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Crocheting Pixie Hats with Nancy Pensamiento. January 22 and 29, 2024.




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Scenes from Week 1

Nancy Pensamiento taught our craft group how to crochet pixie hats today. She brought in gorgeous skeins of 100% natural wool and cotton yarns for the students to pick for their crochet hat projects.

Eli opening up her gorgeous new skein of yarn.

Nancy helped the students wind up their skeins of yarns into cakes.

This was a rainy winter Monday morning. What a wonderful thing to do, crocheting with friends, in the warm and cozy back room of The Company of Angels!

The room smelled amazing – of rich chocolate  because Nona stored boxes of chocolates for the store back here.

I worked on my little wildflowers heart craft from Monday 1/18/24 Craft Group session.

I brought some needle-felted pumpkin and mice to show Craft Group – this will be the craft we will work on, on April 11, 2024. Please RSVP Jzin, if you want to join us for this craft: (949) 400-7082.

What a rainy Monday morning well spent!

Thank you Nancy for being such a great crochet teacher!

Come back for the second week of Crochet on Monday 1/29/24 8:45am in the back room of the Company of Angels store.

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Scenes from Week 2

Monday, January 29, 2024.

Come join us for Valentine’s Tea Party 9am – 12pm 2/14/24 at Alena’s house. \

Scan the QR code below for directions.

$10 – craft supplies fee, $10 suggested tips.


Click here to see Craft Group Schedule 2024

Come join us to craft at Chez Alena for Valentine’s Tea Party 2024!



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