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131207 Closeup shot first little shoppers entering Elves Workshop in awe

Saturday 1-5pm, December 7, 2013.

Our Waldorf School of Orange County celebrated its annual Winter Festival this past weekend. It was a magical and beautiful community event for all.

The Elves’ Workshop was one of the many attractions at our Winter Festival. Wonderful handcrafted treasures were made by our community for especially the younger students to purchase as gifts for their loved ones. Each child is allowed to shop for these handmade treasures with a maximum of 20 tickets (50 cents per ticket).

This booth is for children only, without parental accompaniment. The 7th Grade students (elves) assist the children through their purchase selection and gift wrapping. It was a lot (I mean A LOT) of work for our handwork teacher Christine (and many unnamed elves), but when you see the sense of awe and wonderment in the children’s faces, it’s all worth it! We sold all 800 handmade goodies within 2 1/2 hours of the Winter Festival opening!

Thank you Christine Newell and the many hands that make this a magical memory for many children. – Jzin

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131207 Blossom Fairies with vertical bokeh

Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

Click on the image below to view our Waldorf School of Orange County weekly craft group projects.

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

Simple painted wooden peg dolls. These are itty bitty very tiny ones made by Renuka. My 9 year old girl picked two for herself.

131207 cute simple small wooden painted peg dolls

131207 Mini wooden painted apples with felt leaves in a glass

131207 White King Winter wooden peg doll gnomes displayed on a wooden tree house

131207 Pencil gnomes and tooth gnome. square cropped

131207 Felt elf's Christmas stockings hanging in a row.

My children made these Winter Gnomes (with my help) …

131118 Peg doll winter gnomes in front of Cathy's house with logo

Alena’s blossom fairies…

131209 Alena's blossom fairies playing hide and seek in the cherimoya tree. Square cropped

Some of the 7th Grader elves assisting in the Elves’ Workshop.

131207 4 7th Grader Elves helping out in the Elves' Workshop at Winter Festival. wine label logo

131207 Sailboats, candles, white roving angels, felt bags and Pam

131208 10 tokens each for needle-felted picture Christmas tree ornaments

131207 Needle-felted picture Christmas tree ornaments of mermaid on a rock and fluffy toadstool home

My needle-felted guardian angel, handmade just two days before this…

131203 Jzin's Christmas Angel Needle-felted oval picture 1 wine label logo

Guarded from harm
Cared for by angels
Here stand we
Loving and strong
Truthful and good

131207 Alyssa playing harp for Elves Workshop at Winter Festival

131207 The long line queue waiting to enter Elves Workshop

131207 The line waiting to enter elves' workshop at Winter Festival

131207 Christine leading a little child through the double curtains into the Elves Workshop


131207 First little shoppers entering Elves Workshop in awe

131207 First child entering Elves Workshop picked a fluffy needle-felted toadstool cottage picture for her basket

131207 Pianist twin in awe with Elves' Workshop handwork

131207 Blossom fairies, felt cardinals and white silk on the ceiling bokeh.

131207 blossom fairies embellished with jewels and feathers

131207 Wooden peg dolls with sweet painted faces and felt pointy caps

131207 Colorful felt pencil gnomes sewn up with blanket stitches sitting in a glass fish bowl

131207 Three girls in awe with the plethora of choices at Elves Workshop

131207 Deciding on which treasure to pick at the Elves Workshop

131207 wooden glitter and plain apples with felt leaves bokeh

131207 Kim's boys shopping in the Elves Workshop

131207 Acorn gnomes on fallen maple tree log

131207 Closer view of acorn gnome children on a tree log

131209 Bleeding hearts red felt hearts

131209 Little boy examining painted wooden peg doll with elf looking on

131207 Renuka's wooden peg doll fairies, gnomes and princes

131207 Felt handbags with flowers and leaves sewn on

131207 white lace satchets filled with fragrant lavender

Alena, like many other elves, stayed up late to lovingly prepare these handmade treasures for the children for this magical day.

131207 Alena and Jzin's felt miniature bears in a bread basket

131207 wooden magic want knitting needles

131207 Exchange of a smile between little shopper and elves workshop gift packager

131207 Jack and the handmade treasures he picked from Elves Workshop bean bags, roving angel, needle-felted Christmas tree picture

131207 Little girl in white cap showing her basket of treasures from the Elves Workshop

A very little one at the gift wrapping counter with his treasures.

131207 Itty Bitty little Struan with his Elves Workshop treasures at the gift wrapping counter

131207 Brother and sister with basket of handmade goodies from elves' workshop

131207 Valentina showing pink blossom fairy to daddy

Heather’s needle-felted bird found a home in the heart of this little one.

131207 Julia and her girl with birdhouse and needle-felted bird made by Heather and Christine

131207 Julia, boy, girl and wooden peg doll gnome dyptich with logo

Thank you to Christine Newell and the many, many elves out there who worked hard to make our Elves Workshop 2013 a magical experience to remember for our children! – Jzin

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Photos from Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

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