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Homesteading Craft: Making Bone Broth and More Chez Alena. January 25, 2024


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Rainy Thursday, January 25, 2024

  • Thu 1/25/24 9am – 12pm Alena Audenis: Homesteading Craft: Bone Broth, Slow-Cooked Stews for Children’s Healthy Bones and Dental Health. $35. 
    • Location: Chez Alena @Chez_Alena cottage 7” driving distance from to school.
    • 22162 Laguna Circle, Huntington Beach, CA 92646.
    • RSVP is appreciated. This will help instructor plan the class better:  Alena (949) 929-2925 
    • Chez Alena catering flyer
    • Alena teachings cooking classes to Adults and Children (see photos).

Alena showed our Craft Group how to make nutrition-rich bone broth and more. This are what we made today:

  • Chicken stock
  • Beef stock
  • Brown rice in chicken stock
  • Chicken dish stewed in rich chicken broth
  • Chicken egg-drop soup with gizzards

Thank you Julia Baker and Alena Audenis for the photos.


“I spent the morning with Dione at Alena’s and got a crash course on amazing European homestyle cooking. Not only did she show us how to make chicken broth and beef broth, but she also showed us how she made various meals including an egg drop soup, broth infused rice, and braised chicken with root vegetables. And because she’s amazing, after eating what we made, we also had coffee and enjoyed freshly baked bread with her rum infused Concord grape jam. I highly recommend joining her next cooking class on Tuesday 2/13/2024!”   – Julia Baker




Alena also teach Adults and children’s cooking and gardening classes. Questions? Please contact Alena directly with the phone number above.