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Graphics to Use for Elves Workshop 2022

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Entering Elves Workshop 2013

Entering Elves Workshop, wide view. 2013

Handmade Treasures galore, wide view. 2015

galore, 2015 square

Sailboats, candles and more, 2013

beautiful lighting, pencil gnomes, 2013


Shopping, 2012


Little Shoppers

Stunned shopper, 2013

Stunned Shoppers, 2013

Jadyn blowing on candle boats of fortune, 2011

Helpful 7th Grader Elves

Little Girl 2015

7th Grader Elves in a magical room, 2013

7th Grader Elf helping a little shopper, 2012

Elijah, 2015

Christine Newell


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