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4118 151117 Craft Group project Christmas fir tree square cropped

A chilly Southern California Tuesday morning, November 17, 2015.

4090 151117 Mothers at craft group needle-felting Christmas fir trees

Today we dry felted (needle-felted) Christmas trees! As you can see from photos (click here to see last year’s project), this was a wildly popular craft last year. Christine Newell has specially hand-dyed a great selection of gorgeous Wensleydale and other curly sheep and soft and shiney suri alpaca wool for making these trees.

4037 151117 Christine Newell hand dyed suri alpaca wool locks in green for making Christmas Trees

We started by rolling some washed raw fleece into large conical shapes. Christine has previously washed this beautiful dark brown fleece in cold water cycles three times, in her top-loading home washing machine, to get rid of the lanolin and VM.  These dark brown fleece would be used as the hidden core of our Christmas tree. Some of us lamented that such beautiful fibers should not be hidden inside the tree!

4014 151118 Gaby and Gisela tying up dark brown wool fleece with twine

We formed the cores of the trees by rolling and shaping the fibers with our hands. Subsequently, we tied that up with twine.

Some of us would add a layer of white wool batting (Christine, is that white layer necessary?) to our core. Next, we focused on getting an overall pleasing tree shape that can stand stably. I.e., the structure should not topple.

4017 151118 Sharmin needle-felting rolled and tied wool core for making Christmas tree

We added a base layer of color, then carefully embellished the tree with foliage from the bottom row working our ways upward.

4058 151117 Aki and Y adding foliage to felt tree

4049 151117 Waldorf School of Orange County craft group needle-felting Christmas trees with Christine Newell photo by Jzin

The pre-school class walked by on their way to their nature walk. Little ones would call out to their mothers behind the vine fence in the craft group. It was heart-warming!


Gisela who lived surrounded by the fir trees in Lake Tahoe for many years, made realistic looking trees.

4108 151117 Gisela and her youngest grandchild

Gisela holding her grand-daughter who just came out from Parent-Toddler class over the fence from craft group.

I made a tiny finger puppet tree gnome. He went home with Corinna.

4119 151117 Dyptich Tree Gnome finger puppet needle-felted by Jzin

Shameless plug: I also sell finger puppet gnomes on Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop here. On Black Friday November 27, 2015, I will be selling my finger puppet gnomes at $10 each at Piecemakers Country Store 12pm-5pm. I will also be selling my other handwork (no shipping charges if you purchase from me directly) Thankgiving weekend Friday and Sunday.

I love how intriguing Corinna’s tree looks with the swiggly textures of luscious alpaca wool locks.

4062 151117 Corinna's suri alpaca needle-felted Christmas tree

Upon request, I made a face for Isa’s Tree Spirit.

4146 151118 Tree Spirit Christmas Fir tree with green face and Isa logo

Later on, Isa texted me this photo – she has made more.

151117 Isa's photos her tree spirit gnomes

Someone who chose to remain nameless, made these ADORABLE felt teddy bears with bow ties for our Winter Festival Elves Workshop! Aren’t they too cute? Be sure to complete your Winter Festival kit on time and return them to the Company of Angels basket.

3976 151117 Yukiko handmade felt blanket stitched colorful teddy bears with bow ties

Thank you Sonia for making these special candle holders for the children for Elves Workshop.

4149 151117 Sonia made burnt wood lattice candle holders

Our Winter Festival will be on Saturday, December 5, 2015 1-5:30pm. Free to attend.

4154 151117 Sonia made burnt wood lattice candle sticks with reindeer and winter motifs

Take a look at our Winter Festival Elves workshop from a previous year.

131207 Blossom fairies, felt cardinals and white silk on the ceiling bokeh.

WSOC Winter Festival 2013

Gisela brought in her ornate handmade leather medicine bags. She made this one as a surprise Christmas present for her 6 year old grandson. WOW!

4142 151117 Gisela handmade leather medicine bag with fringes beads, bones, feathers as Christmas gift for grandson

Corinna made more than one tree. Her second one was needle-felted with off-white Wensleydale sheep’s wool lock, giving a snowy and vintage look to the tree.


Thank you Christine for yet another hearty and fun craft group morning!

4086 151117 Sharmin Stacey Anna Corinna needle felting Christmas tree at mothers craft group

– Jzin

Jzin’s Upcoming Classes on Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

What are you doing Thanksgiving weekend? On Black Friday, November 27, 2015 1-4pm I am teaching Finger Puppet Gnomes class for Adults and for children at the Piecemakers Country Store in Costa Mesa. Instead of shopping, you could be learning to make gifts for all your loved ones this year! They make great fall seasonal display, Christmas presents, X’mas tree decorations and stocking stuffers. Please sign up now as spots are limited. Register here.

150205 Lovey Dovey Gnomes Finger Puppets for Valentines.

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On Black Friday November 27, 2015, I will be selling my finger puppet gnomes starting at $10 each at Piecemakers Country Store 12pm-5pm. I will also be selling my other handwork. You will save, no shipping charges if you purchase from me directly that Friday 11/27 and Sunday 11/29 at Piecemakers Country Store.

I am also teaching my Guardian Angel Wool Relief Workshop that Sunday. You can sign up now:

150122 Guardian Angel with shooting star at Cordata Park 7943 shoulder crop.

December 29, 2015. Tuesday, 9:30am-12:30pm. 1-4pm Piecemakers Country Store in Costa Mesa: Whimsical Needle-Felted Wool Picture Workshop. $40. Instructor: Jzin. Click here to sign up.

141208 oval white framed toadstool home on clouds by CastleofCostaMesa

Click here to see all my classes including upcoming ones early next year. I will be teaching upside down flower fairies and Toadstool Cottage night light among other things!

140321 6 Upside Down Surprise Flower Fairies from 2013 by Jzin Teng CastleofCostaMesa.Com. Clever ingenious upside down surprise dolls Giveaway by CastleofCostaMesa.Com.

Jzin’s Workshop list.

Jzin’s Latest Handworks

PicMonkey Collage

I tried out a “messy” painterly approach. Here is one of my latest guardian angel wool relief picture, housed in a white 10″ x 10″ shadow box. She is available on Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop here.

4123 151117 Blonde Guardian Angel in white square frame messy style   4157 151117 Company of Angels for the Holidays

Our school store, The Company of Angels is in its beautiful winter glory again! Experience the magic of our store where you will find an array of books, natural toys, unique gifts, jewelry, Waldorf educational supplies, warm and fresh homemade treats, one-of-a-kind hand-made items in every corner. The Company of Angels endeavor to find Fair Trade items to grace their shelves. Come discover the gem of a store while supporting our school with your holiday shopping!

Address: On the campus of The Waldorf School of Orange County. 2350 Canyon Dr, Costa Mesa, California 92627
Hours: Mon – Fri: 8:00 am-3:30 pm (Closed Thanksgiving week)
Phone: 949-574-7735

Castle of Costa Mesa was Featured in a Magazine!

I was a little embarrassed about the superlatives used in the magazine interview. But if you like to see it, here is our magazine feature in I Heart Costa Mesa! As much as I love to share my work with the world, I did feel exposed, because handwork is a very personal thing. Thank you for the kind words, I Heart Costa Mesa. You can follow I Heart Costa Mesa on social media here: Facebook. Instagram: #Iheartcostamesa

151028 edited IHCM_CastleofCostaMesa_GnomesInArms

Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy Shop

I sell my handwork on Etsy. Everytime someone buys my handwork, I do a happy dance! – Jzin

2424 150716 Nunu Unicorn and Maiden needle-felted fairy tale fiber art fantasy picture detail cropped

Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop.

Here is a little boy with a kite I just finished this Tuesday morning. He is now available on Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop.

3193 151013 Little Kite Boy with Green kite and red lambswool sweater logo

150513 CastleofCostaMesa Jzin Toadstool hack 1226.

CastleofCostaMesa Etsy shop

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