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Tell Your Story Felting Workshop and Puppet Show. July 17 – 21, 2023



Workshop Journal


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Friday 7/21/23. Fairy Tale Puppet Show Performance

This was a 5 day class, Mon – Fri 9am – 1pm. The imaginative students were focused, enthusiastic and driven. They came up with the designs of characters, wrote their own plays and scenes, directed their friends, made music and script and performed puppet shows on Friday at 12:30pm. Wow! Such creative energy!

Opening music: The Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann. Ms. Haddy, violin, Ms. Elena, piano.

Lila and Norah’s Puppet Show, “The Holy Marshmallow”

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by Ms. Haddy’s beginners Strings Summer Camp students.

The Kidnapped Mermaid, created by Vienna, age 9.

Mary Had A Little Lamb by Ms. Haddy’s beginners Strings Summer Camp students.

The Wishing Pearl by Clementine and Beatrice.

Brett on the piano, original piano composition.

Mrs. Mouse and The Wolf by Brett and Peribeau.

Old McDonald Had a Farm by Ms. Haddy’s beginners Strings Summer Camp students.

The Adventure of Captain Bermuda by Autumn.

Winter Snowfall by Ms. Haddy’s beginners Strings Summer Camp students.

Strawberries and Bunnies by Luna.

Closing music: Radetzky March by Johann Strauss I. Norah on the piano.

This video is unlisted on YouTube

After the play

Lost and Found

if you left behind these pictured items, they were sitting in the 7th Grade classroom.

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Friday Morning Rehearsal

Autumn directed the play she wrote about “The Adventures of Captain Bermuda”

Rehearsal. Brett and Peribeau wrote the play “Mrs. Mouse and the Wolf”.

Brett on the piano for the opening music for their little puppet show.

10am snack break/recess

Miss Haddy’s String Camp Students came over to rehearse the music with us.

Clementine and Beatrice’s Play Rehearsal. The Wishing Pearl.

Lila and Norah’s play, “The Holy Marshmallow”


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  • Workshop Instructors, Jzin Teng and Elena Roussanova of Castle of Costa Mesa
  • Each play was written by the students.
  • Musical Direction, Elena Roussanova
  • Opening Music, The Happy Farmer by Robert Schumann, Ms Haddy violin, Miss Elena piano
  • Beginners String Camp Students
  • Closing Music, Radetzsky March by Johann Strauss I, Nora on piano

After the performance.




All good things come to an end. The room that momes ago was teaming with fervent creativity, was now cleared and cleaned up at the end of the epic puppet show. What a splendid day!




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Stories Written by Workshop Students







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Thu 7/21/23.Two Groups: Finishing up Mermaids vs Independent Projects Groups, First Rehearsals, Music selection

This is a fervent bunch of enthusiastic crafters! They do not want to stop for lunch, recess, water, air, or to go home!

Look at what the students came up with …

Firstly, we had to make the students stop working so hard and go eat lunch, drink water and run about.

Next, after lunch break, we had to pry their crafts from their diligent fingers to make them rehearse their puppet shows. They came up with all sorts of funny ideas.

Autumn wrote and directed a play about Captain Bermuda.


Beatrice and Clementine wrote a play about a romance over land and sea.

Brett and Peribeau came up with ideas, story, crafted all the characters and scenes, wrote the script and directed their play!



After class

Some students stayed behind to practice their puppet show for tomorrow. I tried to send them home to rest but these students are so enthusiastic in their work! Ms. Elena prepared the drapery and scenes.




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Wed 7/19/23 Two Groups: Started Making Mermaids, Independent Projects Groups

I took home some dolls and strengthen the joints, fixed the necks, chins, marked some positions for facial features, etc

“Ring the bell and announce what you made!”

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A mouse and a squirrel are born this day!”

“Happy birthday, mouse and squirrel!”

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Tue 7/18/23. Two Groups: Making Humans with Legs, Independent Projects Groups







I tidied up some of the students’ works. Make neck and chin clearer, make sure parts were connected well, arms are equal lengths, helped with faces, etc


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Monday 7/17/23

Another week, another chance to craft! YAY! This week, we will me creating characters and scenes. The students will have the freedom to write their own story, direct their own plays using characters and scenes that they created!

I prepared some examples to stimulate the students’ imagination.

I encouraged the students to come up with their plots and characters. These are  the lists of characters that Autumn and Luna came up with.


The workshop students are hard at work making characters and scenes for a freshly handmade Fairy Tale Puppet show on Friday! Freshly baked from the oven! Come one and all!

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Some Samples I Crafted for the Workshop

I prepared some examples to give the students some ideas.

I crafted this shipwrecked man late Tuesday night for the Friday Puppet Show.

July 12, 2023. Thursday.


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First Email to Parents


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Useful Tools

These tools were provided in class. If you wish to buy them for use at home, here are the links:

Clover Needle-felting pens are so useful. You can needle-felt with 3 needles at once! You may purchase on by clicking on the picture below.


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Tentative Daily Schedule of Workshop

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Workshop Information

Instructors: Jzin Teng and Elena Roussanova of Castle of Costa Mesa

Dates: Monday – Friday, June 17 – 21, 2023 (5 days)

Time: 9am to 1pm

Classroom: 7th Grade Classroom – with Air Condition and Piano

Address: The Waldorf School of Orange County, 2350 Canyon Drive. Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Ages: Rising 5 – 12 Graders. Age 9+ students with  calm and focused temperament, who are able to work safely with felting needle, can make special requests to instructor to register for the class.

Click here to register: Registration link



Workshop Description

This will be a needle-felting/doll-making/scene making/table-top puppet show workshop similar to week 1 (Fairy Tale Woodland) and week 2 (Mermaid Kingdom). Students have more freedom to design and create their own characters, stories and sets with the help of instructor. Examples will be given as inspiration and guides.

Note: We will be using sharp, barbed needles for needle-felting.

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Summer 2023 Felting Workshops

3 separate workshops. No experience necessary. As of 6/26/23, we still have spaces in Week 3 Summer Camp. Bring a friend. Click here to register: Registration link

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Flyer: Free Puppet Show on Friday 7/14/23 by Workshop Students

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