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Winter Festival is that time of magic and wonderment.

Candle boat wishes at the Waldorf School of Orange County Winter Festival 2011.

The Elves’ Workshop is one of the most popular attractions at the Winter Festival. Children wait patiently in long lines to “purchase” handmade goodies from the Elves’ Workshop.

The busy elves prepare and stock a huge variety of handmade crafts months before the Winter Festival for the Elves’ Workshop.

Since I only have a limited number of photos. I show you what I have…

Christine Newell supplied the materials, and a few crafters helped Christine assemble the craft supplies, instructions and patterns into make kits. These kits were left with Marissa in the front office. Parents from the Waldorf school stopped by to select a kit that they take home to complete and return to the front office upon completion.

Last winter, I was very fortunate to host several Malaysian visitors at my home, so I put them to work! I picked up a few kits, grabbed my handful of friends and did a few “sweatshop” crafting sessions to get these projects done for the Winter Festival of 2011. Thank you to the many hands that make light work…Janet, Leong, Siew Kiang jiejie, Meiying jiejie, Nunu et moi!

We made 30 blossom fairies. close ups of blossoms fairy picnik with logo

The instructions to make the above craft/ Blossom Fairies can be found on page 27 of Petra Berger’s book, Feltcraft below.

Felt Craft by Petra Berger book cover cropped.


Little blanket stitched felt treasure bags…

Simple Acorn children…

Click here to view gallery of past creations from our craft group get togethers.

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