautiful Rachel modeling a large Artfelt shawl, available for purchase at The Company of Angels store in Costa Mesa, California.

130116 Rachel Skelly wrapped in Art Felt shawl.

Today Christine Newell showed our craft group how to make Art Felt scarves.130123 Christine teaching Artfelt technic at craft group morning 2

For a $15 supplies fees, we had access to all the supplies to make our project today. The newly purchase variegated colored yarns were fun to use!

Christine gave us each a long piece of white Artfelt paper to design our scarves on.

Lay your wool roving or teased opened pencil rovings onto your white Artfelt paper in thin layers. Be sure to ultimately touch and criss cross them with other fibers so they are connected.130123 lay thin layer of roving or teased opened pencil roving on Artfelt paper

I found Artfelt on sale here: one yard at $10.95 instead of the usual $18.00. If you bargain hunt online, I bet you can fish out some good prices.

artfeltpaperfinished 400

Artfelt paper on

Here is a video I found online showing the process.

Here is a 6 page PDF background including instructions, FAQs on Artfelting:

Artfelt instructions from

Design. Arranging Fibers on Artfelt Paper

The atmosphere was filled with creative energy this morning!

Oma teasing open variegated colored yarn to decorate her long strip of Artfelt paper. This was her first layer.

Note: the layer facing downwards on the white Artfelt paper will eventually form one side of your scarf. The final layer that you leave on top will form the other side. I.e., your scarf will have two sides with two different pictures in the end.130123 Oma teasing open variegated yarn to decorate Artfelt paper

Gisela at work. What gorgeous colors! It is important that your layers criss cross and otherwise touch the bottom layers so they can felt to one another and hold the scarf together.130123 Gisela arranging pencil roving and colored felt on her Artfelt paper

Arranging felt onto Artfelt paper.130123 Julie, colorful wool roving, yarn and Artfelt scarves in the making 2

Julie’s design, upside down view from my vantage point across the table! Julie considered crafting her “scarf” into a book cover with an attached book mark.130123 upside down view of Julie's Artfelt scarf in the making

Here is my first Artfelt project. I considered making several felted painting from this long scarf piece. I imagine cutting my long scarf piece up into several felted pictures after felting. Then again, this scarf has 2 picture sides, how can I display that to advantage? Hmm…

So far, I have finished laying down the first layer of wool roving. These fibers will need to cross with another layer that will hold them together ultimately.130123 Jzin's first Artfelt scarf project. First layer of roving laid down.

Renuka laying down thin strips of colored roving in different directions (so they layers touch and cross each other) on her Artfelt paper.130123 Renuka laying down thin strips of colored roving on her Artfelt paper

Rachel’s work in progress…

130123 Rachel's blue roving design on Artfelt paper

Antoinette’s design. Multiple layers were ready for tacking with needle and spraying with water.

130123 Antoinette's design on Artfelt paper

Creating with friends. What a perfect way to spend a Wednesday morning.

130123 Oma and Kim making Artfelt scarves al fresco

Tacking Fibers to Artfelt Paper

Julie sparsely tacks her design onto Artfelt paper using a barbed felting-needle. This is to prevent the design from being moved when sprayed with water in the next step.

130123 Julie tacking roving designs onto Artfelt paper with barbed needle-felting needle 2

Lucy and Gus playing on a blanket on the grass at craft group.130123 Lucy and Gus playing on a blanket at craft group 3

Christine giving Rachel’s piece a close examination. Is it ready to be sprayed with water?

130123 Christine examining Rachel's blue Artfelt scarf project  2

The dry design is full of texture at this point. However, at the end of your project, the felting (in the dryer) will flatten everything somewhat. I am considering dry needle-felting my piece after this process is done, to add texture.

Spray Water on Your Project

Spray your project with a water from a spray bottle.

Peek underneath: be sure the water has soaked through the felt to your Artfelt paper.

Wrapping Up Wet Project in Plastic Saran Wrap

With the help of a friend, unroll plastic cling wrap /Saran wrap over your Artfelt scarf project. Be sure to unroll about 7 inches extra of saran wrap at one end before you cut off that plastic so you have enough wrapping to cover up your entire scarf later.

130123 wrapping wet felt on Artfelt paper with saran cling wrap 2

Rolling Up Moistened Artfelf Scarves

Julie carefully rolling up her moistened Artfelt scarf in saran wrap. Next, she would be inserting the rolled up “burrito” into a sock destined for some felting in the dryer.130123 Julie rolling wet artfelt scarf in saran wrap 2

In the step pictured above, it is helpful to have a partner standing next to you with a spray bottle of water. As you roll up your Artfelt paper, your friend can help you spray some potentially dry spots on the bottom of your Artfelt paper.

Voila! Le Burrito!130123 The rolled up Artfel in saran wrap burrito

At this point, check both ends of your “burrito” and tuck in any felt that protrudes beyond the edge of your plastic saran wrap. Any fiber pieces that touch will end up felting together in the dryer. You do not want that for your scarf project.

Next, insert that puppy into a sock and tie it up.

Renuka holding up her rolled up Artfelt scarf inside a Christmas stocking, ready to toss into the dryer to felt!130123 Renuka holding up Christmas stockings with rolled up Artfelt scarf ready for felting in the dryer.

Toss those stockings into the dryer to Felt for um…15 minutes to felt without heat.

Um…is that right, Renuka? Ask her to confirm, I think that was right…15 minutes, no heat in the dryer.

The dryer at school was not working. Thank you Renuka for driving our scarves home and felting them in your home dryer.

“It’s the agitation, not the heat that felts the piece” is what I hear in the video tutorial above.

130123 bag of Artfelt scarves rolled into socks headed for the dryer to be felted  3

IMPORTANT NOTE: Tangerines are not to be included in the drying cycle!!!

By the way, thank you Heather for sharing the bounty of fresh tangerines from your tree with the craft group. Enraptured in the throes of creativity, I forgot to pick some, so I did not get any, sniff, sniff! – hint – – hint-

Now that our scarves were ready for felting in the dryer, our hands were free to create other things. Renuka made a valentine’s heart on a small square piece of Artfelt paper. No needle-felting, except for minimal work of tacking down the design with felting needle. Others thought it a good idea and made valentine hearts…

130123 Rachel and Julie making valentine hearts with roving on Artfelt paper

February 6, 2012. Gisela’s valentine heart, completed.

130205 Gisela's valentine heart

Next Comes The Boiling Water to Dissolve the Artfelt Paper!

Thank you Renuka for felting my scarf in your dryer!

Christine poured boiling water on the felted scarf to dissolve the starch based Artfelt paper. My first Artfelt scarf is completed. My daughter helped me pick out some remnant Artfelt paper stuck to the fibers (could use more hot water). Here is the result of my first foray into this medium…

[Disclaimer: Do not let my first shoddy result discourage you from attempting this relatively easy felting method! Check back this page next week, I will post the scarves made by others more capable in the group!]

130123 Jzin's first Artfelt scarf craft project drying on palm tree

Jzin’s first Artfelt scarf, drying on Californian palm tree leaves…

The fun part is I get 2 pictures per scarf, i.e., the scarf has 2 sides. The dilemma now is how to make that into a felted painting, would I have to chose a side and hide the other? Hmm…

Check back this page next week. I will see if I can get the others to let me photograph their finished scarves.

January 29, 2013. Rachel’s Artfelt scarf, completed.

130129 Rachel's blue Artfelt scarf completed

January 28, 2013. Julie’s Artfelt scarf is now a book cover (with book mark) ! Lovely!130128 Julie's Artfelt scarf turned into book cover

She needle-felted designs on top of her Artsfelt piece. Back view below.130129 Julie's Artfelt Scarf turned into handmade book cover with bookmark, back view

130129 Julie's Artfelt bookcover book opened

January 30, 2013. Gisela’s Artfelt scarf, finished.

130130 Gisela's Artfelt scarf

We started with a longer piece of Artfelt paper, but during the felting process, it shrunk somewhat into a shorter scarf.

130130 Gisela's Artfelt scarf on white batting

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130118 Handmade doll giveaway Needle-felted and handstitched miniature fairy tale Knight and Lady with logo. square

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130124 valentines cutout 9

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130114 Wooden Fairy Tree House

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130213 Andrea Hubert's scarf dark background 2

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