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Saturday. December 5, 2015 Finally! Winter Festival is upon us!

Elves Workshop at the annual Winter Festival on the campus of The Waldorf School of Orange County, Costa Mesa, California, USA.

This is page is brought to you by Jzin from our craft group. You can come join us at our weekly craft group or view our blog/gallery here.

4534 151205 Banner for Elves Workshop

Viola solo entertaining guests waiting to enter The Elves Workshop.

4581 151208 Viola player entertain guests waiting in line.

The families and friends at the Waldorf School of Orange County prepared special handmade treasures for children to shop at the Winter Festival’s Elves Workshop Room. Thank you our diligent and creative handwork teacher, Miss Christine Newell for organizing and making this beautiful memorable event possible.

151205 Lisa Maris Elves Workshop

Photo by Lisa Maris

Click here to view and attend our Waldorf School of Orange County craft group.

The Elves Workshop is for children up to grade 6. To maintain the magic, no adults were allowed inside this special room !!! 7th grade students helped little shoppers who came in without their parents.

4428 151205 Little child shopping for gifts at Elves Workshop

4438 151205 7th Grader Elves serving and helping little children shop at Elves Workshop

4443 151205 7th Grader Santa Elf waiving

151205 Lisa Maris Elves Workshop 2015 table

Photo by Lisa Maris

151205 Castle of Costa Mesa Jzin Teng donations wool pictures to Winter Festival donations logo
Above were some of my handmade wool relief pictures donated to the Elves Workshop. You may purchase these on Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop here. My upcoming felting workshops are listed here.

My princess and frog wool relief picture went home with a sweet little girl who picked it.

4381 151201 Princess and Toad wool picture by Jzin

4496 151205 Elf Brooke helping little blonde girl

4419 151205 Children shopping at Elves Workshop WSOC

4486 151205 Boys shopping at WSOC Elves Workshop

4505 151205 Pearla selecting her handmade gifts

4573 151210 carefully selecting gifts while shopping at WSOC Elves Workshop

4567 151205 7th Grader Sissi's boy helping little boy shopping at WSOC Elves workshop

4454 151205 Erika's girls selecting handmade gifts with Christine

4575 151205 Amy's kids selecting handmade gifts at Winter Festival
4485 151205 Girl shoppig for gifts at Elves Workshop


4495 101205 Little girl talking to Christine

4444 151210 Erica's little girl shopping at Elves Workshop

The 7th Grader class volunteered to gift wrap the children’s purchases.

4533 151210 Jennifer and Alyssa 7th Graders gift wrapping

4526 151205 Pearla, Sophia, Chiron outside Elves Workshop

There were many other magical activities that day, including beeswax candle dipping and decorating in the 5th Grade Classroom…

Here was my son Dimiter with his exceptionally wonderful therapist Cliff Le, attending Winter Festival for the first time. My son handmade a beeswax candle in this crowded room and was all smiles today. What exhilarating sight for me to witness! I wanted everyone to congratulate us on this milestone!

4553 151205 Cliff and Dimiter decorating beeswax candles

    • Click here to see the elves working on the handmade goodies

Photo for cover

Thank you Maestra Rocio for the poster above! Thank you Alyssa for the poster and program.

Winter Festival Booth Offering JPEG file

WSOC 2015 Winter Festival Booth Offerings. View this as a PDF file.

Click here to view our Winter Festival in the past years: 2014 Winter Festival. 2013

Thank you to all diligent Craft Group Elves!

Our awesome Waldorf School of Orange County Tuesday Morning Craft Group. Everyone is welcome to stop by and join us! 150913 Tuesday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Enter Craft Group Blog and Gallery page.

Note: We need all elfin hands on deck to make kits for the 2015 Winter Festival Elves Workshop. This year our goal is 1000 items, last year (2014) we had 800 items and sold out 1 hour before Winter Festival was over.

3273 151027 Craft group needle-felting wool relief pictures

Teaching craft group how to make wool relief pictures for Elves Workshop.

Someone who chose to remain nameless, made these ADORABLE felt teddy bears with bow ties for our Winter Festival Elves Workshop! Aren’t they too cute? Be sure to complete your Winter Festival kit on time and return them to the Company of Angels basket.

3976 151117 Yukiko handmade felt blanket stitched colorful teddy bears with bow ties

Thank you Sonia for making these special candle holders for the children for Elves Workshop.

4149 151117 Sonia made burnt wood lattice candle holders

Our Winter Festival will be on Saturday, December 5, 2015 1-5:30pm. Free to attend.

4154 151117 Sonia made burnt wood lattice candle sticks with reindeer and winter motifs

Take a look at our Winter Festival Elves workshop from a previous year.

131207 Blossom fairies, felt cardinals and white silk on the ceiling bokeh.

WSOC Winter Festival 2013

151205 Peg Doll snow men etc

Photo by Lisa Maris

More Scenes at Winter Festival

 Thank you Lisa Maris for these photos!

Erica at the 6th Grade Classroom’s Candle Boat Fortunes.

151205 Lisa Maris photo Erica R blowing on walnut candle boat

Photo by Lisa Maris


Photo by Lisa Maris


Tuesday Morning Craft Group: Schedule and Gallery

In November, we dry felted (needle-felted) Christmas trees! Look at all the fun and beautiful work we made! You are free to stop by and join us. Schedule and details on link.

4049 151117 Waldorf School of Orange County craft group needle-felting Christmas trees with Christine Newell photo by Jzin

Click on below picture to see FUTURE craft group schedule plus a gallery of our PAST craft group projects.

150913 Tuesday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

You can “like” and follow our weekly craft group projects on facebook here.

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Jzin’s Toadstool Cottage Night Light with Finger Puppet Gnome Couple.

150513 CastleofCostaMesa Jzin Toadstool hack 1226.

Jzin’s Spring Wool Relief picture workshop

150126 An Elf riding a swan 8201.

Jzin’s Upside Down Flower Fairies workshop

140321 6 Upside Down Surprise Flower Fairies from 2013 by Jzin Teng CastleofCostaMesa.Com. Clever ingenious upside down surprise dolls Giveaway by CastleofCostaMesa.Com.

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