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Instructions: Knitted Bunny

Dear Secret Elves,

Thank you very much for bringing magic and joyful memories to the children this year! To keep the magic alive for our wee ones, please work on these kits when the little ones are asleep. Also, please do not let children work on these crafts so we may have a certain standard of quality.

Each kit has 20 pieces to complete. Please return the completed kits to the Company of Angels by November 18, 2022.


Joy Wang – Crochet, knitting, and more
Jzin Teng – other questions not related to crochet or knitting

Happy Crafting, fellow Crafty Elves!


Thank you Chen Dan for the instructions!

Knitted Bunny pattern:

  1. Cast on 16 stitches, knit 26 rows to make a square
  2. Then use the same color yarn to sew the head. Stuff the head with wool.
  3. Sew and stuff the body with wool
  4. The close up the back of the body.
  5. For the tail, use a fork to make a small pompom
  6. With the tail done, your bunny is completed! 😄

Please make 20 pieces to complete the kit and return to the Company of Angels by November 18, 2022. Thank you very much!

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