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130529 Pia and baby Solana with finished wet-felted flower in garden

May 29, 2013 Wednesday Morning. This morning, our graft group gathered in the Company of Angels garden at the Waldorf School of Orange County, Costa Mesa, California, USA. Christine Newell taught us how to make wet-felted flowers. It was quick and fun! Scroll down to see what we did today. – Jzin.

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Today we made wet-felted flowers. Thank you Rachel Skelly and Christine Newell for organizing our fun crafting mornings!

Here are some wet-felted flower examples, made by Christine for our reference. We had the options of making felted flowers with cheese cloth, with silk or without either embellishments. Two to the orange-red flowers in the photo below had cheese cloth incorporated into the designs.

130529 Wet-felted flower examples handmade by Christine Newell for craft group

Christine showed us how to pull our wool fibers into short pieces. We would be making three circles for each flower. “Three layers of wool fibers is about right” she said, for each of the “circles”.

130529 Christine layering thin short wool fibers down for wet-felted flower craft

Anicka getting pointers from Christine.

130529 Christine and Anicka

Crafters enraptured in handwork.

130530 Baby Solana deep in work at craft group

Christine spraying hot soapy water onto her 3 circles of wool.

130529 Christine spraying hot soapy water on wool roving

Rachel’s brown and purple flowers.

`20529 Rachel's wool with hot soapy water

Patting down with bubble wrap to ensure water saturates every layer of the wool fibers.

130529 Christine wet-felting flower between sheets of bubble wraps

Here’s Rachel rubbing on the bubble wrap to wet the layers through with hot soapy water.

130529 Rachel rubbing bubble wrap to saturate wool fibers with hot soapy water

Christine folding ends in to form smooth round edges.

130529 Christine folding ends in to make smooth edges on wet-felted flower

Rachel carefully folding in the ends to make smooth, round edges

130529 Rachel folding in the corners to create a smooth edge on her flower

Wet-felting by rubbing the wet and soapy bubble wrap with palm of hands. Remember to pay extra attention to the center.

After finishing one side, Pia turned over her piece and felted from the other side.

130529 Pia turning over bubble wrap to felt from the other side

Christine felting the center of the flower.

Alena and Anicka rubbing on soapy bubble wrap to felt the fibers together.

130530 Alena and Anicka rubbing on bubble wrap to felt the fibers

Alena fulling the center of her flower to felt the fibers together some more.

130529 Alena fulling wet-felted flower layers with soapy water

After removing the layers of bubble wrap, Christne and Pia fulled their flowers a little more, escpecially towards the center.

130529 Christine and Piaf fulling wet-felted flowers

Pia and her wet-felted flower, right after removing the bubble wraps. Next: cutting petals and arranging them.

130530 Pia with wet-felted flower right after bubble wrap was removed

Janet arranging her wet-felted flower. Welcome Janet to our craft group!

130530 Arranging felt flower petals

My first attempt: the red-orangey flower.

I decided to add an extra layer to the 3 layers instructed by Christine. The green star-shaped calyx will be a colorful contrast to the reds of the flower.

1340529 Jzin's wet-felted flower dry wool arrangement process

I cut out squares of bubble wrap big enough to cover each layer above. In the center of the bubble wraps are holes to enable adjacent flower layers to felt together.

130529 hole cut into bubble wrap for wet-felted flowers

After gently removing the bubble wrap pieces with holes above from my designs, I sprayed each of the four layers with hot soapy water and pat each down to soak through all the wool fibers.

Linda soaking her flower layers under some bubble wrap…

130529 Linda wet-felting 3 layers of flower petals under soapy bubble wrap

Then I placed the green calyx on the very bottom, arrange the layers up in this manner to make my “sunny side up egg” below…

  1. bubble wrap, no hole
  2. Green calyx on the bottom
  3. bubble wrap with hole
  4. deep red layer
  5. bubble wrap with hole
  6. orange layer
  7. bubble wrap with hole
  8. layer with yellow center
  9. bubble wrap, no hole

130530 wet-felting flower with bubble wrap and hot soapy water

I made the top layer of bubble wrap slippery by squirting some hot soapy water on it, then I rubbed on the layers by hand. Gently at first for about 10 minutes, adding pressure as I go. I find it useful to rub the center “hole” region with the ball of my palm, to felt the center together more.

Pinch test was done to check if the flower was sufficiently felted: when pinching did not lift the wool fibers, it means the fibers were felted together adequately for the next step.

Next, the layers of bubble wraps were carefully removed from the flower, as not to accidentally separate the attached flower center. Bottom view of my flower: I was excited to see the vibrant contrast of the green calyx to the deep red outer-most petal.

130530 removing holey bubble wrap from wet-felted flower

My first wet-felted flower. The petals are now ready for cutting and shaping. Scroll to the bottom to see the end result.

130530 My wet-felted flower ready for cutting and shaping

Motivated by the lovely and quick results, many of us went ahead and made more felted flowers.

130529 Crafting under the gazebo on a sunny Californian spring day logo

Arranging roving for my second flower.

I learned that by layer down larger sized flower will create a more trumpet-like 3 dimensional shape in the end. To make a larger rose, I need more layers of petals, not larger flower size.

130530 Tonal gradation of a rose dark petals on the outside

When my flower was completely fulled. Christine helped me cut petals and arrange them into rosette swirls.
130530 close up view Christine cutting petals into my wet-felted flower

Christine folding the petals into rosette swirls.

130530 close up view Christine folding petals of wet-felted flower to form rosette swirl of a rose

Beautiful rose pattern forming…

130530 close up folding petals and forming wet-felted rose

Christine’s blue flower from this morning.

130529 Christine's blue wet-felted flower

June 5, 2013. (Below) Nona modeling the flower (above) that was made this morning.

130605 Nona wearing Christine's handmade wet-felted flower made at craft group last week

Here are my flowers made today. My first one (orangey-red) on the left. My second one on the right. Green calyx add color contrasts to the flowers.

130530 Jzin's wet-felted flowers with green calyx

My two flowers in the back.

130530 3 newly finished crafted wet-felted roses on Rachel Skelly's mosaic bench

Freshly handmade wet-felted flowers from this morning, displayed on Rachel Skelly’s mosaic bench in the garden at the Company of Angels store.

130529 14 wet-felted flowers on Rachel Skelly's mosaic bench with logo

Rachel brought in some more examples of what we can do with wet-felting. Wet-felted flower project was so popular that we came back again on June 5, 2013 to make wet-felted flowers with long stems. Click here to see out process and results.

130529 Rachel's 3 wet felted flowers with stems on gravel

Here is another view of my freshly made wet felted flower (on the bottom left of the picture). Click on the picture below to enter my wet-felted flower fairy Giveaway ending June 10, 2013.

130530 Square Giveaway 6 Waldorf Flower Fairies at Tanager Park

When turned upside down, these fairies are flowers! The Bluebell fairy (made by my daughter) has a little sleigh bell hidden inside her skirt.

130528 flower fairies skirts piled on Tanager Park

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