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Crafting over Coffee and Cakes at the Charming Cottage Chez Alena. November 19, 2023



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Scenes from Our Gathering Today

Sunday, November 19, 2023.

Over Thanksgiving break, Alena invited our Craft Group to gather in her beautiful homestead cottage, Chez Alena, in Huntington Beach. This way, we get to finish up last minute Secret Elves Crafts for the upcoming Elves Workshop 2023.

Thank you Alena for hosting and pampering us with healthy, authentic and freshly homemade treats!


Joy brought in cute little aprons that she sewn to donate to Elves Workshop 2023!

Joy sew all these lovely little aprons for Elves Workshop 2023.

Nina taking an inventory of all the returned crafts for Elves Workshop 2023

Alena made many fresh, homemade sweets for the Craft Group.

I was needle-felting bunnies to donate to Elves Workshop.



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Cathy Donated Bunny Handbags to Elves Workshop 2023

Look! Cathy sew these cute bunny bags to donate to Elves Workshop 2023!

Cathy Scott led our craft group to make peg doll witches for Halloween.

We decide to wander around and admire Alena’s home.

What a special afternoon! Thank you Alena for your warm hospitality! You can contact her to cater your next celebration or gathering.

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Alena teaches cooking classes for adults, children and teens. Contact Alena for information: (949) 929-2925.