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Thank you Secret Elves 2022


Scroll down this page to see the back story of each lovingly handmade treasure of Elves Workshop 2022. Thank you dear secret elves!

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Crafts are organized by materials or the methods of making them. Click on the following links below to jump to various sections

Craft Group Elves

    • Preparing Craft Kits
    • Busily making crafts for Elves Workshop
    • Special Thanks to Alena for opening up her beautiful cottage homestead for craft group twice during Thanksgiving break
    • Setting up Elves Workshop room

Setting up Elves Workshop for Winter Festival


    • Gnome Artwork



    • Crochet Christmas Ornaments
    • Crochet Snowmen from Florida

Felt Crafts

    • Felt Sparkly Christmas Tree Pins
    • Felt Blossom Fairies
    • Felt Mini Christmas Wreaths
    • Felt Dolphins
    • Felt Gingerbread Boys
    • Flower Hair Clips
    • Felt Handbags
    • Felt Beaded Stockings
    • Felt Star Ornaments
    • Felt Teddy Bears
    • Felt Water-Lily Babies


    • Velvet pumpkins with Read Pumpkin Stem
    • Placemats
    • Leather Crossbody bag – see “Leather”


    • Knitted Cat
    • Knitted Ducks
    • Knitted Marionette Sheep


    • Leather Crossbody Bags

Nature Finds: Fallen Trees, Stones, Walnut

    • Hurricane-fallen tree
    • Painted Rocks
    • Baby fairies sleeping in walnut shells

Needle-Felted, Wet-Felted

    • Cotton-candy fluffy bunnies
    • Tiny Little Brown Bunnies
    • Large Toadstools
    • Wet-felted Soaps
    • Snowy Cabin Christmas Ornaments
    • Wet-felted Star Magic Wands
    • Craft Group Made Needle-Felted Toadstools
    • Large Needle-Felted Toadstools
    • Medium-Size Toadstools
    • Little Toadstool Ornaments
    • Wool Stars with Bells Ornaments

Peg Dolls

    • Cynthia’s Baby-wearing Peg Dolls
    • Bees and Lady Bugs Peg Dolls
    • King Peg Dolls
    • Queen Peg Dolls
    • Knight Peg Dolls
    • Chimney Sweep Peg Dolls
    • Cynthia’s May Faire Children Peg Dolls
    • Cynthia’s Pirate Peg Dolls
    • Cynthia’s Acorn Peg Dolls
    • Winter Wizard in White with Crystals Peg Dolls
    • Autumn Than’s creative bunch of 20 peg dolls



    • Bean Bags
    • Velvet Pumpkins
    • Cotton Quilt Placemats

Wooden – Please also see “Woodwork” Projects below

    • Wooden Beads Spiral Christmas Trees
    • Beribboned Wooden Rings
    • Fairy Doors


    • Birdhouses with Succulent Roofs
    • Wooden Cars and Trucks
    • Wooden Sheep Spools of Yarns
    • Rustic Wooden Stars
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Game Sets



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20 pieces of artwork by German Artist Ariane Barbara. The pieces were all sold out. Thank you for your generous donations Ariane!


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Beeswax Candles

Thank you Roxana for making 21 of these gorgeous beeswax candles! They smell so good!

Children love these and they went fast!


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Crochet Christmas Tree Ornaments with Dangling Sparkling Crystals

Thank you Ms. Michaela Heller for these cuties!

Crochet Snowmen from Florida!

 Ms. Christine Newell crocheted 10 snow men and had them flown in to us from Florida! The children love these snowmen! They were sold in a jiffy!

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Felt Crafts


Sparkly Christmas Tree Pins

Thank you Shauna Forsum for these festive beauties!

Flower Hair Clips and Pins

Thank you Michaela for the felt flower hair clips and pins (above)

Felt Blossom Fairies

Thank you Cathy for the felt blossom fairies.

Felt Mini Christmas Wreaths

Nina with her dainty Christmas wreaths

Wow! Such beautiful handmade treasures from felt scraps!

I love these color combinations! Whaaat? How could she turn a bag of scraps into these beauties??! It reminded me of the Fairy Tale of Rumpelstiltskin where the miller boasted to the king that his daughter could weave straw into gold. But I digress… I was so excited and instantly made a mental note to get this master crafter Nina to join our craft group!

Felt Dolphins

I love dolphins! I made a sample to go with my mermaid kingdom for my upcoming 2022 Christmas Handmade Sale. I loved the dolphin so much, and I decided we should make some dolphins for the children for Elves Workshop 2022.


Over the Thanksgiving break, our Craft Group got together to craft at Alena’s beautiful cottage 5 minutes away from school.  When not being fed with homemade delicacies, we made felt dolphins among other things. It turned out that the felt dolphin is a more timestaking, elaborate project. Everyone agreed to make them this year to placate my love of dolphins. We agreed that this is not a suitable project and will not make them anymore in future Elves Workshops.

Click here to see how pampered we were at Alena’s house, crafting over Thanksgiving break 2022.

Blessed her heart, Dan Chen took home ALL the unfinished dolphin work and completed them in a day!

Friends should not let friends craft-and-drive… Say no to crafty drivers! Safety first, blanket-stitch later.

In her heightened felt dolphin-crafting state, she started seeing dolphins in clouds (below). Now, that is the elevated crafting state we want!

WOW! The dolphins were a stunner! They sold out fast! Children love them. Thank you Dan Chen for meticulously finishing all the dolphins!

If your child did not get one and you want to make one, you are in luck: Click here for dolphin patterns and tutorial.

Felt Gingerbread Boys

Thank you Yuko, Sarah and Hannah!

Felt Hair Clips

Thank you Yvonne for these lovely red flower hair clips (pinned to the trunk of the tree) !

Felt Handbags

These bags each have a different design. They are a work of art! Thank you Joy Wang!

 Felt Beaded Stockings

Thank you master crafter Nina! You the bomb.

Felted Star Ornaments

Thank you Lorri Whitney!

Felted Teddy Bears

Our children are blessed by the loving handwork of Grandma Lourdes from Mexico and Angelica. November 2022.

Secret elves Jasmine and Elizabeth working diligently to make teddy bear craft kits.

Elizabeth Dang cutting out 20 sets of teddy bears out of 100% wool felt dyed by Ms. Christine Newell.

Craft kit made, and set out at The Company of Angels.

Water-Lily Babies

Thank you Cynthia and Dan for making these removable babies from their flower beds.


Instructions in 3 pages



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Knitted Cats

Thank you Jessica Lo for your speedy knitting, making these adorable cats for us when we did not have many crafts turned in and were starting to panic.

For instructions click here

 Knitted Ducks at Craft Group

Dan Chen, mother of Scot and Lucas Liang, taught craft group to knit ducks

before teaching knitting, Dan made knitting needles…

Craft group led by Dan Chen knitted ducklings that day

Thank you Amber Bohr for the little duckling!

Thank you Maple Village Waldorf School Sakura Ishi for helping us knit ducklings

Knitted Marionette Sheep

Thank you Dan Chen, mother of Scot and Lucas for this heroic feat of knitting 18 marionette sheep!

Dan Chen’s son, Lucas Liang knitting Marionette Sheep for children.

Dan Chen donated 18 knitted marionette sheep! Wow!

Children love these!

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Leather Cross Body Bag

Jzin recycled leather from her old sectional. We crafters see craft supplies in everything!

Joy Wang has a background in fashion design and she experimented with these two beautiful designs.

Ms. Christiane Bohr gave us some advice on leatherwork.

Amy Ranney helped us sew up the rest.

A shopper with her leather bag.

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Nature Finds: Fallen Trees, Stones, Walnuts

Hurricane Ian-Felled Tree Chip Christmas Tree Ornaments

Florida news: After Hurricane Ian 2022, Christine Newell took a walk in front of her house.

Lo and behold, she saw a fallen tree – Aha! Craft supplies! She made branch discs and …

A special  package from Florida to California! Thank you hurricane!

The indomitable little Christmas ornament. It has seem more in life than me.

Painted Stones

Thank you to Gaby Haas’ next door neighbor, Sherry Shannon for your generous donations!

Little Fairies Sleeping in Walnut Shells

Thank you master crafter Gisela for your beautiful donations!

Here is a preview of what this girl can do. Multi-talented super master crafter!

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Needle-Felted, Wet-Felted

Needle-Felted Balls

Thank you Lorri Whitney for these exquisite festive Christmas Tree ornaments!

Cotton Candy-Like Fluffy Bunnies

I have been making 20 wool artwork (you can see them on for donations every year. This year, I decided to make fluffy little cotton candy textured bunnies for the gentle hands of little children. I tested them on my neighborhood children and they were approved. – Jzin

Tiny Little Brown Bunnies

These tiny brown bunnies by Nicole Spencer were so adorable – they were gone in an instant and children were asking for more.

Wet-Felted Soaps

Thank you Jennifer McNeish – These gorgeous soaps smell so good and are popular with children and adults.

Snowy Cabin Christmas Ornaments

Thank you Shirley Rosales (below, center) for these beautiful ornaments!


Wet-Felted Star Magic Wands

Thank you Ms. Andrea Hubert for these magical wands!

Craft Group Made Needle-Felted Toadstools

Jzin taught the first craft group of the year 2022 – we made toadstool Christmas Tree Ornaments. Click here to see that page.

Large Needle-Felted Toadstools

Thank you Zerrin for your gorgeous, well-loved Toadstools!

Cradling precious toadstools, wool stars and other  crafts handmade with love.

Medium-Sized Toadstools

These needle-felted toadstools are so sturdy and magical – they were well loved by the shoppers!

Thank you Denise Santuli! You can shop for jewelry via Denise’s business, Happy Love Gems here.

Little Toadstool Tree Ornaments

Thank you Nykollette for these dainty needle-felted cuties (on the wall)


Wool Stars with Bells Christmas Ornaments

Thank you Ms. Andrea Hubert for your sweet stars with little bells!


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Peg Dolls

Cynthia’s Baby Wearing Dads, Moms and Grandparents Peg Dolls

Cynthia is the queen of peg dolls! She made us 90 pieces of peg dolls! We are so grateful for your fantastic and creative creations! 

OMG!!! What is this awesomeness?? Peg dolls elevated into another plane.

Bees and Lady Bugs Peg Dolls

Oh my! Such sweet little bees and lady bug peg dolls mailed from our handwork teacher Ms. Christine Newell in Florida! Thank you! Ms. Christine Newell is still with us in spirit.

King Peg Dolls

Amber Bohr and Family crafting together! Thank you!

Queen Peg Dolls

Thank you Ms. Christiane Bohr and Joy Wang for making 20 peg doll queens.

Knight Peg Dolls

Thank you film-maker Laura Fortino-Zeni for being our secret elf, making these knight peg dolls for children! Click here to view her films, on Vinci Productions!

Chimney Sweep Peg Dolls

Cathy Scott made these adorable chimney sweep peg dolls!

Thank you Cathy, our master crafter!

Cynthia’s May Faire Children Peg Dolls

Cynthia’s Pirate Peg Dolls

Cynthia’s Acorn Gnome Peg Dolls

Winter Wizard in White with Sparkly Crystal Wand Peg Dolls

Thank you Kathy Christian and Linda Timmons for these precious wintry gnomes!

Autumn Than’s Creative Bunch!

Lina’s little girl Autumn is so creative! Look what she made!

Such fun! I love them all!

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Pencil Gnomes

Thank you Nykollete for the pencil gnomes!

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Bean Bags

Thank you Ms. Christiane Bohr, Joy, Jzin and Amy for these fun bean bags!

Velvet Pumpkins with Real Pumpkin Stems

Gaby made 20 elegant velvet pumpkins with beans inside. Real pumpkin stems were used.

She requested that her local Trader Joe’s grocery store save the fallen stems on the bottom of the bin of their Halloween pumpkin sales for her. Clever!

Gaby making velvet pumpkin at Alena’s house, while we were all being actively pampered with all sorts of delicacies! Click here to view scenes from that day.

Thank you Gaby for your elegant velvet pumpkins! You can connect with Gaby at, for DreamTending, SoulCollage and special events and a sampling of her work in Resources.

Cotton Quilt Placemats

Thank you Joy and Ms. Rebecca Schwartz for these placemats.


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Wooden projects below


 Thank you Alauna Hellar for these beauties! Check out Alauna Hellar – Beauty, cosmetic and personal care on Instagram here.

Beribboned Wooden Rings

Thank you Stephanie Sun and Cathy Scott for these joyful ribbon streamers that delight the hearts of small children.

They are so beautiful, makes me want to pick up one and dance in the sun!


Thank you Sharon and Mauricio Diaz for these magical portals into the fairy land!




Woodwork (Also See Wooden, above)


  Thank you Robert Baird for donating 20 birdhouses made with love for the children!

Robert was in my woodwork class by Mr. Jack Bryant – He handmade an electric guitar for his 4th grader guitarist daughter! So cool!



Thank you Peter Norgaard for making these gorgeous wooden cars and trucks!

This is an 2013 photo of Peter who baked an apple cake for his daughter’s 7th birthday puppet show, titled “Apple Cake” performed by the Castle of Costa Mesa.

Wooden Sheep Yarn Spools

Jzin’s first sample.

Thank you woodwork teacher Mr. Jack Bryant for helping cut out sheep with his band saw.

The sheep is skinny without its coat of wool.

Julia, Mia, Cathy and Jzin sanded the wooden sheep.

Thank you little Mia and her mom for helping us wind up colorful yarns.

These functional string and yarn savers are also decorative!

Wooden Stars

Woodwork teacher Mr, Jack Bryant suggested we make wooden star ornaments. I love these rustic woodwork stars!

Thank you Sharon Diaz for sanding all 20 wooden stars, stringing them with mohair yarn and lovingly oiled them!

7th grader Elf Daytona was so reliable and helpful in the whirlwind frenzy of Elves Workshop that day.

Tic Tac Toe Game Sets

These 20 Tic Tac Toe boards are the pinnacle of awesomeness. They are the testament of what a great community we are surrounded by!

Thank you dad Vin Barba (though he was busy but responded to my cold call for crafts) for immediately starting us with 20 Tic Tac Toe boards.

Thank you super dad Peter Norgaard for sanding the boards.

Joy Wang used a wood burner to draw grids on the game pieces.

Cynthia Wong painstakingly counted and set up peg dolls of various sizes to use as game pieces in each of the 20 game sets.

Grandmother Cathy Scott sewed such thoughtfully selected, pretty cotton print drawstring bags to hold the games.

What an awesome community! We are rich in talent and love. Our children are so blessed.

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Craft Group Elves 

Thank you to all the Craft Group elves for your support. Without you, this would have never happened!

Elves prepared craft kits late into the night.

Thank you all who picked up and completed craft kits at the Company of Angels!

… and special thanks to those master crafters who donated without needing craft kits!

Thank you Alena for opening up your house over Thanksgiving break not once, but twice to host craft group so we may catch up on our crafts! You can see Alena’s gorgeous homestead by clicking on the photo below. You can contact her for special dinner parties, soirees or get together at her romantic cottage homestead, or take a culinary or gardening class with her for adults or children. Alena (949) 929-2529

Support our local businesses! Chez Alena (949) 929-2529

Thank you to all the hardworking secret elves!

Setting up crafts for the event



Saturday, December 3, 2022. The hours before winter festival. Joy and Cathy are making the leather crossbody handbag more beautiful.

I was still fixing up some needle-felted toadstools.

At the end of the event 

At the end of the Winter Festival, Joy and I packed up two table worth’s of handmade craft that were left unsold. This year, the Elves Workshop received 885 pieces of handwork donations from the community and we made $3531! Hurray! Thank you everyone for your hard work!


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Thanks to all who set up Elves Workshop Room

Setting up Elves Workshop: More photos here.


Thank you Ms. Christine Newell

Our dear former Waldorf School of Orange County handwork teacher Ms. Christine Newell had been running The Elves Workshop for 15 years! In the summer of 2021, she moved with her family to Florida, to grow their own biodynamic foods in their 4 generational family dream home and land!

Christine Newell, 2014 Elves Workshop, The Waldorf School of Orange County Winter Festival.

In Fall of 2022, WSOC handwork assistant teacher Ms. Joy Wang asked me (Jzin, mom to a 12th Grader at WSOC, and the owner of The Castle of Costa Mesa) to help bring back the tradition of Elves Workshop. 2022 was the first time Joy and I organized it without Christine being here at school.

Joy and I would Zoom conference Christine in Florida and she would always make the time for us, to guide us on how to undertake this gargantuan task. We started with zero craft supplies. I took meticulous notes when consulting Christine, so that if I too, move away to grow my own biodynamic food forest in my dream homestead, others can easily carry on Christine’s torch by reviewing my notes:

Joy (left) and Jzin (right), Elves Workshop. Friday December 2, 2022.

Our goal was to have 600 handmade crafts. We received 885 handmade crafts turned in. What an awesome community we have here! Thank you everyone! We made $3511 that day in sales! I created this page to thank all the loving hands who brought magic and happy childhood memories to the children!

About Elves Workshop

Each year, in the midst of a dreary, gray winter, in our Waldorf School of Orange County in Costa Mesa, California, a very special event would take place, namely, the Winter Festival. In one day, a magical village would spring up, with warm treats, holiday music, fun activities and the magical Elves Workshop.

For one precious day a year, children 6th Grade and under would be able to enter and marvel at the wondrous Elves’ Workshop. There, without their parents, and only assisted by the 7th Grader Elves, children would pick and shop with their heart’s content for one-of-a-kind, handmade treasures for themselves or for their dear ones for the holidays.

I have been especially honored to be privy to the insides of this for “children only” Elves Workshop. Here, I share the secret and splendor with you! Click on the years below, you shall see photos of events from those years. – Jzin

Link to Pages of Past Elves Workshops


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