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131007 Cathrina with Craft group wet-felting flowers

Tuesday morning, October 7, 2013. Today, due to popular requests, our craft group gathered in the gazebo outside of The Company of Angels school store from 8:45am-11am to wet-felt flowers embellished with raw mawata silk hankies. Thank you Rachel Skelly and Christine Newell for organizing our Waldorf School of Orange County weekly craft group get togethers!

For $8 per flower craft fee, Christine Newell provided all the supplies and showed us how wet-felt this project. Also, thank you Rachel for providing our craft group with hot tea and pumpkin cake! – Jzin

Here is an example of my wet-felted flower embellished with Mawata silk hanky made at craft group 2 weeks ago. Click here to view more photos from that day at craft group.

130918 Single flower. Jzin's first wet-felted flowers using mawata silk hankies

Gallery of Past Projects from The Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

Click on the image below to view our craft group projects from the past.

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

Christine brought in a huge colorful bin of hand dyed wool rovings and variegated mawata silk hankies ordered online.

131007 big colorful bin of hand dyed wool rovings by Christine Newell

Selecting colorful roving to make 3 discs, each for a layer of our flower.

131007 Julia and Yvonne selecting colorful roving to wet-felt flowers

The little ones played and snacked alongside the crafting adults.

131007 Children playing alongside crafting adults at Waldorf craft group

Gisela arranging thin layers of wool roving into circular discs for each whorl of her flower.

131007 Gisela arranging dyed wool roving into thin layers for making discs for each whorl of her flower

Mawata silk hankies, dyed in variegated colors. What a luxurious and natural material to craft with!

130918 Christine's dyed mawata silk hankies for craft group

Christine pinching the center of  the square shaped mawata silk hanky to form a rounded shape on top of Geraldine’s wet-felted flower.

131007 Christine Newell pinching the center of  mawata silk hanky on Geraldine's wet-felted flower

The roving and silk arrangements were sprayed with mixture of hot water and liquid dish detergent.

Gaby carefully arranging mawata silk hanky on her wet-felting flower roving.

131007 Gaby arranging mawata silk hanky on her wet-felting flower roving

The 3 wet and soapy circular discs are now ready to be covered with bubble wrap.

131008 3 wet and soapy round discs for wet-felting flower

Gaby wet felting the center of flower layers together using bubble wraps with pre-cut holes in the middle.

131007 Gaby wet felting center of flower together using bubble wrap with a hole in the center

Rubbing on our circular layers layered between bubble wraps to felt our flowers.

131007 Alena and Anna rubbing on bubble wraps to wet-felt flower

Just like the beginning of a romance, you start by rubbing most gingerly. Do not use strong rubbing until the layers are somewhat felted together.

131008 Valentina longing to wet-felt too with logo

As we proceed with rubbing, more force was gradually applied to felt the fibers together. Eventually, we apply the “pinch test” to determine if our flowers were sufficiently felted. By gently pinching our felt, we could tell that our rubbing was finished if the wool fibers stay felted together and did not get lifted up by the pinch.

Gisela helping Yuko to remove bubble wraps from felted flowers, careful to keep the center of the flower connected.

131007 Pavlina Yuko Gisela Yvonne removing bubble wrap from wet-felted flower

Heather working on her tablet top puppet from last week.

131007 Heather working on her table top puppet from last week

Click here to view our craft group’s table top puppets from last week.

Next comes our most anticipated step: washing the soap off and watching the results of our work!

Julia rinsing the soap off her wet-felted mawata silk hanky flower.

131007 Julia rinsing the soap off her wet-felted mawata silk hanky flower

Valentina helping Yvonne rinse her wet-felted flower with a garden hose.

131007 Valentina helping Yvonne rinse her wet-felted flower with a hose

After rinsing off the soapy water, Christine made a few snips in Cathrina’s flower to form petals.

131007 Christine cut up wet-felted flower to form whorls

After cuts were made in the petals, Gisela shaped and arranged her wet-felted flower.

131007 Gisela arranging and shaping her wet-felted flower

Wet-felted flowers taking shape inside carefully trimmed (to fit the size of each flower) disposable coffee cups.

131006 wet-felted flowers taking shape in disposable coffee cups

Julia shaping her flower by leaving it to dry in a paper coffee cup.

131007 Julia's wet felted rose drying in a cut-up paper coffee cup

Yasmine’s handmade flower from this morning.

131007 Yasmine's wet-felted flower with logo

Anička with her handmade flower from this creative morning.

131007 Anicka holding the flower she handmade this morning

All in a morning’s work.

131007 5 wet-felted flowers embellished with mawata silk hankies made by craft group sitting in cherimoya tree

131007 8 wet-felted flowers embellished with variegated mawata silk hankies handmade by Waldorf Tuesday morning craft group

That’s all for now. See you next week!

131007 Hugo packing away his snack

Last Week’s Craft Group Project: Table Top Puppets

Click on photo below to see more of what we did last week.

131001 7 table top puppets lined up on railing by Company of Angels store

My First Nuno-Felted Kelp

I am sharing with you my experience of falling in love with this medium: felt.

131008 Jzin's purple orange nuno wet-felted kelp. square cropped with tail. logo 1

Next Week: Felt Pumpkins

Next week Christine Newell will show our craft group how to make felt pumpkins! I am not sure if this would be a needle-felted or wet-felted project. Why don’t you stop on by next Tuesday morning and find out! – Jzin

Here are some inspirations on this topic that I found online…

Felt pumpkins by Mary of FeltStory in Perm, Russia.

131013 FeltStory on Etsy set of 3 needle-felted pumpkins

You can even purchase the above pumpkins on Etsy by clicking on the photo above.

Cutest little mouse in a wet-felted pumpkin by Sewn Natural…

131013 Needle-felted mouse in a pumpkin. Sewn Natural


Jan’s needle-felted pumpkins on Tamarack Sheep and Wool website…

131013 Tamarack Farm Sheep and Wool Jan's needle felted pumpkins


… and my own set of needle-felted pumpkins handmade by my dear friend Angela Hart as gifts for my homemade “Snow White and Rose Red” table top puppet show…

Once Upon a Time. Snow White, Rose Red and Old Widow in front of cottage.Post Pretty. Handmade Waldorf Fairy Tale puppet theater. CastleofCostaMesa.Com


Christine Newell’s 16 inch Waldorf Doll Making workshops

Here are handmade 16 inch Waldorf Dolls made by Kimmy (on the left) and Luka (on the right).

Square. 121107 Kimmy and Luka's 16 in Waldorf dolls on trees

Click here to see gorgeous photos from her past workshops.

Cost: $100 all materials included.

Waldorf School of Orange County, Wednesday mornings 9am to 11:30am:

  • day 1 Oct 2nd, 2013
  • day 2 Oct 9th, 2013
  • day 3 Oct 16th, 2013
  • day4 Oct 23rd, 2013

Waldorf School of Orange County, Thursday evenings 6:30pm to 9:00pm:

  • day 1 Oct 3rd, 2013
  • day 2 Oct 10th, 2013
  • day 3 Oct 17th, 2013
  • day4 Oct 24th, 2013

Maple Village School, Long Beach, Thursdays mornings 9:30am to 12:00pm:

  • day 1 Oct 3rd, 2013
  • day 2 Oct 10th, 2013
  • day 3 Oct17th, 2013
  • day 4 Oct 24th, 2013

The purpose of doing consecutive workshop allows you to join any of the 3 workshop at any location and time, you just need to complete day 1 through 4 to have a completed doll.

  • Sign up sheets will be in the WSOC Company of Angels and the Office of Maple Village School.

Recycled doll workshop:

Waldorf School of Orange County, 9:00am to 11:30am

Maple Village School, 9:30am to 12:00pm

  • day 1 Oct 31st, 2013
  • day 2 Nov 7th, 2013

Cost : $50 all materials included

Again you can join any location and time just need to complete days 1 and 2.
That’s all for now, looking forward to seeing you and sharing new crafts.

Support Our Local Waldorf Community/ Place a Free Ad

If you are interested in placing an ad on “Support Our Southern California Waldorf Community” (free if you are a member of Southern California Waldorf community) please e-mail me a good picture and a link.

Meanwhile, please support our local peeps! Thanks! – Jzin

Waldorf Seasons Table Dolls by Castle of Costa Mesa

130924 African Merprince Summer post pretty

130925 Windswept hair, red lambswool sweater, yellow kite blonde handmade Nova Scotia Kite boy Fall Autumn Waldorf Seasons Nature Table post pretty.

130924 Waldorf Season nature table dolls for all seasons.  All Seasons The Wanderer post pretty

Castle of Costa Mesa’s Etsy Store

You may support my crafting mania and justify my obsessive hoarding of craft supplies by shopping on my handmade Etsy store on the link below. Please do! – Jzin

Click on the image below to enter Castle of Costa Mesa Etsy store

131013 Luna's miniature Sleeping Beauty with Tussah Silk hair at cardboard castle window with logo

Just for fun, click here instead view a gallery of my handmade dolls.

Castle of Costa Mesa Handmade Doll Giveaways

130919 Vintage heirlom handmade giveaway. Catch your mermaid before she swims away!

I give away my lovingly handmade dolls periodically. If you “Like” my Castle of Costa Mesa Facebook page, you will be notified of upcoming giveaways. Click here to view the list of my past giveaways. Perhaps the next winner could be YOU?

Like Us on Facebook black and white. Fairy Tale Dolls, Handmade With Love. I want you to love learning mandarin chinese!CastleofCostaMesa.Com

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If you use Facebook, please “Like” our school store “The Company of Angels”. Also, please tell all your local facebook friends about our school store! Thank you!

The Company of Angels WSOC Waldorf School of Orange County, Southern California school store  logo

 Photos from Waldorf School of Orange County Craft Group

121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group


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