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130605 Rachel Skelly modeling Gisela's nuno felted salmon colored silk beaded scarf back view. square cropped

Our fabulously handsomely beautiful Rachel showing off a nuno-felted scarf, handmade by Gisela from craft group.

May 22, 2013 Wednesday Morning. After a brief hiatus from craft group, we are back together again! This morning, Christine Newell taught us how to make Nuno felted scarves.

For a fee, Christine pre-ordered dyed or undyed silk chiffon scarves of various sizes and prices for our project. She also hand-dyed wool roving for our use.

Christine arranged the tables to present long open work surfaces for our long silk chiffon scarves.

Nuno felt

Nuno is the name given to a technic combining wool with fabric (such as silk).

Some nuno-felted scarf samples sold at The Company of Angels school store

Christine brought in some gorgeous samples of nuno-felted scarves presently being sold at The Company of Angels store. They were inspiring!

130523 Samples of Nuno-felted scarves sold at The Company of Angels store

130523 gorgeous nuno-felted scarf samples with hand for size reference

Detail of a wine colored nuno-felted scarf showing you the price and the happy marriage between luxurious soft, cool, lightweight silk chiffon and warm cozy wool fibers.

130522 Wine red nuno-felted scarf showing price tag and luxurious texture of wool and silk chiffon

Laying Down Thin Layers of Wool Along the Edge of Silk Scarf

For a fee, Christine supplied us with white or dyed silk chiffon scarves as starting templates for our nuno-felting project.

Lay fabric on bubble wrap, bubble side up.

Since this was our first nuno-felting project, most of us chose white silk chiffon. Gisela chose a wine colored silk chiffon scarf for hers: Thin layers of wool roving were laid down along the edge of our pre-dyed silk chiffon scarves.

130523 laying thin layer of wool roving along the edge of hand-dyed silk

Gaby laying  down her sunny yellow design on her white silk chiffon piece.

130522 Gaby arranging wool top fibers on her white silk chiffon nuno felting project on the long table

Gisela at work.

130522 Gisela laying down wool roving on her dyed silk chiffon to make nuno-felted scarf.

Designs are laid down in thin flat layers of wool fibers

Rachel’s delicate green vines and red roses.

130522 Rachel's green vines and red floral design on white silk chiffon nuno-felted scarf

Carefully Spraying Soapy Hot Water onto our designs.

We did not use any tulle to cover our designs but

Rachel’s red rose vine covered in hot soapy sprays of water.

130522 Rachel's rose vine design on silk chiffon in hot soapy water

Gisela carefully spraying hot soapy water onto her wool fiber designs on her silk chiffon scarf

130522 Gisela carefully spraying hot soapy water onto her wool fiber designs on her silk chiffon scarf

130522 Gisela's nuno-felting scarf project showing flowers sprayed with hot soapy water

130522 Jzin's nuno felting experiment wool sprayed with soapy water

Wet Fibers and Fabric Completely

Cover the designs with bubble wrap and rub on the bubble wrap to encourage will fibers to o into silk fabric.

130522 Gisela, Linda and Christine using bubble wrap to rub wool fibers into silk chiffon on Gisela's salmon colored nuno-felted scarf

Rubbing Wool Fibers into Silk

Wrap silk  and roll 100x to encourage wool fiber to penetrate silk fabric

Gaby rolling up her soapy-water saturated silk chiffon nuno-felt in sheets of bubble wraps.

130522 Gaby rolling up her soap water saturated silk chiffon nuno-felt in bubble wraps

Rachel and Gaby rolling their wrapped chiffon/fiber in bubble wrap and towels… 100 times!

130522 Rachel and Gaby rolling wrapped nuno-felt scarf 100 times

roll 100x firmly in the opposite direction

repeat until you can feel the wool fibers penetrating to the other side of the silk fabric.

Fulling Our Scarves

unwrap gently.

fold the fabric into a package with the wool on the inside then rub with soap. Throw hently on the table for about 20-30 times.

Open the package, refold with the folds in different positions and repeat the throwing. Vibrations created by throwing the fabric cause the wool to shrink.

continue throwing the folded fabric until the wool begins to shrink. Once the shrinking begins then the process can be speeded up by dipping the felt into hot water to increase the temperature before throwing. Continue this way until the desired results is attained.

Finished Nuno-Felted Scarves!

Rachel modelling her own handmade nuno-felted scarf.

130523 Rachel modeling her nunu felted scarf in Company of Angels

June 5, 2013. Rachel Skelly modeling Gisela’s nuno-felted beaded scarf.

130605 Rachel Skelly back view modelling Gisela's nuno felted salmon red orange silk scarf beaded

130605 Rachel Skelly modeling Gisela's nuno felted salmon colored silk beaded scarf back view

Gisela’s nuno-felted scarf draped over the cherimoya tree.

130605 Gisela's Nuno-felted salmon pink orange scarf on cherimoya tree

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