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130116 Waldorf knitted lamb marionette by Christine NewellToday we made Knitted Sheep Marionettes at Craft Group. Here is an example of Christine Newell’s Sheep Marionette.

Click here to view The Gallery of Our Craft Group Projects in the Past.

Christine Newell showed us how to knit and craft a marionette sheep, as featured in the Living Crafts Magazine, Spring 2010 issue.

130116 Spring 2010 Issue of Living Crafts Magazine Christine Newell's Lamb Marionette craft project

Tutorial on Sheep Marionette.130116 Spring 2010 Living Crafts Magazine. Christine Newell's Sheep Marionette Tutorial. Fiber Works first page

Instructions Page for Marionette Sheep.

Special note to Angela: Hey, you wanted the pattern. Woop there it is! Click on the picture below will enlarge it. Clicking on the “+” magnifying glass will enlarge even more. – love, Jzin

130116 Spring 2010 Living Crafts Magazine. Christine Newell's Sheep Marionette Tutorial. Fiber Works second page

Alena watching Anichka knitting a marionette lamb.130106 Alena watching Anichka knitting marionette lamb.

Christine, Rebecca, Heather and Rachel sharing a moment while knitting.130116 Knitters Christine, Rebecca, Heather and Rachel

Knitters of 3 different sizes.

130116 Knitters of all sizes rapt at work

130116 Heather's little girl knitting a marionette lamb.

130116 Heather's little girl knitting a marionette lamb looking up

Horray! Josephine completed her sheep torso this morning.

130116 Rebecca and Josephine knitting

More knitting…130116 Heather and Little Ones knitting at craft group.

January 23, 2013. Finishing up Knitted Sheep Marionettes

Continuation of last week’s work. Knitting in the garden.130123 Rebecca and Josephine Knitting in the garden 2

“Hurray! I just finished my project!” chimed a happy crafter!130123 Josephine completed her knitted sheep marionette

Julie and Josephine at work. Who knew sawing dowels for sheep marionette can be so much fun? Check out Josephine’s blog 柳橙海岸記事 in chinese:  綿羊牽線玩偶!

130123 Josephine and Julie sawing dowel for marionette sheep craft

Heather did not add dowel to her “marionette”. Her finished knitted sheep went into loving hands immediately. 130123 Heather's kiddos on blanket with finished knitted marionette sheep at craft group

January 16, 2013. Craft Group Schedule. Come join us in 2 weeks to make our fabulous group project for our school’s Gala Auction this year! Last year our Knitted Farmyard Blanket fetched over $1,000 and won several ribbons at the Orange County Fair. Our gorgeous “Under the Sea Mosaic Planter” Group project was the pride of the craft group. So do not miss out of this 2013 community fun!

130116 Craft Group Schedule outside of the Company of Angels Store

Next Week’s Craft Group Project: January 23, 2013 Art Felt Scarfs

Some Art Felt Scarfs which are currently being sold at our Company of Angels Store.130116 Next Week Craft Project Art Felt Scarves on Cherimoya Tree.

Rachel Skelly modeling an Art Felt scarf. This scarf is available for purchase at the Company of Angels Store.130116 Rachel Skelly wrapped in Art Felt shawl.

Click here to view: Artfelt Scarves, January 23, 2013.

Upcoming Craft Group Project for Waldorf School 2013 Gala and Auction Event: Wet Felted Enchanted Woodland Playscape!

I have compiled some images and inspiration for our group project here. If you have more images or ideas for our craft group project, please share them with me!

Click on image below to see pages for ideas and inspirations.Small Animal Farm - Felted PlayScape by Rjabinnik and Rounien, via Flickr

Jzin’s Craft Box Today…

Wednesday morning. January 16, 2013. Here is what I managed to craft so far this morning while chatting with friends and taking photos and other stuff…

Making a doll’s head.130116 Jzin's craft. Begining of doll head with arrow

… at the end of the morning, I have finished a merboy and a merbaby’s heads for the mermaid family I plan to craft and donate to our school’s Spring 2013 Gala Fundraiser.130116 Jzin's craft doll heads and mermaid Mondine

Here are the “Knight and The Lady” dolls that I finished yesterday. I brought them in to take photos of them for my “Castle of Costa Mesa Winter 2013 Handmade Doll Giveaway”.130116 Jzin's handmade dolls. The Knight and The Lady at Craft Group table.

Photographed this morning. I will be annoucing the giveaway of these two handmade dolls below soon on facebook. Please “Like” us on Facebook (top left sidebar of this page). You will be connected to what we do here, plus you will be notified on our up coming handmade giveaways. Thank you! – Jzin

GIVEAWAY!!! Handmade Medieval Fairy Tale Dolls “The Knight and The Lady” by CastleofCostaMesa.Com

Click on the images below to enter the handmade dolls giveaway.

130116 Knight and The Lady in the tunnel. Square. With Logo

 130118 Giveaway landscape orientation 6

Waldorf School of Orange County Spring 2013 Bliss Fundraiser

Craft donations are being accepted in the front office. Fill in Auction Donation form (Click here to download) if you have craft (or other) items to donate to our Waldorf School Spring 2013 Gala Auction.

Here are some auction items to get your bidding mojo running! Waldorf School of Orange County Bidpal site is still currently in the process of being updated, please check back periodically.

130114 Wooden Fairy Tree House

Waldorf School Auction items on Bidpal. Check back frequently. Items are currently being loaded onto the website daily. Share the magic fairy tree house on Facebook.

Here’s a partial list of Waldorf School of Orange County auction items (mainly crafts are listed here) on Pinterest…(check back periodically for updates)…130122 Sun burst with CastleofCostaMesa.Com logo

Support Our Local Waldorf Community/ Place a Free Ad

If you are interested in placing an ad on “Support Our Southern California Waldorf Community” (free if you are a member of this community) please e-mail me a good picture and a link.

Meanwhile, please support our local peeps! Thanks! – Jzin

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Please “Like” us on Facebook

Please “Like” us on Facebook (top left sidebar of this page). You will be connected to what we do here, plus you will be notified on our up coming handmade giveaways. Thank you! – Jzin


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