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140908 Monday Morning Craft Group with WSOC Handwork teacher Christine Newell

A Muggy and Mirthful Monday Morn. September 8, 2014

Today our Waldorf School of Orange County craft group got together again for the first time for our 2014-2015 school year. We gathered under the gazebo outside of The Company of Angels store to make recycled T-shirt place mats. Our handwork teacher Christine Newell prepared the supplies and taught us how to make this wonderful craft which I think is useful for delightful post-apocalyptic home beautification. The supply fees for this craft was $12 dollars. We were so happy to see each other again and also to meet new friends.

Please join us every Monday morning 8:40am-10:50am at the Company of Angels to make various crafts. Presently, Christine is taking suggestions for craft projects for this school year. If there is something you really would love to make, please let Christine know, so she could schedule it for craft group.

We spent 3 week on recycled T-shirt yarn projects. Click on the below to view our craft journey for each of those weeks…

  1. Week 1: Post-Apocalyptic-Skill Set: Weaving Recycled T-Shirt Yarn Place Mats, Week 1. Monday Morning, September 8, 2014
  2. Week 2: Craft Projects with Recycled T-shirt Yarn, Week Two. Monday Morning. September 15, 2014
  3. Week 3: Recycled T-shirt Yarn Projects Week 3: Woven Rugs, Knitted Bags and Crochet Place mats. Monday, September 22, 2014

Click on below picture to see a gallery of our past craft group projects.

140907 Monday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com. 2

You can “like” and follow our weekly craft group projects on facebook here.

Click here to see week 2 of this craft group project

Please think also of craft group projects you will like to make or see offered, as our craft group donations for our 2015 Waldorf School of Orange County annual gala fundraiser. It’s still early for May 2015, but it’s good to give ourselves plenty of time. E-mail me, if you have ideas:

– Jzin. September 8, 2014

140908 Alena and Geraldine with cardboard circular looms 2

This morning’s craft project: Woven Recycled T-Shirt Place Mats.

Christine’s handmade recycled T-shirt place mat.

140908  Christine's woven recycled T-shirt placemat sample purple on tree 2

Our work-in-progress by the end of our morning together…

Here are some photos of our work done so far. We have yet to finish and remove our place mats from the cardboard loom.

If you wish to see our crafting process, please scroll to the step-by-step explanations below.

Sharmin’s work. Such lovely colors!

140908  Sharmin's woven recycled T-shirt placemat on poster board template brighter2

Adrian and his handwork.

140908 Adrian showing his handmade woven recycled T-shirt placemat posterize  2


140908 Julie showing her handmade woven recycled T-shirt placemat 2

By nature. The maximum number of sunflower seed woven in per space allowed on flower, resulting in mesmerizing lines and patterns in the spirals reflecting the golden Fibonacci sequence.

140908 Aeonn Fibonacci Sunflower

Rachel’s placemat. If you need mosaic work done, check out her mosaic work website here: Rachel Skelly’s Smashing Mosaics.

140908 Rachel showing her handmade woven recycled T-shirt placemat 2

Katya and her superb handwork.

140908 Katya showing her handmade woven upcycled T-shirt placemat 2

Our Crafting Process This Morning

Thank you Christine Newell for preparing all the supplies and teaching us this wonderful craft. It is very useful especially when you are stranded on an island without proper yarn and are visited by that tremendous urge to craft. I really love this basic skill of re-purposing the ubiquitous cotton T-shirt into a handwork of love and practicality!

Making a cardboard “loom”

Circular discs were cut out from poster boards or cardboard to form “looms” 10 inches in diameter.

140908 Geraldine making circular loom from recycled cardboard box  2

140908 Alena and Geraldine with cardboard circular looms 2

Back and Front views. Do not cut the notches too deeply.

140908 Posterboard cardboard circular loom for weaving circular T-shirt placemats 2

Making yarn from T-shirt

140908 Cut, stretch, Voila! T-shirt yarn! tutorial 2

Christine purchased sized XXXL cotton shirts from Walmart for this project because they do not have side seams. Next, she turned these white T-shirts inside out (this is because our T-shirt yarn has a tendency to curl, presenting the inside surface of the fabric) and hand dyed them into gorgeous colors.

Watch out! That rotary cutter can be dangerous. Push down hard as you cut, but be careful with your fingers. Crafter extraordinaire Cathrine Ji showing Anička the ropes.

140908 Cathrine showing Anicka how to cut T-shirt strips with rotary cutter 2

We worked with the lower portion of hand-dyed size XXXL cotton T-shirts. (We cut across and leave the top parts and sleeves of the shirt for other projects).  Folding that in half we cut strips from it.

Reminder: leave an inch or so border on the top.

140908 Melissa cutting tie-dyed T-shirt into 1 inch wide strips for making T-shirt yarn 2

Next, Melissa cut the top border of T-shirt diagonally to result a long, continuous strip of T-shirt yarn suitable for knitting projects.

140908 Melissa cutting top border of T-shirt diagonally to make a long continuos strip of T-shirt yarn 2

Next we pulled/stretched out these strips. The strips naturally curled inwards into yarns.

Ta-daaa! Melissa made a long and continuous piece of T-shirt yarn, to be balled up for knitting, crochet and other projects!

140908 Melissa cuts T-shirt strips into long continuous ball of T-shirt yarn 2

An alternate view of Christine making diagonal cuts to result in a long and connected strip of T-shirt yarn.

140908 Christine cutting T-shirt strips apart diagnonally 2

For this place mat project, you do not need a long ball of continuous T-shirt yarn. Melissa’s long continuous yarn will come in handy for our projects in the next few weeks. For today’s work, it is suffice to cut your strips shorter as shown below.

140908 Cutting T-shirt into strips to make T-shirt yarn 2

Anchoring tail end of yarn onto template

Such joy to see new faces to our craft group! Kotomi starting from the center, then taking a pause to say hello to me. Hello our new friend!

140908 Kotomi showing anchored handmade woven recycled T-shirt yarn on template for making placemat  1

Melissa showing craft group how to anchor yarn at center of loom. Due to her design, her starting piece of yarn is very short. You may choose a longer strip of yarn to start with.

140908 Melissa showing craft group how to anchor yarn at center of loom 2.

Melissa’s design: A shot of orange at bulls’ eye, followed by variegated T-shirt yarn.

140908 Melissa weaving handmade post apocalyptic recycled T-shirt placemat .

Note to self: Melissa knows what she’s doing all along the steps. I should remember to sit next to her in the future!

Weaving in a circular fashion

Weave your T-shirt yarn in and out in circular fashion. Turn your yarn strip so that the seam faces the same side, e.g. seams facing down.

140908 Gisela weaving T-shirt strip yarn on cardboard loom 2

Next, push and gather your weaving to the center of your circular loom. Notice, Gisela used T-shirt with side seams, resulting in T-shirt seams appearing as bumps in the yarn.

140908 Gisela gathering woven T-shirt strip to the center of circular loom 2

Christine said not to pull the yarn too tightly or your resulting place mat will be bowl-shaped.

140908 Adrian pulling yarn weaving recycled T-shirt placemat 2

Adding on next piece of yarn / Changing yarn colors

Attaching new piece of T-shirt yarn by opening up the seams of one yarn and inserting the other strip into it, then stitch the two pieces together.

140908 Christine adding new strip of T-shirt yarn to continue weaving place mat 2

Home schoolers Alena helping Anička stitch two pieces of yarn together.

140908 Mother Alena showing child Anicka how to stitch sew changing yarn colors mid-weaving. 2

9 year old Anička weaving her place mat of many colors.

140908 Anicka circular weaving with T-shirt yarn 2

When you are done weaving your place mats, you can fold down the notched tabs along the perimeter of your circular loom to unhook and release your loom strings and retrieve your place mat from the cardboard loom. You also have the option of tying short T-shirt strips all around your circular place mats to make fringes (the same way as you would add fringes to a knitted scarf).

See you all next week! We will be making lined, T-shirt yarn hand bags!

140908 Craft group rapt in creating 2

Click here to see the results in our following week of craft group.

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