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140915 Christine Newell knitting with Anicka wearing a woven beret  2

September 15, 2014. A Monday Morning in Southern Californian Heat Wave.

Today our Waldorf School of Orange County craft group got together again for the second time this 2014-2015 school year. We gathered under the gazebo outside of The Company of Angels store. Our handwork teacher Christine Newell prepared the supplies and taught us how to make this wonderful craft which I think is useful for delightful post-apocalyptic home beautification. The supply fees for this craft was $12 dollars. We were so happy to see each other again and also to meet new friends.

We spent 3 week on recycled T-shirt yarn projects. Click on the below to view our craft journey for each of those weeks…

  1. Week 1: Post-Apocalyptic-Skill Set: Weaving Recycled T-Shirt Yarn Place Mats, Week 1. Monday Morning, September 8, 2014
  2. Week 2: Craft Projects with Recycled T-shirt Yarn, Week Two. Monday Morning. September 15, 2014
  3. Week 3: Recycled T-shirt Yarn Projects Week 3: Woven Rugs, Knitted Bags and Crochet Place mats. Monday, September 22, 2014

140915 Heather suggested book club 2

Heather suggested a book club. Sounds tempting! Who’s in?

Please join us every Monday morning 8:40am-10:50am at the Company of Angels to make various crafts. Presently, Christine is taking suggestions for craft projects for this school year. If there is something you really would love to make, please let Christine know, so she could schedule it for craft group. Click on below picture to see a gallery of our past craft group projects.

140907 Monday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com. 2

You can “like” and follow our weekly craft group projects on facebook here.

Please think also of craft group projects you will like to make or see offered, as our craft group donations for our 2015 Waldorf School of Orange County annual gala fundraiser. It’s still early for May 2015, but it’s good to give ourselves plenty of time. E-mail me, if you have ideas:

– Jzin. September 15, 2014

This morning, we finished up last week’s woven T-shirt yarn place mats. Christine also showed us how to make other crafts with homemade T-shirt yarn.

Removing Weaving from Circular Cardboard Looms.

Anička pushing down tabs on her cardboard loom to release her woven place mat. Click here to see her crafting process from last week.

140916 Anicka removing woven T-shirt yarn place mat from circular cardboard loom by pushing down tabs 2

Melissa’s finished woven T-shirt yarn place mat on our cherimoya tree. Click here to see a tutorial, including Melissa’s work in progress from last week.

140915 Melissa's finished woven T-shirt yarn placemat on cherimoya tree 2

140915 Sacred Geometry Golden Ratio Spiral of Life Nature Fibonacci Sunflower whorl Craft Group Weaving CastleofCostaMesa

Sacred Geometry. Perhaps this is partly why nature makes me so joyful!

Kathy’s woven place mat.

140916 Kathy's completed woven T-shirt place mat on cherimoya tree 2

Jeniffer’s place mat has a scalloped edge, akin to a blue flower.

140915 Jennifer's woven T-shirt yarn place mat with scalloped flowery edges 2

Anička’s place mat, released from its loom…

Bonjour! Anička and her woven impromptu jaunty little beret!

140915 Bonjour Anicka with her impromptu French beret.

Lovely dress pictured above was handmade by her mom, Alena!

Anička stitched on a strip of Christine’s beautifully hand-dyed rose colored leftover T-shirt as a sash and  models her newly fabricated fascinator/beret hat!

140915 Anicka with her handmade T-shirt yarn woven beret with chin strap sash 2

Cathrine started one this morning and finished it by the night…

140915 Cathrine Ji finished placemat started today yyy 2

This colorful place mat above will be donated by Cathrine to our 2015 Waldorf School of Orange County Annual Gala in May 2015! It will form a basket of “All Around the Year Crafts with Christine Newell, handmade by Cathrine Ji.” Thank you Cathrine!

Click here to see our past Waldorf School of Orange County March 2014 Annual Gala offerings on Pinterest.

Knitting T-shirt yarn into small bag

Next, Christine showed us how to make bags by knitting with T-shirt yarn.

Cathrine cutting up gorgeously tie-dyed (by Christine) T-shirts into 1″ wide strips to make yarn.

140917 Cathrine cutting 1 inch wide strips of hand-dyed T-shirt to make yarn 2

Click on the picture below to see more on how to make T-shirt yarn (last week).

140908 Cut, stretch, Voila! T-shirt yarn! tutorial 2

Melissa starting to knit a rectangle with T-shirt yarn to make a small bag.

140915 Melissa's knitted T-shirt yarn rectangle in the plumbago hedge fence 2

Christine knitting with Anička. Notice Anička bedecked in her freshly fandangled couture fascinator. Très chic!

140915 Christine Newell knitting with Anicka wearing a woven beret  2

Knitting Mnemonic rhyme: Christine recited the knitting rhyme with Anička:

“In through the front door, running around the back, out through the window and off jumps jack.”

– American knitting rhyme.

Cathrine sang her rhyme with Adrian for Continental style knitting…

“Under the fence, catch the sheep, pull it throught and off it leaps.”

– Continental style knitting rhyme.

Knitting little bag with T-shirt yarn.

140915 Mother watching child knitting a small T-shirt yarn bag 2

Check back next week to see the finished handwork.

Making Knitting Needles

Sanding dowels to make knitting needles…

140915 Adrian sanding dowel on sandpaper to make felting needle 2

Adrian then oiled his knitting needles with lemon oil.

140915 Adrian rubbing lemon oil onto handmade homemade wooden dowel knitting needles 2

Adrian test-driving the newly handmade knitting needles in the dappled shades.

140916 Adrian knitting in the dappled woods with a runaway ball of yarn 2

Siblings crafting T-shirt yarn bags with American and Continental styles knitting.

140915 Katya and Adrian knitting American and Continental styles 2

Hula Hoop Looms to Weave T-shirt yarn rugs

Christine fashioned this loom out of hula hoop. It will be used to weave bath rugs.

140915 Handmade Hula Hoop loom for making rug 2

Rachel weaving a bath rug on circular hula hoop loom.

140915 Rachel weaving T-shirt yarn around circular hula hoop makeshift home made loom for bath rug wall hanging 2

My Needle-Felting Pad today

I was making this little wool tapestry while pausing to take photos and chit chat with everyone.

140915 Jzin's needle-felting pad at craft group making wool angel picture 2

Presently, this Guardian Angel is available on my Etsy store. If it’s sold, you can ask me to make another one for you.

140915 Dyptich wool guardian angel tapestry with verse on water color paper on back 2

Upcoming Craft Group Projects

Crochet T-shirt yarn projects for next week! Also, Christine will be helping us complete all T-shirt yarn craft projects.

140915 Next week crochet T-shirt yarn placemat in the round. square with small cherimoya on tree 2

Look at the little cherimoya fruiting on our cherimoya tree in the garden of The Company of Angels store.

Upcoming Monday Morning Craft Group schedule…

  • September 22, 2014. Crochet T-shirt yarn project. Complete all T-shirt yarn craft projects
  • September 29, 2014.  Knitted socks with 4 needles – or – Knitted and felted bag in the round.
  • October 6, 2014. Socks and Bag continued
  • (hmm.. please check back on update of this following date…It’s Columbus Day/no school that Monday)
  • October 13, 2014. Dry/Needle-felted Mouse in a Pumpkin House! This will be a very popular craft, be sure to come! Click here to see last year’s gorgeous work!
  • October 20, 2014. Weaving 2 wine bottle basket with flat reeds

Craft group starts at 8:45am. Christine leaves at 11:40am to teach Grade 7 handwork, you are welcomed to stay and work after that time.

Other workshops offered by Christine Newell…
  • October 11, 2014  Marionette workshop at Maple Village School, Long Beach, California.
  • November 1, 2014, Saturday. 10am-2pm. Introduction to sewing machine class at Waldorf School of Orange County. Sign up sheet will be in the Company of Angels store. Class size limited to 10.

Upcoming craft group project: Mouse in a Pumpkin House! Christine’s grandson, Jack made this pumpkin mouse-house below last year when he was still in Kindergarten!

140915 Jack's needle-felted pink pumpkin with little grey mouse 2 square

Josephine made this mouse-house below last year at craft group. Click on the picture below to see photos from craft group last year.

131015 Josephine's needle-felted mouse peering out the door of his orange pumpkin house front door on foggy morning

Please check back to see updated schedule, or look on door of Company of Angels for craft group schedule.

Jzin’s Etsy Store, Castle of Costa Mesa

Thank you for supporting my crafting mania by shopping Castle of Costa Mesa on Etsy!

My latest: Hansel and Gretel.

140915 Hansel and Gretel in Company of Angels bushes 2

Here’s a little kite boy in the morning sun, donated on Monday to Miss Arieta and Miss Kelli’s kindergarten class Fall Season Table. An almost identical one is available in my Etsy store! Etsy store, Castle of Costa Mesa.

140915 Kite Boy donated to Ms Arieta and Ms Kelly Kindergarten class season table.

Kite boy on my Etsy store. Thank you for supporting Handmade!

Snow White and Rose Red playscape with many surprises, available on Etsy.

Snow White and Rose Red were two sisters who love each other very much. They were also as different as night and day. One day as they were walking in the woods, they encountered a strange little fellow…

140904 Woodland Snow White and Rose Red playscape vertical.

Snow White and Rose Red often ran about the forest alone and gathered red berries, and no beasts did them any harm, but came close to them trustfully … More on Etsy.

140904 Rose Red and Snow White with duckling square 2

140904 Gnome caught fish square 2

Castle of Costa Mesa store on Etsy

My wool picture made on Sunday night as a new store housewarming gift for Lisa.

140914 Needle-felted 8x10 inches love birds on gnarly old tree at sunrise colorful wool picture for Lisa Maris Hair Salon.

My New Art Website:

Check out my new art website:

Please “Like” my painting facebook page, so you will see my upcoming artworks. Thank you for your support of my passion! – Jzin

A sketch of my sister.

970606 Nienchtze mid sentence quick pencil sketch 2

140606 Slider Jzin painting The Foundry The Lake

Please “Like” my painting facebook page, so you will see my upcoming works.

Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

Click on the image below to view our Waldorf School of Orange County weekly craft group projects.

140907 Monday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com. 2

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