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Today our Waldorf School of Orange County craft group got together again for the third time this 2014-2015 school year. We gathered in the garden outside of The Company of Angels store.

140922 Isa weaving hula hoop loom bath rug and lavendar spider web Castle of Costa Mesa

Our handwork teacher Christine Newell prepared the supplies and taught us how to make crafts using handmade T-shirt yarn. The supply fees for this craft was $12 dollars, no fees to those who have paid earlier and just needed help to continue working on their projects. We were so happy to see each other again and also to meet new friends.

140922 Isa weaving  and smiling 2

September 22, 2014. A Sunny Monday Morning in Southern California.

We spent 3 week on recycled T-shirt yarn projects. Click on the below to view our craft journey for each of those weeks…

  1. Week 1: Post-Apocalyptic-Skill Set: Weaving Recycled T-Shirt Yarn Place Mats, Week 1. Monday Morning, September 8, 2014
  2. Week 2: Craft Projects with Recycled T-shirt Yarn, Week Two. Monday Morning. September 15, 2014
  3. Week 3: Recycled T-shirt Yarn Projects Week 3: Woven Rugs, Knitted Bags and Crochet Place mats. Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Resplendant Katya

140922 Resplendance of sweet Katya with her weaving on makeshift hula hoop wheel loom 2

We missed our Alena and Anička from craft group today. They could not join us because their cat Kiwi had just given birth to 8 kittens this wee morning. Blessings to the kittens and new cat mom and the expansion of Anička’s pet family! If you or anyone would like a frisky kitten, you know who to ask by cat weaning in a few weeks.

I am adding a feature at the bottom of the page where I highlight the works of some members of our community. This way, we can can be the support for one another! Please scroll to the very bottom of the page and see what our very own Justine Arian has to offer! Please E-mail me if you want me to feature you. My e-mail is:


Gallery of Past Projects from Our Waldorf School of Orange County Monday Morning Craft Group

Click on below picture to see a gallery of our past craft group projects.

140907 Monday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com. 2

You can “like” and follow our weekly craft group projects on facebook here.

Please think also of craft group projects you will like to make or see offered, as our craft group donations for our 2015 Waldorf School of Orange County annual gala fundraiser. It’s still early for May 2015, but it’s good to give ourselves plenty of time. E-mail me, if you have ideas: You know if it’s up to me, it will be another playscape set or puppet show set!

– Jzin. September 15, 2014

Weaving T-shirt Yarn Rugs with Hula Hoop Looms!

Christine showed us how to fashion looms out of hula hoops to weave bath rugs. What a great way to recycle T-shirt yarn!

October 30, 2014 update: Rachel’s woven T-shirt yarn rug in Misha’s room. Photo courtesy of Rachel Skelly of

141030 Rachel Skelly knitted another rug for Misha's room

Lori and her little one watched intently as Cathrine explained how to make T-shirt yarn.

140924 Lori and daughter watching Cathrine make T-shirt yarn from tie-dyed old recycled T-shirt 2

If you missed it the last two weeks, you may click on the picture below to see how we made T-shirt yarn in craft group.

140908 Cut, stretch, Voila! T-shirt yarn! tutorial 2

Liz examining the spokes on her makeshift hula-hoop wheel loom.

140923 Liz examining the string spokes on her hula hoop wheel loom for weaving T-shirt yarn bath rug throw 2

Isa and the wheel.

140922 Isa and the wheel 2

140922 Isa weaving  and smiling 2

Making hula hoop looms to weave round T-shirt yarn rugs.

140922 Katya making bath rug loom with hula hoola hoop and strings with Christine Newell looking on 2

Janet getting a little weaving help from Christine.

140922 Janet and Christine working on carriage wheel size hula hoop loom for weaving recycled T-shirt yarn bath rug throw 2

140922 Isa weaving T-shirt yarn bath rug on hula hoop loom with sun shining on top of her hair 2

Rachel weaving a bath rug on circular hula hoop loom.

140915 Rachel weaving T-shirt yarn around circular hula hoop makeshift home made loom for bath rug wall hanging 2

Resplendance of Katya

140922 Resplendance of sweet Katya with her weaving on makeshift hula hoop wheel loom 2

Monday, October 6, 2014. Progress of the weaving…

141007 Rachel, Isa and Katya with their woven T-shirt yarn rugs on hula hoop looms 2

October 8, 2014. Rachel’s woven T-shirt yarn rug, finished. I overhead Judy say to Rachel, “Only you could make a fabulous rug out of two X-size T-shirts and a hula hoop!”

141008 Rachel Skelly finished T-shirt yarn woven rug in her mosaic living room home

Rachel Skelly’s mosaic can be seen on the wall in the photo above. If you need mosaic work done, you can contact Rachel:

Do check back next week to see our finished handwork.

My Needle-Felting Pad today

I needle-felted this Sunday night, September 21, 2014 after feeding the family and our guest Jamie, who is a wonderful young woman and softball athlete. It was lamb stew for the men and split pea soup for my vegan girl. Growing up Catholic, I have a fondness for painted wood cut reliefs of Biblical scenes which adorned the churches I grew up around. I would pore over these dramatic scenes during endless religious sermons of my childhood.

140922 Mother and babe of the morning stars needle-felted.

This piece reminds me of the countless nights as a young mother, staying awake with a young nursling until we were the only ones awake besides the morning stars. You may purchase this piece on my Etsy store here: Mother and Child of the Morning Stars by Castle of Costa Mesa.

Knitted Hand Bags with Recycled T-shirt Yarn

Handmade T-shirt yarn is sturdy and strong, a little harder to knit due to its strength. It makes great bags, rugs and place mats because of this as well.

Home schooler and craftster Katya brought in her beautiful handmade woven bag of many colors!

140922 Katya with her yarn woven bag and other handworks 2

Katya sewing green gingham cotton lining to her knitted T-shirt yarn handbag.

140922 Katya sewing green gingham cotton lining to her knitted T-shirt yarn handbag 2

Adrian and his finished little T-shirt yarn handbag. The T-shirt yarn is a strong material, yielding a sturdy, strong bag with low porousness. Adrian’s bag was not lined due to this.

140922 Adrian with his knitted recycled T-shirt yarn hand bag 2

Cathrine also knitted one with a long strap, ideal for collecting treasures on a nature walk. This one below, will be donated to our Waldorf School of Orange County for the May 2015 Annual Gala and Fundraiser. Thank you for your generousity, Cathrine!

140923 Cathrine's knitted T-shirt yarn handbag hanging in the woods 2

CastleofCostaMesa.Com Knitting - It's not a hobby, it's a post-apocalyptic life skill tote bag natural canvas.

Image source

Continuing T-shirt Yarn Projects from Past Weeks

Sharmin just finished weaving her colorful place mat (background). Today, she started a crochet place mat (foreground)…

140922 Sharmin with her T-shirt yarn craft projects - woven place mat and crochet place mat 2

Crocheting T-shirt yarn placemat. This material is hard and sturdy, which is great for rugs but harder to knit or crochet with. My friend, Cathrine, the crafting fiend whipping up a crochet rug in no time…

140922 Cathrine crocheting rug with handmade recycled T-shirt yarn 2

That one above was crocheted. This one below was woven on a circular piece of cardboard loom: Cathrine weaved this one to donate to our Waldorf School of Orange County May 2015 Gala and Auction…

140922 Cathrine Ji woven T-shirt yarn place mat lotus colors donation Gala WSOC 2015 2

This colorful place mat above will be donated by Cathrine to our 2015 Waldorf School of Orange County Annual Gala in May 2015! It will form a basket of “All Around the Year Crafts with Christine Newell, handmade by Cathrine Ji.” Thank you Cathrine!

Click here to see our past Waldorf School of Orange County March 2014 Annual Gala offerings on Pinterest.

Meanwhile, Christine brought in some Loopy Mango yarn

140922 Christine with big bundle of large loopy mango yarn and huge knitting needles 2

I have enough yarn. Hey, look! Yarn!

Loopy. Mango. Yarn.

140923 Christine's Loopy Mango gigantic gauge knitting yarn for making blanket 2

Christine’s Loopy Mango gigantic loop yarn for making blankets.

140922 Big loop Merino Loopy Mango yarn 40oz 110 yards 2

You want it. Loopy Mango Yarn.

Monday, October 6, 2014.

Christine knitted this Loopy Mango Super Bulky yarn throw for Julie. Gloria is modeling it for us: Mmm…cozy!

141007 Gloria wrapped in Christine's handmade Loopy Mango Yarn throw blanket 2

Big enough for yourself and a cuddler.

141006 Katherine in matching navy floral dress hugging Gloria's legs under Loopy Mango Yarn throw 2

Loopy Mango Yarn

Upcoming Craft Group Projects

Next week, we will move away from T-shirt yarn. Christine will be showing us how to knit in the round. We will be making knitted socks with 4 needles or knitted and felted bags, it’s your choice.

110227 Foundation Studies Handwork knitting with Miss Angie Meier. Chain stitched ball, knitted socks, scarves 2

Above is a photo of yours truly. I knitted 2 pairs of warm socks for my love Bisser (no, he is not an elf, but yes, his favorite color is green) that winter of 2011, under handwork teacher Miss Angie Meier, for our Waldorf School of Orange County Foundation Studies Handwork curriculum.

Upcoming Monday Morning Craft Group schedule…

  • September 29, 2014. This week is Grade 6 project: Knitting in the Round. Knitted socks with 4 needles – or – Knitted bag, pumpkins, Knitted and felted bag in the round. Christine also has many small knitting projects for beginners, such as knitted animals. Liz Wenger needs our help to knit 1000 8 inches squares by January 2015 for charity. Please all come and help. Christine will provide knitting needles, yarn, patterns for any skill level. Bulky yarn can be purchased from Company of Angels school store here. Just come and knit. If you choose socks project: No. 8 knitting needles, Worsted weight yarn. If you choose knitted and felted bags: 3 bulky yarn, 2 plain, 1 multi. Number 11 or 10 1/2 round needles 24 inches. Bag size large. Size can be adjusted for a child.
  • October 6, 2014. Knitting (Socks, hat, bag etc) continued
  • October 13, 2014. Columbus Day, no school, no craft group.
  • October 20, 2014. Dry/Needle-felted Mouse in a Pumpkin House! This will be a very popular craft, be sure to come! Click here to see last year’s gorgeous work!
  • October 27, 2014. Weaving 2 wine bottle basket with flat reeds.
  • November 3, 2014. Complete basket weaving.

Craft group starts at 8:45am. Christine leaves at 11:40am to teach Grade 7 handwork, you are welcomed to stay and work after that time.

Other workshops offered by Christine Newell…
  • October 11, 2014. Marionette workshop at Maple Village School, Long Beach, California.
  • November 1, 2014, Saturday. 10am-2pm. Introduction to sewing machine class at Waldorf School of Orange County. Sign up sheet will be in the Company of Angels store. Class size limited to 10.

Upcoming craft group project: Mouse in a Pumpkin House! Christine’s grandson, Jack made this pumpkin mouse-house below last year when he was still in Kindergarten!

140915 Jack's needle-felted pink pumpkin with little grey mouse 2 square

Josephine made this mouse-house below last year at craft group. Click on the picture below to see photos from craft group last year.

131015 Josephine's needle-felted mouse peering out the door of his orange pumpkin house front door on foggy morning

October 11, 2014 Marionette workshop at Maple Village School, Long Beach, California. Please RSVP Christine so she has time to prepare supplies!

140923 Christine with a handmade Waldorf simple marionette 2

Please check back to see updated schedule, or look on door of Company of Angels for craft group schedule.

Jzin’s Etsy Store, Castle of Costa Mesa

Thank you for supporting my crafting mania by shopping Castle of Costa Mesa on Etsy!

Framed Guardian Angel, on Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy store.

140919 Thursday Brunetter 8x10 guardian angel with wooden frame 2

140919 Framed Needle-felted Castle of Costa Mesa Brunette Guardian Angel in Cherimoya tree.

Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy Store

My Hansel and Gretel, available on Etsy.

140915 Hansel and Gretel in Company of Angels bushes 2

Here’s a little kite boy in the morning sun, donated on Monday to Miss Arieta and Miss Kelli’s kindergarten class Fall Season Table. An almost identical one is available in my Etsy store! Etsy store, Castle of Costa Mesa.

140915 Kite Boy donated to Ms Arieta and Ms Kelly Kindergarten class season table.

Kite boy on my Etsy store. Thank you for supporting Handmade!

Snow White and Rose Red often ran about the forest alone and gathered red berries, and no beasts did them any harm, but came close to them trustfully … More on Etsy.

140904 Rose Red and Snow White with duckling square 2

140904 Gnome caught fish square 2

Castle of Costa Mesa store on Etsy

140922 Mother and babe of the morning stars needle-felted.

Mother and Child of the Morning Stars by Castle of Costa Mesa.

My Art Website:

Check out my art website:

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My painting of Queen Vashti savoring the mixed tastes of hubris, indignation and sweet mortal defiance against her monarch-spouse who reigned above her. My model was Vanna Mae. More on my art website.

140504 Queen Vashti zoomed in on face.

Please “Like” my painting facebook page, so you will see my upcoming works.

Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

Click on the image below to view our Waldorf School of Orange County weekly craft group projects.

140907 Monday morning craft group. Waldorf School of Orange County. Show girls. CastleofCostaMesa.Com. 2

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130530 Square Giveaway 6 Waldorf Flower Fairies at Tanager Park

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