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Sunday. March 16, 2014. By now this auction is over. Thank you to all the children and parents who poured their love into creating this beautiful auction offering. At our Gala last night, starting at a bid of $65, this auction package sold for $205. There were 8 bids by multiple bidders. Thank you to all who support our Waldorf School of Orange County in our 2014 Annual Gala and Auction.


140310 Monday after school. Sophia and Sarah with handmade fairy tale dolls by children

Our Waldorf School of Orange County craft group got together to create a “Dream Castle Kiki” Raffle prize for our 2014 Annual Gala and Auction. Many children joined in to craft for that raffle offering.

After the completion of the large, epic “Dream Castle Kiki” Raffle project, several children requested to contribute more!

Thanks to the incentives of Hannah, Elena, Anička, Sara and Sophia, this “Faiiry Tales Dolls Set in a Vintage Suitcase” is created as an offering for our 2014 school fundraiser. Click on the image below to bid on this:

140311 Collage of children making doll donations

Bid on these handmade dolls here. Ends March 15, 2014

The average doll is 5 inches tall. These dolls come in a vintage suitcase.

  1. King by Yuko
  2. Queen by 8 year old Anicka, homeschooler
  3. Witch by Hannah, 6th Grader
  4. The Witch’s cat by Hannah, 6th Grader
  5. Hansel by Sarah, 2nd Grader
  6. Gretel by Sarah, 2nd Grader
  7. Wolf by Hannah, 6th Grader and Yuko
  8. Mother Goose / Old woman by Sophia, 2nd grader
  9. The Dashing Prince with a removable cape by Hannah, 6th Grader
  10. Fairy Godmother to make everything all right again by Elena, 3rd Grader

A special thank you to donors…

  • Vintage Suitcase to house it all – donated by Alyssa Hamilton
  • Gourmet dinner that fed the crafters – Alena Audenis
  • Wool Batting donated by Peace Fleece
  • Other crafting supplies donated by CastleofCostaMesa.Com
  • Technical help by Yuko McCarthy, Heather Sebring, Alena Audenis and Jzin Teng


A note to out-of-town bidders:

* You do not need to be present to win this bid. Winner pays shipping from Costa Mesa, Southern California, USA. We ship internationally via United States Postal Service.

* Participants from outside the USA address are invited to register using our school address: 2350 Canyon Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. This way we know you are outside of our immediate area. Please leave your e-mail address and phone number so we know where to ship to when you win.

Thank you for supporting our school!

The Children’s Creative Process

Saturday, March 1, 2014. The children deep in the state of creating. Thank you Alena for hosting this crafting party in the pouring rain!

140301 Children busy crafting fairy tale dolls as donation for Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 fundraiser

Our very healthy gourmet chef Alena prepared a delicious meal to feed the busy crafters! Roasted coconut oil tossed organic vegetables and asparagus soup, baked sweet potatoes among many other entrees warm us all in this rainy evening.

140301 Yuko and Alena watching the children enjoy their gourmet dinner prepared by Alena

The children, dining on white table cloth, with an open tureen of warm, elegant, soul-nourishing asparagus soup. Ah! Patrick Audenis, you married a good woman! – Jzin

140301Hannah, Anicka, Nunu dining on white table cloth with open tureen of asparagus soup

The children, enjoying a very healthy and delectable freshly made dinner.

140301 Hannah, Sarah, Anicka and Elena sharing a joke over healthy gourmet dinner

A doll, slowly coming into being. These anticipated series of unforeseen transformations are part of the allure and excitement of doll making.

140301 A doll still being made

Yay! Completed! Hannah and her newly created Witch and her crazy cat! Scroll down to get a better look of this feline with an attitude! Such joy when a doll is created!

140301 Hannah and her newly created witch with curly crimpy lamb lock fleece as hair

Monday. March 2014. Our creations so far! They are now available to bid on for our Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 Gala and Auction! Click here to bid on this to encourage our girls plus to support our school.

140313 Fairy Tale Dolls in a vintage suitcase

2nd grader Sarah needle-felted Hansel and Gretel. Her sister Hannah and mother Yuko made the wolf in the background.

140310 2nd Grader Sarah's handmade Hansel and Gretel dolls with wolf in forest

Thank you Peace Fleece for donating the colorful wool batting for making these dolls! Peace Fleece is my favorite place to buy wool batting. Check out their store here. – Jzin, CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Mother Goose/The old woman.

140313 Heather sewing old woman mother goose doll

Back view. Mother Goose wears a vintage doily as her shawl. The vintage doily is one of the craft supplies treasures from our favorite one-of-a-kind local craft store, Piecemakers Country Store.

140313 Mother Goose old woman doll wearing a vintage doily from Piecemakers Country Store as her shawl

6th Grader Hannah’s Witch and her beloved feline company, on a walk. Not matter how foul tempered the witch is, she still has a soft spot and much sweetness for her pretty cat!

140310 Hannah's handmade doll witch and her black fuzzy cat on a stroll on rocky path

3rd grader Elena’s handmade Fairy Godmother who makes everything better!

140310 Nunu's fairy godmother doll

Her golden hair is made from the softest, luxurious hand-dyed baby goat locks.

Hannah’s creation: The manly Prince with windswept hair and removable cape.

140310 6th Grader Hannah's needle-felted Hobbit prince with removable cape

His cape is made from remnant velvet from Piecemakers Country store in Costa Mesa, California.

The Royal Couple. 8 year old Anicka designed and needle-felted the queen.

140310 The King and The Queen handmade dolls by children

140313 Fairy Tale Dolls handmade by children group pictures in the woods

Please bid on this here. Ends March 15, 2014

Unique Offerings from Waldorf School of Orange County March 15, 2014 Gala and Auction

Our community has lovingly prepared many wonderful one-of-a-kind offerings which are full of heart and soul for our Waldorf School of Orange County 2014 Annual Gala and Fundraiser. Here are some examples of treasures you will not find else where! Hurry and bid. All these end on March 15, 2014. Saturday, 8pm Pacific Standard Time.

$20 for a chance to win. Raffle No. 900: Dream Castle Kiki grand raffle.

140224 Moorish Prince in front of moat

Auction No. 615. A Testament of Abundance and Community: Our Knitted Stone Soup

130311 Stone Soup knitted and crocheted vegetables and other ingredients in a wooden salad bowl. square cropped with logo

Raffle No. 902. Starry Night Hooked Rag Rug by Christine Newell and WSOC Craft Group

140107 sketching out design in colored chalk on stretched burlap. Square cropped, no logo

Raffle No. 901. Stunning Heirloom-Quality Community Knitted Afghan Blanket

140305 5 women holding up Kim et all community knitted afghan blanket. Square cropped.

Auction No. 533 Handmade Offerings by our children: Fairy Tale Dolls Set in A Vintage Suitcase

140310 square cropped. Monday after school. Sophia and Sarah with handmade fairy tale dolls by children with logo

Auction No. 107. The Foundry. Original Framed Fine Art by Jzin Teng

130315 Feb 2012 Entrails of the Polite One by Jzin Teng. Acrylic on dry watercolor paper red clouds. square cropped with logo

Our community has worked hard to bring quality and beautiful handmade, one-of-a-kind offerings to those who support our fundraiser. Please shop here to pour some loving encouragements into our endeavors. Thank you!

140121 Edited Let's Have a Kiki Broadway Style

Alternate view (My Pinterest board): Shop craft items to support our school


Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

Click on the image below to view our Waldorf School of Orange County weekly craft group projects.

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

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130530 Square Giveaway 6 Waldorf Flower Fairies at Tanager Park

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