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Today our craft group met again after 2 weeks of Spring Break. We gathered in the sunny and warm garden outside of The Company of Angels store to learn the craft of mosaic with Rachel Skelly.

Click here to view a gallery of past crafts.

130410 Kim and Gaby adding mosaic pieces to planters using Acrylpro acrylic glue

Gaby arranging tiles onto her planter for her grand daughter’s fairy garden.

130410 Gaby arranging tile on fairy garden planter for her first grader

130410 making mosaic in the shade in the garden

Here is a mosaic cross made by Rachel this year for our school Gala and Auction in March 2013.

130206 Rachel Skelly's mosaic heart on fire crucifix

Mosaic Cross by Rachel Skelly

130410 Rachel, Rachel and Rebecca making mosaic flower pots

A crafter at one with the creative process…

130410 Josephine carefully selecting broken tiles to arrange on her mosaic miniature flower pot

Josephine’s sweet clown face mosaic flower pot for her Kindergarten daughter.

130410 Josephine's clown face mosaic flower pot

Rebecca’s mosaic flower pot, drying and awaiting grout.

130410 Rebecca's mosaic planter drying and awaiting grout

Today we were mainly breaking tiles and gluing them onto our planters or picture frames with acrylic glue. Next week, we will be mixing grout and grouting our mosaic work. Here are some of the mosaic work done today…

130410 Thank you Rachel Skelly for showing us how to mosaic

Here is a mosaic piece that Renuka did over the break. It’s a small door that covers an opening in the bathroom of her home.  Nice!

130410 Renuka's mosaic over the break. A small door that covers an opening in the bathroom

Here is our “Under the Sea” mosaic planter that our craft group made together for a school fundraiser years ago.

Under the Sea Mosaic fundraiser Planter close up of octopus. tutorial. Waldorf School of Orange County. Wednesday Morning Craft Group. Waldorf Craft Tutorials

Click on this link to see a gallery of more mosaic and other craft work our craft group did in the past.

Gaby brought in her handmade Art Felt scarf today.

130410 Gaby modeling handmade grey Art Felt scarf

Click here to see our craft group making Art Felt scarves on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

130116 Rachel modeling handmade Artfelt Scarf in the Company of Angels Store. square

… and again on Wednesday, February 27, 2013. (click below photo to enter page).

130227 Rachel, Cathrine and Ji making red and white Artfelt scarves

Next Week: April 17, 2013

We will be grouting these mosaics next week.

Christine Newell will be showing us how to make Nuno Felted Scarves. Come and try your hands with this new felting method!

Jzin’s Crafting Over Spring Break 2013

130330 Felting soap with Rama, Nunu and Anicka at Anicka's 8th birthday party 2

Over our 2 weeks spring break, I felted with my children. You can join our journeys here…

Here is Nunu’s first felted playscape. Designed by her and crafted together. Here is a link to our crafting journey.

130408 Nunu's first wet-felted playscape overview photo. 1 logo

Thursday, March 28, 2013. My children preparing salad while singing songs of Les Misérables and wet-felting (by stomping on rolled up wet-felting mat underfoot). This is how we roll!

130328 Nunu and Vivi wet-felting tryptich stomping on wet-felting project rolled inside bamboo mat, polyester sheet and bubble wrap

Wet-felting playscape with the children. To the children’s dismay, I discovered a way to wet-felt a playscape blanket without needing too much rubbing, rolling, pounding or stomping on … Here is a link to our crafting process:

130403 Anicka and Nunu unwrapping our playscape rolled up in pink polyester fabric

My daughter and I made a little spring craft: A family of rabbits in a burrow! Here is the link to our crafting process:

130325 white bunny in burrow. Logo

Painting Workshops with Angelika Kolbe Starting April 26, 2013 in Big Aftercare Room

Malatelier Angelika Kolbe. Water Color. Waldorf Education Teacher.

Learn wet-on-wet painting in an engaging format from a true master. In addition to being a Waldorf class teacher for 16 years at the Waldorf School in Marnburg/Germany, Angelika taught drawing and painting to high school students. Trained at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University in Hamburg/Germany, we are lucky to have her with us for this special parent education event. Please take the opportunity to join Angelika for these painting sessions.

  • The total workshop is 6 sessions. You may sign up for all 6 or pick and choose dates according to your availability.
  • Dates: April 26, April 29, May 3, May 6, May 8, May 10. All 8:30 – 10:30 in Big Aftercare
  • To cover the cost of materials, each session is $10. Cash only please. You will sign up in the front office when we return from break.

Click on picture to see my watercolor paintings done with Angelika last year.

Waldorf Foundation Studies watercolor painting workshop with Angelika Kolbe. Color study. The Leap Beyond Gray Clouds.

Here is a link to Our Wednesday Morning Weekly Craft Group Projects121202 Vintage Life photo show girls crafting inside trailer at war times. Post button for Wednesday Morning Craft Group

Jzin’s Handmade Dolls.

Sleeping Beauty at the window. Square.

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