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Gallery of Our Waldorf Craft Group Get-togethers

131015 Josephine's needle-felted mouse peering out the door of his orange pumpkin house front door on foggy morning square logo

Craft Ideas for Elves Workshop. square161003-maki-corinna-and-mitz-with-needle-felted-pumpkins-6656160915-tomoni-square weave-branch-nature-ecological-waldorf-project-65866093 160425 Fairies and Elves playscape square5747 160516 Nancy making denim rug for Gala5808 160516 sq Beach Playscape L160309 square Yvonne needle-felting yellow felt duckings160302 Ziqi with her lavendar toadstools square cropped160205 Square flyer Come join us Sheep Shearing5009 160202 Gisela's crochet pouch with little peg dolls gnomes valentine children giftTuesday January 12, 2016. Crochet Granny Square Slippers for Beginners. Christine says "Don't worry, they are not that difficult - work in squares and sewn together." You can make them for an adult or a child. If you have a US 8 or H crochet hook, bring it along.141209 gnome buddies Wigfrith and Æthelweard strolling on boxwood on a sunny morning4438 square cropped 151205 7th Grader Elves serving and helping little children shop at Elves Workshop4112 151117 Waldorf School of Orange County Castle of Costa Mesa Craft group needle-felted Christmas trees square3308 Sharmin and her needle-felted wool angel and wool toadstool relief pictures Jzin workshop logo3184 151013 Kathy holding up wet-felted alpaca wool fiber cushion cover square3061 151006 WSOC Waldorf School of Orange County Tuesday Craft Group picture Needle-Felting mouse in pumpkin square logo2764 150915 Josh crocheting a pair of slippers for his wife flanked by Yvonne, Christine and Roxanna150804 Guardian Angel with shooting star at Cordata Park 7943 shoulder crop.150423 Mermaid Georgian and merbaby 2015 Summer Workshops post.1874 150616 S with his pirate and neptune square logo1796 150613 WSOC 9th Grade Marionette Show laughing puppeteer 31736 150608 square cropped Handmade finger puppet gnomes on shelf150518 Detail Grandma Waldorf School of Orange County Raffle Knitted Garden and Village for WSOC Gala150504 Jzin's technicolor wet-felted flower 1091.150226 Melissa taking off wool from drum carder with screwdriver 9051.140210 square cropped white alpaca at Cindy's farm Alpacas on Windy Hill in Somis, California.9188 150302 DIY handmade homemade wool blending hackles hair picks.150105 brighther colors Evanya Skelly with handmade crochet brown seed stitch cap hat. Castle of Costa Mesa.141201 square cropped Katya modeling crochet broomstick cowl and beanie141206 square cropped Renuka's handpainted wooden peg doll winter snow gnomes and fairies with feather wings one looks like sebastian CastleofCostaMesa.Com141117 Tiffany needle-felting hair onto her pulled wool angel. square cropped.141110 Melissa needle-felting stars tree toppers to her felted Christmas Trees square cropped141104 Linda grabbing her basket from the soak tank 2 square141020 Needle-felted mouse craft group with Christine Newell group picture 1 Lisa chugging detail 2141006 Roxanna knitting an alpaca cowl, black and white blurred background portrait square cropped portrait140929 Madonna Knitting, by Bertram of Minden 1400-1410140922 Isa weaving and smiling 2140915 Christine knitting with Anicka square cropped.140908 Katya showing her handmade woven upcycled T-shirt placemat square 2140610 Rachel with Joy farewell party. square cropped 2140513 Christine putting on felt earrings on Josephine square cropped140408 Gisela's handmade Easter Egg floral carousel decoration full tree square cropped140303 Baby Helena enclosed in the castle grounds. square cropped with logo140305 5 women holding up Kim et all community knitted afghan blanket. Square cropped.140310 square cropped. Monday after school. Sophia and Sarah with handmade fairy tale dolls by children with logo140210 Susan Watkin's knitted artichoke and radishes square cropped140226 Sonia's kindergartener with his mommy handmade gnome, Gnomer square croppedBasket of veggies by Sachiyo Ischii. Square cropped140211 Lisa Marris swan and baby cygnet by hooked rug. square cropped1402 Valentine Sweater Dolls square cropped140128 Finished vegetable Square with logo140121 Lisa'a needle-felted guardian doll with heart and 2 brown braids peeking from honeysuckle bushes. Square cropped.140114 Gisela Shibori scarf square cropped140107 sketching out design in colored chalk on stretched burlap. Square cropped, no logo131207 4 7th Grader Elves helping out in the Elves' Workshop at Winter Festival square cropped131203 Jzin's Christmas Angel Needle-felted oval picture 1 wine label logo131119 Little Valentina warming her ears with super bulky yarn crochet hat with a flower square cropped131112 Posable, bendable, wood and wire framed gnome dolls on Rachel Skelly's mosaic bench, square cropped131029 Jessica glueing wool roving on end of knitting needle to make dolls adorned handmade needles131105 Mommy handmade is always the best. square cropped.131015 Josephine's needle-felted mouse peering out the door of his orange pumpkin house front door on foggy morning square logo131007 square post. 3 wet-felted flowers embellished with variegated mawata silk hankies handmade by Waldorf Tuesday morning craft group131001 square. 7 table top puppets lined up on railing by Company of Angels store130924 Heather needle felting hair onto her purple lavendar pulled wool roving fairy angel doll ornament130918 Single flower. Jzin's first wet-felted flowers using mawata silk hankies130910 square. Denise painting a swallowtail butterfly on silk using black Gutta resist130605 Gisela's wet-felted purple hot-housed flower with enlarged yellow pistils and stamen, square cropped. 130529 square. Pia and baby with wet-felted flower in garden130605 Rachel Skelly modeling Gisela's nuno felted salmon colored silk beaded scarf back view. square cropped130501 square Gloria wet-felting soap with baby Catherine on her lap.130410 Kim and Gaby adding mosaic pieces to planters using Acrylpro acrylic glue. square130320 Christine dripping hot beeswax on her Ukrainian egg130227 Alena rolling up Art Felt scarf in saran wrap 21303021 Part Four. Square. Nunu help selling raffle tickets at Company of Angels Store130321 Part Three. Square. Gisela adding brown felt base to felt cottage130205 Part Two. Prince, princess and unicorns galloping across the woodland130130 Part One. Square. Squirting liquid dish detergent and hot water on wet-felted playscape blanket130116 Rachel modeling handmade Artfelt Scarf in the Company of Angels Store. square130117 Inspiration for our craft group wet felted playscape.Needle Felted Mermaid and Waterfall and Lagoon by PhaedraPhoenix. square130116 Knitters of all sizes rapt at work. squareElves Workshop banner. square.121219 Making boiled wool recycled sweater Christmas stockings. square. Renuka's X'mas stockingKim with completed felt clown craft 2140304 Lisa watching Katherine cutting pine needles

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