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3308 Sharmin and her needle-felted wool angel and wool toadstool relief pictures Jzin workshop logo

Tuesday morning, October 27, 2015. On a cool fall morning.

Christine had some last minute responsibilities at the school, so on Monday morning she asked me if I could teach craft group to make dry needle-felted wool pictures. Needle-felting? Moi? I replied: You do not have to ask twice!

So, this morning, I led the craft group as we made needle-felted wool relief pictures. $10 supply fees covered 2 small wool pictures and supplies. Instruction was free, donated wholeheartedly by yours truly. The supply fee covered 1 picture which the crafter got to take home, plus 1 more for the crafter to donate to our upcoming Winter Festival Elves Workshop (Saturday December 5, 2015 1-5:30pm. Free to enter).  $12 supply fees if you want to make 3. If you are not familiar with our beautiful event, click here to see our Elves Workshop in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

Thank you to Sonia, Lisa and others who came in to volunteer and make handwork for the Winter Festival.

– Jzin

131207 Blossom fairies, felt cardinals and white silk on the ceiling bokeh.

WSOC Winter Festival 2013

131207 4 7th Grader Elves helping out in the Elves' Workshop at Winter Festival square cropped

My daughter and I donated many wool pictures for our WSOC Winter Festival in the previous years. Since then, we sell our wool pictures on our Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop.

131211 dyptich Jzin and Nunu busy crafting to donate to Elves Workshop at WSOC 2014 Winter Festival.

My felting pad this morning.

3281 151027 Jzin's felting pad while teaching

Christine has just dyed some nice wool roving. She also gave us luxury fibers such as silk and bamboo fibers which we used to make wool guardian angels.

3273 151027 Craft group needle-felting wool relief pictures

Today we welcome new friends Kathryn and Hitomi to our craft group. Here is Hitomi’s work-in-progress.

3278 Hitomi's work in progress needle-felted toadstool cottage wool picture

I have been busy crafting for the upcoming Journey School Harvest Faire. Come join the festivities, games, foods and do your early holiday shopping at my booth. You will also win some handmade goodies from me in a raffle at the event. So, come one and come all!

3249 151022 Small wool pictures preparing for Journey School Harvest Faire logo

3255 151022 Jzin mother and child wool pictures for Journey Harvest Faire

Interested in buying these? Come to the faire, or check out my Etsy shop online.

Corinna needle-felting her fluffy mushroom home. She also needle-felted a dove of peace to donate to our Winter Festival Elves Workshop.

3294 151027 Corrina needle-felting a fluffy toadstool cottage

Mitzi had to leave, she has a tiny little someone waiting eagerly for her at home.

3292 151027 Mitzi with her needle-felted toadstool home wool picture logo

Some of the finished toadstool wool pictures from this morning…

3303 141027 Needle-felted toadstool wool relief pictures from craft group for Winter Festival logo

We will be sewing a piece of wool felt onto the back of each picture, using blanket stitch. The stitches are meant to be visible when viewing the wool picture. A little long strip of felt is also sewn to the back (or just a piece of yarn sewn) to enable the picture to be hung and displayed.

This was Yukiko’s second toadstool cottage this morning!

3312 151027 Yukiko's second toadstool cottage

I managed to take a photo of Sharmin before she rushed off to volunteer in the kindy to make lanterns for lantern walk.

Sharmin and her gorgeous handwork from this morning.

3308 Sharmin and her needle-felted wool angel and wool toadstool relief pictures Jzin workshop logo

I also showed those who were interested, how to make a simple guardian angel. Roxana and her handmade toadstool cottage and guardian angel wool relief vignettes.

3316 151927 Roxana with her wool relief angel and toadstool cottage pictures no logo

Erika and her guardian angel wool relief picture.

3299 151027 Erika and wool relief angel film grain

See you all next week! Come for the crafts or come every week to help make kits and crafts for Winter Festival! Click here to see our exciting line of up crafts. – Jzin

Jzin’s Upcoming Classes on Thanksgiving Weekend 2015

What are you doing Thanksgiving weekend? On Black Friday, November 27, 2015 1-4pm I am teaching Finger Puppet Gnomes class for Adults and for children at the Piecemakers Country Store in Costa Mesa. Instead of shopping, you could be learning to make gifts for all your loved ones this year! They make great fall seasonal display, Christmas presents, X’mas tree decorations and stocking stuffers. Please sign up now as spots are limited. Register here.

150205 Lovey Dovey Gnomes Finger Puppets for Valentines.

Click on this link to view other classes on schedule.

I am also teaching my Guardian Angel Wool Relief Workshop that Sunday. You can sign up now:

150122 Guardian Angel with shooting star at Cordata Park 7943 shoulder crop.

Castle of Costa Mesa was Featured in a Magazine!

I was a little embarrassed about the superlatives used in the magazine interview. But if you like to see it, here is our magazine feature in I Heart Costa Mesa! As much as I love to share my work with the world, I did feel exposed, because handwork is a very personal thing. Thank you for the kind words, I Heart Costa Mesa. You can follow I Heart Costa Mesa on social media here: Facebook. Instagram: #Iheartcostamesa

151028 edited IHCM_CastleofCostaMesa_GnomesInArms

Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy Shop

I sell my handwork on Etsy. Everytime someone buys my handwork, I do a happy dance! – Jzin

2424 150716 Nunu Unicorn and Maiden needle-felted fairy tale fiber art fantasy picture detail cropped

Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop.

Here is a little boy with a kite I just finished this Tuesday morning. He is now available on Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy shop.

3193 151013 Little Kite Boy with Green kite and red lambswool sweater logo

150513 CastleofCostaMesa Jzin Toadstool hack 1226.

CastleofCostaMesa Etsy shop

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150913 Tuesday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com

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