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Castle of Costa Mesa Donations for

Pasadena Waldorf School 2023 Elves Faire



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Elves Faire 2023

Saturday, November 18, 2023. This year, Dimiter and I enjoyed the Elves Faire at the Pasadena Waldorf School.

This year, Castle of Costa Mesa is submitting the following for Pasadena Elves Faire 2023 Dolls Room:

1) Mermaid Lagoon Playscape and Dolls Set $1,000

2) Mother and Child 8″ diameter wool picture $250

3) Father, Mother and Child 8” diameter wool picture $250

4) 11 pieces of 6″ wool picture, mother and children themed, $100 each

5) 2 pieces of 6” wool pictures, $75 each. “¡Feliz cumpleaños!”, “My Avid Reader”.

6) 30 pieces of scruffy Finger-warmer owls, $30 each


Mermaid Lagoon Playscape with Dolls Set

Handmade, one-of-a-kind, $1,000.00

This elaborate Mermaid Lagoon Playscape with Dolls set is handmade with love by Jzin Teng of Castle of Costa Mesa. This set is suitable for open play or for puppet shows. See our summer 2023 Mermaid Kingdom puppet show workshop here. Also, this playscape can be set up as an advent surprise for some special children: on December 1, the playscape can be left on a nature table with one fish. On December 2, a dolphin can be added to the playscape. On December 3, a sea otter mother can be hidden in a small cave on the beach. On the next day, the sea otter mom will find a baby sea otter in another crevice in the playscape, and so forth. This set will be used as a count-down to a happy day, each day, one item or a note with message is added to the scene to create surprise. On the final day, a story can be performed by everyone, each holding one doll. This set was handmade with love, I hope you enjoy it! – Jzin

Included in this one-of-a-kind, handmade wool Mermaid Lagoon Dolls and Playscape set:

            1. Lagoon playmat with many secret pockets for hiding animals, treasures and secret notes
            2. Mermaid cave
            3. Mermaid
            4. Merbaby
            5. Mermaid cat with whiskers
            6. Mermaid girl
            7. Stingray for the mermaid girl to ride on
            8. white jellyfish
            9. Neptune with trident
            10. Dolphin
            11. Fish
            12. Sea otter mother
            13. Sea otter baby
            14. Octopus that squirts ink
            15. Baby octopus that squirts ink
            16. Shipwrecked soldier
            17. twig raft
            18. Pirate captain with hooked hand
            19. Red haired Pirate with scimitar
            20. Pirate with scimitar and eye patch
            21. wool boat


Scruffy Finger-Warmer Owls

They keep your fingers warm in winter! 30, one-of-a-kind, 100% natural wool finger-warmer owls, $30 each


ONE 100% Natural Wool, Fluffy Finger-Puppet Owl

Wool Picture: Mother and Child

8″ Diameter wool picture, $250

Wool Picture: Father, Mother and Child

8″ Diameter wool picture, $250

Wool Pictures: Mother and Child theme and more

6″ Diameter wool pictures, $75 – $100 each

Top row:

  1. $100 Toadstool mom and baby
  2. $250 8″ Father, Mother and Child
  3. $250 Mother and Baby
  4. $100 Toadstool mom with braid and baby

Second row:

5. $100 Mother and baby in red

6. $100 Mother and baby with landscape

7. $100 Black haired mother and baby in red

8. $100 Mother and baby – purple dress

Row 3:

9. $100 Mother in white, swinging her baby

10. $100 Pink Mother and baby

11. $100 Over the moon – mother and baby

12. $100 Red, mother and baby with flowers

Bottom Row:

13. $75 Feliz Cumpleanos

14. $75 The girl who loves to read

15. $100 Mother in white tossing baby in the air

You can also shop for wool pictures and fairy tale dolls on website here.




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