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140114 Gisela Shibori scarf square cropped
Our own Gisela modeling Rachel Skelly’s shibori chiffon silk scarf newly dyed this morning.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014.

Christine Newell showed us how to tie and dye shibori silk scarves today. Christine also made one and auctioned it off at our March 15, 2014 Waldorf School of Orange County Annual Gala and Fundraiser.

Shibori (絞り染め) is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping. Some of these methods are known in the West as tie-dye.

Christine and Gloria unfurling Gloria’s rainbow silk shibori play silk after rinsing. Little Catherine looked on with great interest.

140114 Gloria unfurling her rainbow silk shibori scarf after rinsing

Tutorial from Living Crafts Magazine. Summer 2012 issue.

140114 Summer 2012 issue of Living Crafts Magazine. Waldorf natural eco fashions and crafts. The Art of Shibori, hand sewing projects for kids

Living Crafts Magazine: buy back issues here

140114 Pages 42, 43. Summer 2012 issue of Living Crafts Magazine. Waldorf natural eco fashions and crafts. The Art of Shibori, hand sewing projects for kids

140114 rough delicate semitransparent Silk Chiffon and  lustrously shiney Silk Habotai

Silk chiffon (left) and shiney habotai silk (right)

Arashi Shibori: making zigs and zags using your PVC pipe

Christine was so excited to pick up this PVC piping (and that yellow rope) at Home Depot for crafting!

140114 The joy of hardware store shopping for craft supplies. Christine's PVC pipe for making arashi shibori tie dye silk scarf

Arashi Shibori. How can tying to PVC piping result in zigs and zags? We were incredulous! We wanted to try it to believe!

140114 Arashi Shibori tying silk scarf around PVC piping to yield zig zags after tie-dyeing

Rachel, Shibori Samurai!

140114 Rachel's silk scarf tied to PVC piping for a special shibori patterning

Speaking of Rachel, check out her new Smashing Mosaics website!

140318 Rachel sweeping tiger mosaic ad 2

Pages 44 and 45, Living Crafts Magazine: Nui Shibori and Kanoko Shibori.

140114 Nui Shibori and Kanoko Shibori pages 44 and 45.

Gloria picked a large rectangular piece of silk and experimented with Kanoko Shibori.

Gloria’s kanoko shibori silk draped over the railing.

140114 Gloria's bound and tied kanoko shibori large rectangular silk scarf hanging on the rail

With excitement, Christine Newell showed this to us: she was shopping at Target and was so happy to find this tool that will be great for injecting dye into our shibori silk scarf project! I am always amused by how she thinks. A true artist. The world serves for her crafting missions.

140114 Target's Chefmate Flavor Injector to insert dye for tie-dye shibori silk scarf project.

Jacquard Acid dyes

140114 Jacquard Acid dye for dyeing shibori silk scarves.

Jenine spraying dye onto her tied arashi shibori silk scarf

140114 Jenine spraying dye onto her tied arashi shibori silk scarf

Dyed arashi shibori silks tied onto PVC pipes.

140114 dyed silk tied onto PVC pipes

Christine and Gloria dyeing Gloria’s kanoko shibori silk rectangle.

140114 Christine and Gloria tie dyeing Gloria's kanoko shibori silk rectangle

Untying Gloria’s silk playscape of many colors… RESPLENDENT!

140114 Gloria and Christine untying Gloria's multicolored kanoko shibori chiffon playsilk

The moments we have been waiting for… to see how our projects turn out!

Christine rinsing the dyes off our silk shibori scarves with a garden hose.

140114 Christine Newell rinsing the dye off shibori silk scarf

Christine and Gloria unfurling Gloria’s rainbow silk shibori play silk after rinsing. Little Catherine looked on with great interest.

140114 Gloria unfurling her rainbow silk shibori scarf after rinsing

Gloria’s tie dyed silk.

140114 Gloria's kanoko shibori tie dye on chiffon play silk

140114 Gloria's kanoko shibori tie dye play silk

Some examples of kanoko shibori…

140114 Dreamcloth on Etsy's Shibori dyed indigo blue fat quarter

DreamCloths on

140108 Shibori on Pinterest

Unrolling Jenine’s newly made arashi shibori silk scarf! Ah! The joy of saying hello to one’s newborn creation!

140114 Jenine and Christine unrolling Jenine's arashi shibori chiffon silk scarf handmade in the morning

Detail of Jenine’s arashi shibori silk scarf tie dyed around a home depot PVC piping: Beautiful organic wavy striations!

140114 Detail of Jenine's handmade tie-dyed arashi shibori silk scarf showing waving straitions

That recalls straited skeletal muscle under HPS stain! I used to culture murine mammalian muscle cell lines at USC Institute of Genetic Medicine in LA to study myotonic dystrophy.

HPS stained Skeletal striated muscle


Ah! I digressed.

ADHD Highway to Hey Look a squirrel

The synchronous “ooh”s and “aah”s as we unveiled Rachel’s arashi shibori silk chiffon scarf: priceless.

140114 Oohs and Aahs as we unveiled Rachel's handmade arashi shibori tie dyed silk chiffon scarf


140114 Rachel, Jenine and Gisela admiring Rachel's arashi shibori silk scarf

Detail of Rachel’s Arashi Shibori silk scarf.

140114 Detail of Rachel's arashi shibori chiffon tie-dyed silk scarf

Rinsing Gisela’s scarf…

140114 Gisela, Katherine and Christine rinsing Gisela's hot pink shibori silk scarf

Gisela’s hot pink shibori scarf, freshly made this morning.

140114 Gisela's hot pink handmade arashi shibori silk chiffon scarf draping over cherimoya tree

Ah! Thank you Christine Newell for teaching us the art of making shibori silk scarves! Please join us on March 25, 2014. We will be repeating this craft project!

140114 Gisela and Jenine with newly handmade silk chiffon shibori scarves

Gloria with her hand dyed silk of many colors.

140321 Gloria and her hand dyed shibori silk of many colors

Jzin’s Etsy Store, Castle of Costa Mesa

My first flower fairy of Spring 2014…

140321 Pink Rose Upside Down Surprise Flower Fairy by CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Planning to give a bouquet of flowers to your child for a recital, ballet concert, birthday or event? Why not give her this one-of-a-kind, memorable “Rose” to commemorate the occasion? When facing one way, it is a beautiful pink rose, when turned upside down, it stands as a doll! This handmade flower of natural wool fibers will not wilt. It will blossom always in your child’s heart and imagination! This flower fairy is made with much love.

If you click favorite on my Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy store page, you will see my new handmade items when you visit Etsy: Castle of Costa Mesa on Etsy

Here were my 2013 Flower Fairies. Please “Like” my facebook page and you will be notified as new flower fairies of 2014 are made.

140321 6 Upside Down Surprise Flower Fairies from 2013 by Jzin Teng CastleofCostaMesa.Com. Clever ingenious upside down surprise doll.

Please justify my mad passion for crafting and hoarding craft supplies! Shop my Etsy store here…

140103 Lady Lettuce on sycamore tree at Tanager Park square cropped

Castle of Costa Mesa store on Etsy

Some Craft Group offerings for The Waldorf School of Orange County March 15, 2014 Gala and Auction

Our community has lovingly prepared many wonderful one-of-a-kind offerings which are full of heart and soul for our Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 Annual Gala and Fundraiser. Here are some examples of treasures you will not find else where!

$20 for a chance to win. Raffle No. 900: Dream Castle Kiki grand raffle.

140224 Moorish Prince in front of moat

Auction No. 615. A Testament of Abundance and Community: Our Knitted Stone Soup

130311 Stone Soup knitted and crocheted vegetables and other ingredients in a wooden salad bowl. square cropped with logo

Raffle No. 902. Starry Night Hooked Rag Rug by Christine Newell and WSOC Craft Group

140107 sketching out design in colored chalk on stretched burlap. Square cropped, no logo

Raffle No. 901. Stunning Heirloom-Quality Community Knitted Afghan Blanket

140305 5 women holding up Kim et all community knitted afghan blanket. Square cropped.

Auction No. 533 Handmade Offerings by our children: Fairy Tale Dolls Set in A Vintage Suitcase

140310 square cropped. Monday after school. Sophia and Sarah with handmade fairy tale dolls by children with logo

Auction No. 107. The Foundry. Original Framed Fine Art by Jzin Teng

130315 Feb 2012 Entrails of the Polite One by Jzin Teng. Acrylic on dry watercolor paper red clouds. square cropped with logo

Our community has worked hard to bring quality and beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind offerings to those who support our fundraiser. Please shop here to pour some loving encouragements into our endeavors. Thank you!

140121 Edited Let's Have a Kiki Broadway Style

Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

Click on the image below to view our Waldorf School of Orange County weekly craft group projects.

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

Be in the know for upcoming handmade giveaways: Like CastleofCostaMesa.Com on Facebook

130530 Square Giveaway 6 Waldorf Flower Fairies at Tanager Park

I give away my lovingly handmade dolls and crafts every season. If you “Like” my Castle of Costa Mesa Facebook page, you will be notified of upcoming giveaways. Click here to view the list of my past giveaways. Perhaps the next winner could be YOU?

Like Us on Facebook black and white. Fairy Tale Dolls, Handmade With Love. I want you to love learning mandarin chinese!CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Support Our Local Waldorf Community/ Place a Free Ad

Don’t forget to check out Rachel Skelly’s new Smashing Mosaics website!

140318 Rachel sweeping tiger mosaic ad 2

If you are interested in placing an ad on “Support Our Southern California Waldorf Community” (free if you are a member of Southern California Waldorf community) please e-mail me a good picture and a link.

Also check out our local Astrophysicist crafter, Maraia’s Etsy page!

140321 Maraia Hoffman CosmicBling by Marsgrl Ad by Jzin

Meanwhile, please support our local peeps! Thanks! – Jzin


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