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Chinese Children’s Songs: Home 家

葉老師 (Teacher Grace Yeh) taught our children to sing this popular chinese children’s song in class, in preparation for their little surprise performance, on the last day of Sunday Chinese Kindergarten. The hand gestures in the video below (scroll to bottom) differ a little from what Yeh Laoshi showed the children. The song is called 家 “jia” which means “home”.

Here is a free coloring page you can print off your computer by clicking here. Do belt out the song aloud as you color this page! The video and audio (scroll to bottom) are here to help you learn this song.






小河裡 有白鵝






By the front door of my home there’s a little river.

Behind my home, there is the slope of the hill.

Many wildflowers bloom on this hillside.

The wildflowers are as red as flames.

In the little river

there are white geese.

Little goslings are splashing in the green waves.

Little goslings are so happily splashing

they raise their heads and sing sweet songs.






小河里      有白鹅





Jia (Hanyu Pinyin version)

Wuo jia men chien you xiaohe

Houmian you sanpo

Sanpo shangmian yehua duo

Yehua hong shi huo

Xiao he li you bai er

Er er xi lupo

Xi nong lupo

Er er kuaile

Angtou cang qingge





Click on the widget to hear the version from award-winning CD 幼福-世界童謠精粹:

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Here is a water-color pencil painting of the song Home 家 created by Elena, age 6 and 1/2 as she sang along to this song on this webpage.

Elena's drawing of the song Home / Jia


New word : 天鵝 (pinyin: tian er) swan

Fun note: 鵝 is goose, while 天+鵝 “heaven+goose” is swan.) What an appropriate name for these graceful creatures! The chinese call them “heavenly geese”. Here is an endearing early Ming dynasty painting of a swan mama lovingly caring for her baby cygnets.

Title:Swan and Cygnets
Artist:attributed to Yuan-Yu Wu
Date:Early Ming dynasty
Medium:Ink and colors on silk

Home Jia as delivered by The Four Golden Princess (sic)













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  1. Carol #

    LIKE this page?!! I love it! We’re going to learn this one as a family tonight. Many thanks for sharing these resources.

    April 22, 2014
    • jzinius #

      Thank you Carol for taking the time to write an enthusiastic note! It makes my heart smile! I wonder how your family singing is coming along! love, Jzin

      April 23, 2014

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