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In the summer of 2015, I started teaching Felt+Craft workshops on the campus of The Waldorf School of Orange County. The workshops are for adults and children ages 7+. This was my first week of workshop, entitled “Mermaids, Deep-sea Beasts and more”. Scroll down to see the fantastic energy and joy in my creative students! – Jzin


Spaces still open: You may register for my summer 2015 workshops on this page here.


Scroll to the bottom of the page to see works from different days.

  • Day 1: We wrapped mermaid cave and made mermaids!
  • Day 2: We made pirates, painted diorama boxes, wet-felted octopus!
  • Day 3: We made recycled plastic bag jellyfish-on-a-stick, octopus with sparkly black ink and mermaid caves/islands with lights, practiced our puppet show.
  • Day 4: Big balls of fire! These are very enthusiastic and productive students! We dry felted fluffy beach playmat, painted/assembled our theater diorama, made mermaid swings, jellyfishes on a stick, Alyssa told stories, etc.
  • Day 5: Finishing up for our group exhibition/open house/puppet show and selling students’ works: jelly-fishes-on sticks

Spaces still open: You may register for my summer 2015 workshops on this page here.

June 15, 2015, Monday. Day 1

Today the children wrapped a mermaid cave over a 2 dimensional resist, and they made a mermaid! Everyone worked hard and laughed a lot. Tomorrow we will make pirate, or a prince or a fisherman… and more.

1849 150615 Day 1 wrapping mermaid caves logo

Wrapping a mermaid cave on a 2-dimensional resist. Getting acquainted with the nature of wool batting. The universal pod shape.

I am so proud of my students. Everyone made a mermaid this morning! I was so happy I forgot to take photos of the rest of the students’ works!

1854 150615 Day 1 S, K,S, S, E with mermaids

We rang a little bell to celebrate whenever a new doll is born! “Happy Birthday Little Mermaid dolls! May you go forth and bring joy to all you meet!”

1854 150615 Day 1 rang a bell

Closer view on the first mermaid dolls needle-felted this morning.

1857 150615 Some of the first mermaid dolls made this morning

I will photo the rest of the dolls later.

That was fun. We will be making the rest of the mermaid’s habitat on the 4 more days to go! Come visit our group exhibition on the last day of workshops:

 Jzin’s Felt + Crafts Group exhibition:

  • All welcome!
  • 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • Friday. June 19, 2015
  • 5th Grade Classroom. The Waldorf School of Orange County.

Scroll down for our works on the subsequent days…

Summer 2015 Felt + Crafts workshops

We still have spaces available for summer workshops. You can register by clicking on the link below.

150423 Mermaid Georgian and merbaby 2015 Summer Workshops post.

Find out more and Register here.

Mermaid Kingdoms, Fairy Tale playscapes, Toadstool Cottage Night Light, finger puppet Gnomes and more! Come join Jzin Teng of Castle of Costa Mesa and learn how to felt, make small dolls and playscapes this summer. Pick one, or more, of the following 4 themed weeks! These 5 day long workshops (9am-12:30pm Monday-Friday) are for Adults and Children ages 7+. To register online:

  • Download these 2 pages and e-mail them to me with a check of $250.00 per week: Page 1 Page 2.

Online Registration vertical flyer Castle of Costa Mesa Summer 2015 Felt and Crafts Workshop camp at Waldorf School of Orange County

Tuesday, June 16, 2015 – Day 2: Pirates, Wet-Felted Octopus Legs, Painted Diorama Boxes and Lots of Laughing

Here are some of the things I made as I was preparing for this workshop.

1862 150616 Mermaid on swing and on bed Castle of Costa Mesa logo

Day 2. We started at 9am. Before our 10:15am snack time, the students made their pirates! This photo was taken at the end of the day with a few missing students (who wanted to embellish their pirates before their photoshoot! I was so amazed by the talents and focus of these students! We all worked hard!

1889 150616 Day 2 Students made Pirate today plus mermaid yesterday logo

I challenged the students to not needle-felt a single poke when they make the arms. This required a special touch and knowing amount, thickness of the fibers.

1870 150616 We needle-felted pirates today

Something I thought of teaching the students to craft, but we have so many, many fun things to make, so perhaps the mermaid bed below will wait.

1866 150616 Mitzi in her mermaid bed with logo

Little Mermaid Mitzi is available on Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop

After we made the pirate, I had to insist that the enthusiastic students take a break and have some food and water. They wanted to continue to craft more right away. What amazing energy!

We wet felted octopus (my hands were too wet to take any photos).

We also painted our deep-sea diorama theater boxes. We love recycling!

1879 150616 Painting deep-sea diorama theater boxes

This was a good sign. After a very fast pace and full morning of productive work, the students chose to stay behind 1/2 hour more after the workshop ended to work out their script for their Friday table top puppet show.

1894 150616 After workshop ended the students acted out a scene

Drama of the high seas!

1861 150615 Jzin's Mermaid kingdom playscape diorama drama at the high seas

So far, we have done 2 mornings of work. This rising 3rd grader made a handsome Neptune and a pirate!

1874 150616 S with his pirate and neptune

Check back for other photos.

Wednesday, June 17. 2013 – Day 3: We made recycled plastic bag jellyfish-on-a-stick, octopus with sparkly black ink and mermaid caves/islands with lights, practiced our puppet show.

My! These students are driven and enthusiastic! We started at 9am. By 10:45am I had to shoo them out to take a break and eat some lunch, with protests of wanting to do more! It was a very productive day as usual.

Alas, I am tired and can only post 1 picture!

We made jellyfish-on-a-stick and admire the beauty of translucent plastic produce bags. They glow when the room is dim!

1917 150617 Nunu and H with DIY plastic bag recycled jellyfishes

um.. okay one more. I have many more great photos but… Good night! – Jzin

1911 150617 Students with recycled plastic bag jelly-fishes

Day 4: These are Enthusiastic, Productive Students!

June 18, 2015. Creative energy abound. They are working up a hurricane. At least the room looked like a tornado of excitement!

1924 150618 Thursday dry felting beach playmat

Day 5: Last Day: Finishing touches for Group Exhibition, Selling Jelly-fish-on-a-stick and Puppet shows

Friday, June 19, 2015. This has been an exhilarating week! Today was the last day of our week-long workshop. In the morning, everyone busily working on finishing touches for our group exhibition.

Pearla created this fashionable octopus fascinator, modelled by our lovely Alyssa.

2001 150619 Pearla created this fashionable octopus fascinator, modelled her by the lovely Alyssa.

While waiting for our guests to arrive, Sophie rehearsed her puppet show to our great amusement!

1938 150619 Sophie's pirate diving into the sea puppet show dyptich logo

2101 150620 Sophie laughing demonstrating her puppet show

Closer view of Sophia’s work from this week: A pirate with an eye patch, a mermaid with her bag of treasure, swinging on an underwater swing, a mermaid undersea world and a fluffy beach scene on top.

1997 150619 Sophie's mermaid diorama with octopus, pirate on boat, mermaid on swing, cave, jellyfish

Samuel was an animated story-teller.

1977 150620 Kaiya watching Samuel perform puppet show

We had many good laughs at his show. Here is the funny sword-fighting scene between the pirate and the octopus.

1978 150620 Samuel performing pirate and octopus sight scene triptych

Sophia demonstrating her work. She has the biggest diorama theater.

2101 150620 Sophia demonstrating her puppet show work dyptich with logo

Sophia’s Mermaid theater has lockable doors.

2050 150619 Sophia's theater has a door

Elena made up a Romantic story between the Pirate and the Mermaid, separated by land, redeemed by a miracle. In the end, the mermaid walked on legs (crafted).

2040 150621 Elena telling her pirate and mermaid love story puppet show

Pearla’s Pink Pirate Power.

1989 150619 Pearla's Pink Pirate Power and mermaid diorama

Pearla’s puppet show.

2034 150619 Pearla puppet story telling dyptich logo

Sarah’s formidable albino octopus battle the stick wielding pirate, with 8 sticks.

2026 150619 Sarah's albino felt octopus fights with 8 sticks

2027 150619 Sarah's albino felted octopus batting man with sticks

Kaiya’s work.

2013 150621 Kaiya's felted mermaid kingdom with pirate, octopus, mermaid on a swing

Kaiya telling us a story.

2062 150619 Kaiya telling a story

2058 150619 Kaiya performing her mermaid puppet show

Our technically skillful Hannah assembling her scene.

2051 150619 Hannah setting up her diorama scene

1995 150619 Hannah's mermaid dioramahas been entertaining our class throughout the week with her funny stories with colorful characters.

2078 150621 Alyssa puppet show story telling mermaid and pirate

Elena told me “I can’t wait to go to class tomorrow…I love Alyssa’s stories! She tells good stories.”

2085 150619 Alyssa the story-teller doing a mermaid puppet show

Students prepared handmade “jelly-fish-on-a-stick” for sale at $5 each!

We still have spaces for my next workshops. You may register online here or e-mail me for questions ( More Information and Registration Page

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