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Basket of veggies by Sachiyo Ischii. Square cropped

Inspiring Image: Basket of knitted vegetables on Pinterest by Sachiyo Ishii.

Check out Sachiyo’s blog Knits by Sachi. Her facebook page is here.

To view our very own completed handwork by the community of Waldorf School of Orange County, click on the picture below.

130311 Stone Soup knitted and crocheted vegetables and other ingredients in a wooden salad bowl. square cropped with logo

We need your crafty hands, love and talents !!!

Trapezing knitter vintage poster


Calling knitters and crocheters! Can you help knit one of the following ingredients for our Stone Soup project to be auctioned off at our Waldorf School of Orange County March 15, 2014 fundraiser? Novice to the advanced knitters are welcomed. Ideally, the project should be completed by February 14, 2014 in time for photographing.

Thank you to all those who are already working on a vegetable! We still need knitted…

  1. Asparagus – see below
  2. Butternut squash – free knitted pattern below
  3. Cauliflower – crochet and knitted project (advanced. Ask Jzin for pattern)
  4. Potato – free knitted pattern below
  5. Greens such as kale, chard, etc
  6. A sack (of barley)
  7. herbs?
  8. Avocado – crochet, see below for pattern $3.50 online
  9. Anything else you think would look good in your stone soup. Scroll down to get ideas.

Please e-mail Jzin ( if you can do it.

If you have leftover yarn and other supplies to donate, bring over to craft group on Tuesday morning. Perhaps someone can use the color for their veggies.

The idea is to make everything about life size or bigger and stuffed firmly for little hands to hold and love. Also be aware that small items such as berries should come with long stems, attached perhaps 2 berries together, so it will not be a choking hazard for small children.

Thank You to the Many Hands that Make Light Work

So far these crafty hands are busily knitting on our Stone Soup ingredients …

  • listed alphabetically by ingredients
  1. Artichoke – Susan Watkins
  2. Carrot – Lillian Zien
  3. 2 stalks of Celery – Michaela Hellar of the original curvy boards fame (OpenEndedCreations on Etsy).
  4. Corn – Yvette Fabian, our second grade assistant
  5. Cucumber – Gloria Chang
  6. Eggplant – Arieta Bizaro
  7. Garlic – Maggie Levanski
  8. Garlic – Gina Franco
  9. 3 Mushrooms of different sizes – Geraldine Strub
  10. Peas in Pod – Sonia Parisi
  11. Pumpkin – Phyllis Gilmer of Rose Cottage Store on Etsy
  12. 3 Radishes – Susan Watkins
  13. Strawberries – Maggie Levanski
  14. Tomato – Gloria Chang
  15. Zucchini – Maria Matamoros
  16. Large wooden salad bowl – Linda Baldwin
  17. Apron with crochet vegetable motif – Geraldine Strub


  1. Leek – Geraldine Strub
  2. Peas in Pod – Claudia Boden
  3. Pear – Wende Zomnir
  4. Stones –  Michaela Hellar
  5. Tomato – Gary Tryan

Patterns and Inspirations, Listed Alphabetically by Vegetable

I have compiled a list of some vegetable pictures and patterns to seduce you into helping us make one (or more) knitted vegetable(s). C’mon … your souls wants it!

Thank you to all the knitters who create these beautiful vegetables and so freely share their patterns and creations with us. We are thankful to you! – Jzin

Knitted Asparagus

140213 knitted white and lavendar asparagus on wooden table

Pattern in “100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet: A Collection of Beautiful Blooms for Embellishing Garments, Accessories, and More” by Lesley Stanfield on

Crochet Avocado

140205 YarnBallStories crochet fun food avocado

Gorgeous Avocados by YarnBallStories on Etsy.

Here’s a crochet avocado pattern on Ravelry for $3.50.


Knitted Artichoke

Here’s a gorgeous artichoke by Linnaea on Etsy for your foodie child.

140124 Linnaea Etsy Artichoke - PDF Knitting Pattern

The pattern for knitted artichoke by Linnaea is available for $1.99 on Ravelry.

Knitted Beet

140122 Emily Peters knitted beets on Ravelry

Source: Emily Peters on Ravelry.

Here are some patterns for crochet beets on Ravelry.

Here is a free pattern for knitted beets.

Knitted Butternut Squash

140214 Free knitted Butternut squash pattern on atural Suburbia

Free pattern on the beautiful Natural Suburbia blog

Knitted Cabbage

140124 Vintage Crochet Knitting Pattern Vegetables Amigurumi 70s Digital Download PDF

Vintage pattern: knit and crochet. $4 on Etsy includes many vegetables.

Knitted Corn

140214 corn Knitting Step by Step Course 78

Vintage pattern on Etsy for $2.57

I love the texture of this corn. However, these are portholders. If you can knit them as regular stuffed plush toy for this project, that would be great. Free pattern and video tutorial in Spanish.

140124 Choclo o maíz agarrador de ollas

Free pattern and a video tutorial on this page: Choclo o maíz agarrador de ollas.

140124 domedweller's Loom Knitted Indian Corn

Free pattern for these beautiful Domedweller’s Loom Knitted Indian Corn is available on Ravelry.

140205 voodoomaggie Crochet play food corn

Another crochet corn. Pattern by voodoomaggie available online for $2.

Knitted Garlic

140122 Dona K1's  knitted garlic on ravelry

Photo by Dona on Flickr. Pattern by Hansi Singh

Knitted Lemon

Knitted Leek

140125 Knitted Leek by Vanessa Guy on Pinterest

Knitted Leek by Vanessa Guy on Pinterest.

Knitted Mushroom

Here’s a free pattern by Julia Kelly on Ravelry. Thank you Julia!

140124  Free pattern Mushroom by Julia Kelly on Ravelry

140124  Steinpilze by Caprice Birker

This pattern, Steinpilze by Caprice Birker is available for €3.00 EUR on

Knitted Onion

140124 knitted white onion. Rachel Le Grand saganaga on Flickr.

Source: Rachel Le Grand (saganaga) on Flickr.

I wonder if you can take Hansi Singh’s garlic pattern, enlarge it in orange(bulb) and green (shoots) to make onion.

Knitted Pear

Okay, I know, pears are not veggies. But these are so cute. If you want to make it for our Stone Soup project, I will not complain! Thank you Jenn Clark for telling me about this lovely tutorial!

140124 Pear Knitting Pattern Tutorial Natural suburbia blog

Pear Knitting Pattern Tutorial on Natural Suburbia blog.

Knitted Potato

Brown dimpled knitted realistic potato!  French set of fruit and vegetable knitting patterns by Brooke & Beth. This one costs $5.00 to download on Ravelry. But you get a set of French vegetables.

Brown dimpled knitted realistic French Potato medium.  French set of fruit and vegetable knitting patterns by Brooke & Beth

Knitted potato pattern and photo source

I also found this knitted potato pattern here for free.

Knitted Pumpkin

140124  Pumpkins and a Pattern by Bobbi Lewin on ravelry

Pumpkins and a Pattern by Bobbi Lewin on

Knitted Radish

We already have takers for radish and carrots. Thank you! We can still use parsnips (much larger than radish, in lavendar and white) and daikon radish (like carrot, larger and white).

140122 Ravelry Free knitted carrot radish Wendy Phillips


Broccoli Florets

150311 Steamed Broccoli Florets by Sara Elizabeth Kellnerfull screen close

Steamed Broccoli Florets by Sara Elizabeth Kellner

Knitted Strawberries

Okay, strawberries are not vegetables, but they will look so delicious mixed into the veggie baskets! I think a gourmet chef will know how to prepare it in a stone soup! Thank you Marina Alonso for showing me these beautiful strawberries!

 140123 Knit Strawberry Pattern by Pezdiva

Please make your strawberries with long stem, attached perhaps 2 berries together. This way it will not be a choking hazard for the very little ones.

Pattern and Photo Source: Knit Strawberry Pattern by Pezdiva

 While I am digressing in the strawberry patch, here’s another delicious looking strawberry. I love the contrast of the white seeds to the red berry!

140122 Knitted red strawberry with white seeds keychain.

Pattern and Image source

Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh

140114 5 servings of veggies square cropped

Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh

140114 Amigurumi knits by Hansi Singh

Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh book cover

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