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2803 vertical 3x4 150918 Christine laughing crocheting slippers at craft group

Today our craft group got together again for the first time for the 2015-16 calendar. Our Waldorf School of Orange County handwork teacher, Christine Newell showed us how to make crochet slippers with elastic opening and felt soles. This was a project for beginners. The slippers were also embellished with either yarn pompoms or crocheted roses. The supply fees today was $12.

2772 150915 First Tuesday Morning craft group crochet slippers Fall 2015It was very nice to see everyone again! We warmly welcome new friends to our craft group. As we Southern Californians welcomed the rare rain, we also huddled together in the little back room of The Company of Angels school store to stay warm and dry.

Hello Audrey! Christine Newell brought her supremely crafty mom Audrey along. You should check out the amazing handwork this lady makes!

2817 150919 Audrey and Kathy crocheting slippers logo

First we cut out the soles onto felt pieces using shoes size templates provided by Christine.

2739 150918 Geraldine cutting felt soles using paper shoe size template

We started with a round of blanket stitch around the soles. We used large darning needles with points to sew our blanket stitches.

Do your best to gauge how much yarn you will need to complete stitching the whole sole. If you fall short, you will have to add more yarn to finish your round.

To start the blanket stitch, we insert the first poke onto the center of the back/heel, slowly pulling in our yarn until the first stitch is hidden inside the thick felt sole and not dangling.

2742 150915 Anna hiding the start of blanket stitch inside felt sole of crochet slippers

These blanket stitches would become the anchors for our first row of crochet next.

2744 150915 Roxanna sewing blanket stitch anchor onto her felt sole logo

Roxanna crocheting the first round (in blue-green) onto the blanket stitch (lime-green) anchors.

2754 150915 Roxanna crochet first round onto the blanket stitch anchors on the felt sole of her slippers

Josh crocheted a pair of slippers for his wife.

2764 150915 Josh crocheting a pair of slippers for his wife flanked by Yvonne, Christine and Roxanna

We made 3 or 4 rounds of single crochet, ending with a final round of double crochet.

Using a large needle, Geraldine threaded an elastic band through the middle opening of the final double crochet round to form elasticized slipper opening.

2820 150915 Geraldine threading elastic band into double crochet round at the opening of slipper

Once the band has been threaded through the last row of double crochet, Roxanna tightened the elastic band onto the slipper on her foot. She then tied it off into a knot, trimmed off excess elastic band and tucked off the knot inside a hidden spot.

2782 150918 Roxanna threading and fastening elastic band onto crochet slipper opening

Roxanna made lime green yarn pompoms to embellish her slippers. Closer views at the pompom makers on

2796 150918 Roxanna winding yarn on pompom maker

Christine’s crochet slippers are decorated with crochet roses!

150915 Christine Newell feet wearing crochet handmade slippers with felt soles and crochet flower decoration

Here is one of my needle-felting work-in-progress on my felting pad from this morning. You can see my other works on Etsy here: Castle of Costa Mesa.

2806 150915 Jzin's needle-felting pad with work in progress at craft group

Roxannna brought in her handmade 16″ Waldorf cuddly doll that she made in Christine Newell’s workshop!

2827 150918 Roxanna and her handmade crimpy blonde haired handmade homemade mommy made Waldorf 16 inch cuddle doll

Click here to see some of the dolls made in Christine’s past Waldorf 16″ doll workshop.

Christine Newell taught us that we could make durable, flexible grips for the felt soles, using Plasti Dip.

2751 150915 Plasti dip multi-purpose rubber coating Performix Flexible, durable, grip for crafting handmade crochet felted sole slippers

More information on

The felt which Christine provided us to make these soles are already pre-washed and felted. As needed, you may hand-wash your slippers with soap and cool water.

By the end of the morning, we have slippers in various stages of completion.

2824 150916 Our work at the end of the morning crochet slippers with felted soles.

If you have photos of your loved ones wearing your completed handmade slippers, please share them with me, so I can post for all to see! – Jzin.

Thank you Christine for teaching us this wonderful craft! Come join us next Tuesday morning. We will be making felted flowers with long stems. Click here to view our craft group schedule. – Jzin.

2803 150918 Christine laughing crocheting slippers at craft group

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