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Embroidery with Cathy Scott and Nina Jones.

Feb 29, March 7, 2024



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Scenes from February 29, 2024

Making Embroidery in Embroidery Hoops:

Class Description 

Cathy Scott and Nina Jones led our craft group to make embroidery crafts for these two weeks.

  • Thu 2/29/24 8:45am – 12:45pm Cathy Scott: Making embroidery in small 4” embroidery hoops. $10 Fee
    • We will embroider and decorate 4” embroidery hoops, adding backing for a finished look. Lesson, tools and materials such as embroidery hoops, threads, linen, ribbon, decorations and backing materials are supplied. Bring your embroidery ideas and finished hoop embroidery if you have it.
    • 8:45am – 12:45pm, in the cozy back room of the Company of Angels store on the Campus of The Waldorf School of Orange County. Address: 2350 Canyon Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.

Cathy and Nina taught us how to make neat finishes on the back of our embroidery hoop crafts.

Cathy brought and showed us her adjustable embroidery table stand. This is useful to hold our embroidery, so we have two free hands to work on our projects. You can purchase this piece on Amazon here.You can purchase this piece on Amazon here.

Some examples of embroidery work (front of pieces).

Cathy showed us how to complete our pieces by adding cardboard, felt and fabric backing, such as the examples shown below.

Shirley came arrived late to craft group. She brought her exciting, creative energy with her! Look at the beautiful pieces she completed!

Shirley’s piece!

Julia stopped by with her little boy.

I love Julia’s embroidery!

I spent some time composing my little 6″ diameter canvas to fit in all my favorite wildflower embroideries! I experimented incorporating yarn to my piece.

I am thinking the robust fennel bushes growing in my front yard…

Scenes from March 7, 2024 


Embroidered Book Mark: Class Description

  • Thu 3/7/24 8:45am – 12:45pm Nina Jones and Cathy Scott: Embroidered Book Marks. $0 fee
    • In the cozy back room of the Company of Angels store on the Campus of The Waldorf School of Orange County. Address: 2350 Canyon Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627.
    • Pick up craft kits for Elves Workshop 2024 at the Company of Angels.
    • Questions about Elves Workshop 2024? Ask Nina (714) 742-0456
    • Click here to view past Elves Workshop photos: 2022

Cathy and Nina prepared materials and finished samples to guide us in our embroidered book mark craft this morning.

Cathy embroidered pink roses on her book mark as an example for us.

Dione baked some delicious treats sweetened with honey for our craft group.

Vania started this morning and completed making this cute little book mark with French knot sheep!

Cynthia planning the design of her felt book mark.

Thursday, March 7, 2024. Cynthia completed her embroidered monogrammed book mark.

Instead of making a square felt bookmark, I decided to make a felt needle-book to hold my myriads of needles. I spent some time coming up with a good design.

I was inspired by this special hand-made felt needle purse made by Ririko for me in November 2022.

I quickly designed a kitty cat felt needle-book, allowing a page to hold extra needles, a pocket to hide the back of my embroidery threads.

I learned how to sew closed blanket stitch by following a YouTube video. Ah! All the things I am learning from YouTube!

At the end of the day, this was my felt cat needle-book (The back).

We worked on our Embroidery Projects from Last Thursday

Nina finished her Goldfish embroidery, started last Thursday!

Cynthia completed this piece started last Thursday, February 29, 2024.

Wow! Look at her very beautiful little embroidered scene with toadstools!

Dione sewed lovely stem stitches.

This is what I have completed so far, from last Thursday. Next, I need to add backing to my embroidery hoop.

Cathy instructed me to cut a 1/2″ border on my embroidery linen (below, left) and sew a circular running stitch to gather the excess fabric in the back. I will also need to do the same for the cardboard backing (below, right).



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