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Wednesday morning, November 7, 2012. With colder days in the horizon, we gathered today to decorate winter candles with cut out shapes and other designs from thin strips of colorful beeswax.

This is basically elves labor, to surprise the kiddos at our upcoming December Winter Festival. Please plan excuses ahead if you have a hyperlexic toddler who reads this page and question things!

Handwork under the gazebo, 2012.

Handwork in the park, 1945.source

Yuko brought in a first twinkle of a joyful holiday yet to come.

As we were busy creating and crafting, children were growing…

Working in a group, we influence each other subconsciously. The sight of this beautiful celestial blue starry candle at the end of the table led me to emulate. Soon, there were two, then three starry sky candles in prussian and cobalt blues.

I accidentally used the flower-shaped spring loaded cutter, instead of star-shaped one to make the stars…

Star shaped spring-loaded cutters…

You can find spring-loaded cutters in many shapes online.


You can find beeswax and other crafting supplies we used today at the school store, The Company of Angels.

Baby love!

Children are amazing gifts. We as adults ponder and have to learn how to love unconditionally, yet for children, they naturally love unconditionally, with all of their being, without questions or hesitations.

Kimmy brought our candle decoration up a notch with her free hand fox design.Kimmy said, “This (fox in the snow under a starry night sky decoration) would work better on a wider candle…”

There was an unspoken point in the collective’s development, when suddenly molded cutters were set aside and a more freehand process broke free.

Were our artistic complacencies roused by Kimmy’s fox in the snow?

…behold, the glorious little beeswax decoration angel made of left over bits of beeswax pieces in this color and that, emerged triumphantly admist his genteel mold-generated counterparts, its golden crown sings of the foundry of tearing, pinching and kneading in heated hands.Rachel and Julie recycled leftover beeswax bits into this beautiful angel (front, center).

Anichka adding bling to her candle: pushing jewel applique into hand-warmed beeswax candle strips.

Another fervent crafter with her creation this morning.

These decorated candles will delight the children in our Winter Festival 2012 Elves’ workshop where children get to “purchase”  their favorite handmade Christmas treasures with tokens.

Come join us next week… we will be needle felting birds and decorating more candles!

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Craft Kits are ready to be picked up in the front office

We need crafty elves to help stock little Christmas treasures for our 2012 Winter Festival Elves Workshop. Craft Kits are ready, please pick up in the front office. Thank you in advance for your handwork. You know the children will be so delighted to see them at Winter Festival! –  November 8, 2012

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