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Setting up Elves Workshop Room for Winter Festival. Friday, December 2, 2022

 Friday morning, December 2, 2022. By the end of today, we shall turn this earthly conference room into an otherworldly Elves Workshop!

What we were striving for …

Our Handwork Teacher, Christine Newell in one of the past Elves Workshop, 2012

by 8:30am, Erin Nichols and her Winter Festival team had already brought in supplies, Christmas lights, drapes, folding tables, ladders to us!

Mr. Storm’s 7th Grade parents plus craft group volunteers gingerly and stealthily brought all the handmade treasures out of storage and into the room.

We set up drapes for that dreamy cocoon effect of the room.

Cat Morgan, 7th Grade Room Rep and a force of nature, so thorough. It was amazing to be working together with her! I secretly noted to be on her team in an event of a zombie apocalypse.

Without Kathy and Linda, there would have been no Elves Workshop room set up! They knew all the nooks, crannies and secret hooks and hung up the tulle and velour with ease as I watched in awe and relief for their help.

Gisela came in from Laguna Beach with illuminated Christmas tree stands!

The afternoon craft group crew arrived about 1:30pm.

Roxana brought over her exquisite handmade beeswax candle donations!

They smelled so sweet! My favorite is the Ganesha candle!

Roxana also brought warm, delicious lunch from her restaurant, Nourish Cafe to feed the busy hungry volunteers! Mmmm hot rice, curry, sweet chai! So good!

Nourish in Costa Mesa – Check out what they serve there!

I was also busy fixing returned crafts.

Zerrin stopped by to drop off her needle-felted toadstools! Everyone gasped!

Gaby dropped of her velvet pumpkins with real pumpkin stems gleaned from Halloween pumpkins! We had to pose with these beauties!

Joy opened up the surprise craft donation box from Ms. Christine Newell in Florida! Oh my! Such sweet little bees and lady bug peg dolls!

Everyone missed Christine, so we made a short video to greet Ms. Christine, making her teary-eyed.

Our white ceiling tulle was hung too low.  Thank goodness for Linda, who asked Emilio, who came in and tied our white tulle false ceiling to rafters, making the ceiling higher. Thank you Emilio!

It was a long, hard day for all of us!

By the end of the day, the room was transformed into an otherworldly realm! We were tired, ready and excited in anticipation of the glee and surprise of the children tomorrow!


Joy and Jzin wanted to thank everyone for bringing magic to the children!

Jzin’s Handmade Sale: December 9, 10, 2022

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