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” A Mouse in a Pumpkin House”

Needle-Felting with Jzin.

Thursday Morning, April 11, 2024



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Scenes from April 11, 2024

Thursday morning, April 11, 2024.

Ah! What a gloriously beautiful morning to be needle-felting in the garden with friends! The weather has finally warmed up in spring. This was the first time we were crafting in the garden this 2023-24 year!

I bought many pumpkin and mice samples made by me and my sons, as reference for the crafters. (below)

I will also be selling these needle-felted pumpkins houses with mice, including the Elvis hedgehogs at my Castle of Costa Mesa Booth at May Faire 2024. (Saturday, May 4, 2024 10am – 2pm at The Waldorf School of Orange County, Costa Mesa, California. Follow me on Instagram for details).

Wow! My glamorous, corporate-type sister came to needle-felt today!

At some point, we were so focused felting, felting. So, I invited everyone to share 1) What they do for fun when they have free time 2) something about them that what people normally do not know…

Oh! What fun to hear what everyone shared! I love the meaning behind Yuma’s and his daughter’s names. Also what Cindy shared, what Ririko shared. Also we have 3 women at the table, each from a different continent, who nearly went into careers in petroleum engineering! Who knew?! I felt closer crafting and sharing with all! So warm and fuzzy!

We learned that Isabelle just sang on stage at the Puccini’s La Boheme Opera last week!!! Wow!

Isabelle the Opera singer!

Who wants to come with me to Isabella’s next opera performance? Or any Opera or Musical outings?

Paideia, the unicorn holistic pharmacist, made a very handsome and solid white pumpkin base!

We paused to admire.

Large, luscious locks for curly leaves of the pumpkins

Huoi and Tess

We learned today that Ririko’s birth name was inspired by sweet fruit in syrup.

Have you ever admired the colors of nature and wonder if you can possess them? Be sad no more! on 5/23/24, handwork teacher Ririko (photo above) will teach us the mysteries of Plant Dyeing ($40 supplies included). Please RSVP Ririko (310) 866-8318 to save a spot!

I already collected a ba-jillion avocado pits to make pink dye on her 5/23/24 Plant Dye class! Are you collecting avocado pits and other plant materials?

Angela, Jzin and Isabelle

Cynthia and her beautiful pumpkin in variegated tones and texture!

If your loved one ask you “Why are the eyes of the mice like that?” You say, “why, that is the look of content, bliss, because I am fully satisfied and happy with the life with you!”

Kinda and Eliana travelled from Ventura to attend our Craft Group! It was so special to see them!

Here is a photo of the pair in my food forest garden last year.

What a joyful day! Thank you all for coming!

Monday, April 15, 2024. Kinda’s pumpkin so far:

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Week 2 – Let’s Finish up our projects April 25, 2024

  • Thu 4/25/24 8:45am – 12:45pm “A Mouse in a Pumpkin House” Needle-felting with Jzin, Week 2 – Finish up your projects, or join us to start one. ($35 fee covers supplies and lessons for 4/11 and 4/25)
    • We had too much fun chit chatting on April 11, 2024 session to complete our projects, so now we will gather again to finish what we started on April 11, and chat some more!
    • Bring your unfinished crafts, let’s make mice and finish up our projects.
    • bring a pair of sharp, pointy scissors if you have, for cutting a window into your pumpkin, so you do not have to wait around to share scissors.
    • if you haven’t paid yet, you can Venmo or Zelle instructor the $35 fee via this link.
    • If you are new to this project, and would like to join us, please RSVP Jzin (949) 400-7082 so I bring enough supplies for you. $35 fees include supplies for new students.
    • See here for photos from Week 1
    • In the garden of the Company of Angels store on the Campus of The Waldorf School of Orange County. If it gets cold, we will work inside The Company of Angels back room.
    • Address: 2350 Canyon Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. 



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