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March 17, 2014 Monday.

Christine Newell picked a raffle winner this Saturday March 15, 2014 at our Double Tree Hotel Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 Gala and Auction.

Congratulations! The winners of the raffle for our Starry Night community Hooked Rag Rug are Diane and Frank DiGrado! Thank you for all the hands that hooked this rug, and all the supporters of our Waldorf School of Orange County March 15, 2014 Gala and Auction!

Our Hooked Rag Rug is Completed and Ready to Bid on

140313 The hooked rag rug is finally completed display on gravel 4 irregular close cropped

Our craft group have been working on this hooked rug since January 2014. Now, this lovingly created plush and luxurious rug is available as a raffle offering for our Waldorf School of Orange County fundraiser. $10 for a chance to win this. We ship FREE internationally to raffle winner: Enter WSOC on Bidpal. This ends March 15, 2014 8pm Pacific Standard Time.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014. Our hooked rag rug is DONE! Thanks to the many hands that worked on this!!! 3,900 plugs! Wow-za!

140311 Tues 3900 plugs photo by Lisa Maris 2

Thursday, March 13, 2014. Christine sew on a suede-like backing to this luxuriously sensational rug. Hurry! You can still bid on this until 8pm March 15, 2014 Pacific Standard Time.

140313 The hooked rag rug poster for Bidpal. square 2 with logo

Irresistable! It is so lush and fun to touch…

Click here to bid on this rug this for our school fundraiser. Ends March 15, 2014 8pm Pacific Standard Time

Close up view of swirls and stars. 100% natural cotton fabric was used to hook this handmade rag rug.

140314 Craft group hooked rag rug close up view of starry sky with swirls

It is a luxury for your feet as you plant them down on the ground and your toes get lost in the forest of snugg-liness,  first thing in the morning. Ah! What a good life!

Close-up view from bottom right corner of rug.

140313 Hooked rag rug by craft group close up view from bottom left

Shaggy and deep luxurious pile.

140313 draping hooked rug over bench to show depth of pile with logo

Its lush texture and design are tributes to Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece Starry Night.

140313 The hooked rag rug is finally completed display on gravel 2 cropped 3x4

Click here to bid on this rug this for our school fundraiser. Ends March 15, 2014 8pm Pacific Standard Time.

Read on to see our creative process of hooking this community recycled rag rug. – Jzin

Hooking to Raise Money. January 7, 2014

Our beloved handwork teacher, Christine Newell introduced us to rug hooking. Back in Yorkshire, England, Christine’s mother taught her how to hook rugs. They lived in a small village by woolen mills and were able to use old fabric scraps from the mills to hook rugs for use in front of their fireplace. Later, Christine carried this tradition down to her grand-daughter Renee.  This year, Christine led our craft group in making a hooked rag rug as a raffle offering for our Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 Annual Gala and Auction. In February 2014, Christine’s 84 year old mother even came from Toronto to lend a hand in hooking this rug for us!

I documented our crafting journey on this page. – Jzin, February 2014.

140107 burlap laying over a wooden frame

Tuesday morning, January 7, 2014

This is our first meeting in 2014! Today our craft group gathered again after a 2 week Winter break. It was wonderful to see everyone back at the school! – Jzin

Today Christine Newell started us on one of our several craft group projects to donate to our Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 annual gala fundraiser. Click on the picture below to enter Bidpal to support our school!

140121 Edited Let's Have a Kiki Broadway Style Banner

Enter Bidpal site to shop the goodies we shelled out for our school’s fundraiser!

For 2014,  we are making a beautiful heirloom hooked rag rug for our craft group donation project (among other craft projects). This rug will be made by pulling loops of cut up strips of remnant cotton fabric through a stiff woven base (burlap). It will be a shaggy rug, wonderful to wake up to, first thing in the morning as you plunk your feet onto the floor from your bed.

Week 2: Hooking our Rag Rug: Adding Purples to the Blues in our Night Sky.

(scroll down to see week 1 and hooking tutorial)

Tuesday morning, January 21, 2014

More hooking was done today to our rag rug for our upcoming school fundraiser

140121 Craft group working on hooking rag rug

Alena boldly added purples to the blues in the top right sky of our “Starry Night Rag Rug”.

140121 Alena hooking rag rug alongside with Anna needle-felting guardian doll

140121 Light Blue strips hooked on to rag rug

Click here to view our page and tutorial on hooking this rag rug.


Week 1: Hooking Our Shaggy Rag Rug

Tuesday morning. January 7, 2014

140107 sketching out design in colored chalk on stretched burlap. Square cropped, no logo

Tuesday morning, January 7, 2014.

Following Christine Newell’s lead, the craft group ladies are hooking to raise money for our upcoming March 15, 2014 Waldorf School of Orange County  annual gala fundraiser.

Christine told us that she made this craft in her childhood. How wonderful this is to make with our children in promoting the “waste not” vibe. It is also a wonderful community project. An heirloom rug that’s fun to make!

We stretched our burlap base onto a wooden frame. We tried using play clips from kindergarten but they are not strong enough, so we stapled the burlap onto our wooden frame.

140107 clipping the edges of burlap to wooden frame

Christine stapled the burlap onto the wooden stretching frame. The rug will be removed from the frame support when it is completed.

140107 Christine stapled burlap onto wooden stretching frame.

Christine has collected and saved much fabric remnants to be recycled into this project. As Kathy laid out the fabrics samples in earth tones, I wondered about rug designs that can go with earth tones.

Cotton fabric remnants. Christine shredded these fabrics into long strips using a rotary cutter.

140107 cotton fabric scraps for recycling into hooked rug

At first someone mentioned casually “let’s make just a random design”.  Aaaaugh! I am not very comfortable with random designs, in a secret panic, I quickly sketched out a swirly picture which our group agreed to adopt as template for our project. Thank you guys for accommodating me!

140107 Preliminary chalk board sketch for hooked rug design no color

My colored preliminary sketch.

140107 Preliminary chalk board sketch for hooked rug design in colors

First fabric piece hooked onto the burlap base.

140107 First fabric hooked onto burlap base

140107 sketching out rug design onto stretched burlap on wooden frame

I finished sketching the colored design with chalk, onto the stretched burlap. Now the hooking can begin.

140107 sketching out design in colored chalk on stretched burlap

Paraphenalia of the hooker: Latch tool or crochet hooks, awls, scissors, stapler, rotary cutter for cutting fabric strips and other thingamabobs.

140107 Tools and paraphenalia for hooking rugs include latch tool, awls and crochet hooks

6 Inch Latch Hook Tool with Foam Grip Handle on to make that heirloom hooked shaggy rag rug with your rugrats.

140107 6 Inch Latch Hook Tool with Foam Grip Handle.

140107 Christine Newell watching us hooking burlap based rug for WSOC Gala fundraiser 2014

Hooked Rug Tutorial: How to anchor a fabric strip onto a your woven burlap base.

Here, our beautiful Alena demonstrated her hooking technique, step-by-step:

1) ORIENT your fabric strip so that in the final rug, all printed side face the same way (not shown).

2) STAB: the latch hook tool (or crochet needle) through the open weave of the burlap rug base.

140107 Hooked rug tutorial Stab your hook through the open weave of your burlap base with a latch tool or crochet hook.

3) GRAB hold of the strip of fabric with your hook.

140107 Hooked rug tutorial Grab fabric with hook. with text

4) PULL THROUGH HOLE: Pull fabric back through that hole.

140107 Hooked rug tutorial Pull through hole. with text

5) This forms a loop on the end which you are pulling. RELEASE FABRIC FROM HOOK, BRING HOOK BACK TOWARDS YOURSELF THROUGH THAT LOOP.

140107 Hooked Rug tutorial Release fabric, bring hook back through loop. with text


140107 Hooked rag rug tutorial come back to grab hold of the rest of the fabric strip


140107 Hooked Rag Rug tutorial Pull the rest of the fabric strip through the loop

8)  DONE! you have anchored your fabric piece onto the burlap base of the rug.

140107 Hooked Rug tutorial Done! Fabric strip is anchored onto burlap base

9) Optional: TRIM TIPS: The tips of fabric strips are now ready to be trimmed at an angle.

140107 Hooked rug tutorial Fabric tips are ready to be trimmed at an angle.

We did not have enough latch tools, so the rest of us used crochet hooks for the job.

140107 Josephine hooking green cotton fabric remnant strips onto burlap base with a crochet hook

Here is an example of a lovely completed hooked rag rug mat by Rachel Knight on

140107 Hooked rag rug mat by Rachel Knight. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Image source:

Meanwhile Anička needle-felted a dog, while her aunt Nezehat, a visiting painter from Turkey, looked on.

140107 Anicka needle-felting a dog while Aunty Nezehat looks on. With logo

Anička is making a replica of her beloved dog, Pablito, using the beagle tutorial in this book. You can click on the picture below to purchase a copy of this wonderful needle-felting resource book.

140107 Barbara Allen's The Ashford Book of Needle Felting Revised Edition. Inspirational Projects Stretching the Boundaries of Needle Felting

140107 cheerful hooking.

Our work thus far this morning.  To be continued the next few weeks. Please come and lend a hand!

140107 In progress of adding blues to our hooked rug

Jzin’s needle-felting from last night…

140107 Jzin's needle-felted wool picture of Rapunzel in snowy tower under sequinned starlight.

The final small wool tapestry is now available on CastleofCostaMesa’s Etsy store by clicking on the picture below.

140111 Rapunzel in the Star Light. Little needle-felted wool picture tapestry Fairy Tale valentine storybook princess damsel in a tower by Castle of Costa Mesa dot com

Rapunzel waiting for her beloved. The ever-present stars offer solace.

Do you realize that when our hearts sink, the ever-present nature, such as stars or crashing ocean waves hold and console us, so wordlessly. So, thank you stars!

You may give yourself this handmade one-of-a-kind wool picture for valentine’s day to remind yourself that you are never too alone when nature is your friend! This is now available on CastleofCostaMesa’s Etsy store.

February 11, 2014 Snapshot of Rug Progression

Tuesday morning, right after Heather worked on it.

140211 Hooked Rug by the door right after Heather worked on it

Tuesday, February 26, 2014. Rug Progression Snapshot.

Christine Newell’s mother visited from Toronto, Canada and lent a hand with our hooked rug project! This is the progression so far.

 140225 Hooked rug worked by Christine and her mother displayed under cherimoya tree

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 Progression Snapshots

Maria and Yvonne working on the rag rug while Valentina watches on. Hugo was climbing a tree.

140304 Maria and Yvonne hooking rag rug while Valentina watches on

140304 Tuesday Hooked rag rug progression right after Yvonne worked on it

140304 Hooked rag rug progression snapshot. square cropped with logo

140304 Hooked rag rug progression collage with logo

March 6, 2014. 6th Grade drawings in the front office.

140306 6th Grader's Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh reproduction drawing in Waldorf School of Orange County front office.

 Monday, March 10, 2014 Progression snapshot

Thank you Lisa Maris for taking this photo below before Christine added a backing to our rug.

140310 Monday hooked rug photo by Lisa Maris. Square cropped.

 Tuesday. March 12, 2014. Photo from Lisa again: 3, 900 plugs from this rag rug of love!

140311 Tues 3900 plugs photo by Lisa Maris 2

Next Week’s Craft Project

I think Christine is going to teach us the Shibori technique! Oooh!!!! Cool stuff! Also, I think we will be continuing this hooking on the side too. So come and join the fun! – Jzin

140114 Dreamcloth on Etsy's Shibori dyed indigo blue fat quarter

DreamCloths on

140108 Shibori on Pinterest


Please Support My Etsy Handmade Shop!

Crafting is so grounding and healing for me. Thank you for supporting my little handmade business ! Here are some of the new listings on my handmade Etsy store. Click here to see the rest: Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy store.

One way to get your children to eat more raw veggies: Lady Lettuce doll! she grows in your garden and is sweet on children who love growing, preparing and eating their veggies!

140103 Needle-felted Southern Belle creole Scarlett O'Hara Upside Down flower fairy Lady Lettuce on sycamore tree at Tanager Park

Mrs. Thaw is also available on Castle of Costa Mesa’s Etsy store. She sweeps away the snow before the arrival of spring…

140106 Mrs Thaw sweeping the snow. Handmade Waldorf Winter Seasons Table Doll

My mermaid Leonara injects a dose of romanticism to your nature table …

140101 Mermaid Leonara on Christmas Tree with logo

I just started offering handwork by my 3rd grader, Nunu (her incognito name). If you buy anything from my little apprentice, there will be squeals of joy at home, for sure.

My daughter’s handmade mermaid Luciana on Etsy

140103 Nunu's handmade Mermaid Luciana on Boulder in Tanager Park

Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

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121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group


If you haven’t yet seen the pictures from our beautiful Winter Festival 2013, here they are. Click on the picture below to enter page: Some of the 7th Grader elves assisting in the Elves’ Workshop.

131207 4 7th Grader Elves helping out in the Elves' Workshop at Winter Festival. wine label logo

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Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

Click on the image below to view our Waldorf School of Orange County weekly craft group projects.

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

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