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130227 Overall View Enchanted Fairy Tale Woodland Playscape Blanket with Words

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Just $20 gives you a chance to win this truly one-of-a-kind, breathtaking, magical creation and support the Waldorf School of Orange County!

Win this worldwide. Free shipping. Winner will be selected on March 9, 2013 Pacific Standard Time (California, USA).

Buy your raffle tickets on Waldorf School of Orange County online Bidpal site.

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Part II of “Enchanted Woodland Fairy Tale” Playscape Craft Group Project. February 6, 2013

130205 Prince, princess and unicorns galloping across the woodland

Wednesday, February 6, 2013. Week 2 of our playscape project. A work in progress.

Our Morning Together. Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Wednesday morning craft group met again this morning in the back room of The Company of Angels store to continue making our “Enchanted Woodland Fairy Tale Playscape” blanket to donate to our school’s for our upcoming Spring Gala Auction event.

Rachel was not well, so she went home. We missed you Rachel (and your tea and biscuits!) and wish you get plenty of rest and be well again!

Kirsten sent in a thank you card (for our craft group gift basket) of her family and new baby. We missed you at craft group. Congratulations to Kirsten and family! Come in to craft group to check out her new baby pictures!

130207 Waldorf School of Orange County. Bliss Annual Spring Gala and Auction 2013. Wednesday morning craft group Part 2 wetfelted Enchanted woodland playscape

A work in progress. Please check back in a week or so on this link to bid on this auction item.

This lovingly made “Enchanted Springtime Fairy Tale Woodland” playscape will be available to bid on for our Waldorf School of Orange County’s 2013 Bliss Gala and Auction. Event: March 9, 2013. You will be able bid on it shortly on this link below!

Blissful leaping with joy large logo.

Support our beloved Waldorf School of Orange County. Enter Bidpal.

Friends, creating and HOT soapy water: Last week’s craft group work…

130130 Squirting liquid dish detergent and hot water on wet-felted playscape blanket

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Renuka Added Felt Unicorns to the Playscape!

130205 Jzin's handmade miniature needle-felted Princess riding a pink maned felt unicorn handmade by Renuka

Here is a pink unicorn handmade by Renuka for her children. Today she made new felt unicorn for our Gala fundraiser. Miniature needle-felted + hand stitched princess was made by Jzin/ Castle of Costa Mesa do ride astride this lovely unicorn.

130206 Galloping on unicorns

Renuka and Courtney made unicorns this morning.

130206 sewing felt unicorns from a pattern

Renuka completed the daddy unicorn this morning. Look at the details, such as the rims on the horn. Thank you for donating this lovely unicorn to our auction!

130205 Renuka's handmade miniature felt unicorn

Galloping unicorns!

130206 The royal siblings riding unicorns down a steep slope

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Thank You LaTeaDa Designs For Their Generous Donation of Wools For Our School Auction.

LaTeaDa Designs on Etsy /Marti Browne has donated some gorgeous wools for our School Auction!

130208 Marti's daughter and her llama Checkers

Marti’s daughter and her llama, Checkers! How cute is that?

Hand dyed assortment of Cotswold sheep wool curl from LaTeaDa Designs on Etsy. These are the crafter’s dream and will be fabulous for making fantasy creatures (unicorn mane, fairies’ hair, gnome beard), wet-felting playscapes (waterfall, ocean waves, flowers, vines, foliage), and other endless creative uses!

130205 LaTeaDaDesignsdonationCotswold

Click on images to enlarge view. We will upload these items on our Waldorf School Bidpal Auction site shortly, so you may bid on them.

Speaking of gnomes, here is a page on our craft group making felted gnomes. Click here to view our gallery of past craft group creations for other wool related projects.

Alpaca pencil roving in white, light fawn, medium fawn, dark fawn and black from Marti’s alpacas on her ranch. It can be used for doll hair, felting doll skin, wet felting trees and playscapes or for your Artfelt scarf project.

130205 LaTeaDaDesignsdonation Alpaca

LaTeaDa Designs on

Check out Marti’s rainbow array of alpacas!

120206 Marti Browne LaTeaDa Design's rainbow of alpacas

LaTeaDa Designs on

Some of Marti’s alpacas in Phelan (Wikipedia), the high deserts of Southern California.

LaTeaDa Designs Marti Brown's alpacas in the snow

LaTeaDa Designs on

One of my favorite is her tussah silk on, which I used in making a Sleeping Beauty doll’s hair last year.

Good night, Sleeping Beauty! Slumber in the tower. Marti can make custom orders for people if they want certain amounts of certain colors of fibers on her Etsy store.

Thank you Marti for your support of our school!

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Jzin’s Waterfall With A Secret.

130206 square. Waldorf School of Orange County wet-felted Enchanted Fairy Tale woodland playscape in Spring part 2 work in progress

February 6, 2013. Jzin (yours truly) worked on waterfall with a secret at home in the past week and brought that in, along with the Prince and his sister, the Princess.

130204 foam pads armature for making a wet-felted cave and rock mountain

What is the secret? Click on link to see The Story, more views of this waterfall and whatever yarn Jzin loves to spin.

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Making Woodland Trees for Our Felt Playscape.

Christine brought in some cone shaped foam cores to needle felt into trees.

130206 cone cores for trees 2

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Making Pompom Foliage and Shrubbery.

Liz and Julie made pompoms with yarn and roving for the foliage of the big woodland tree and for bushes.

130205 Liz and Julie crafting pompom tree foliage and bushes 4

Wool Carder and The pompom maker!

130205 Julie making felted tree foliage with a pompom maker 2

Our little pompom sweat shop was churning out pompoms like popcorns in a hot kettle!

130206 Christine adding pompom bushes to wet-felted playscape Sophia 3

Christine trimmed the pompoms and added them as bushes to the playscape.

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I Made A Fearsome Little Snake!

I love to add an element of danger to a scene! This is the fearsome serpent I made this morning out of sheer will, pipe cleaner, glue, felt remnants, red yarn and some embroidery floss.

130206 Jzin's felt snake on wet felted cave 2

The little snake is perched atop the wet-felted rocky cave I made in the past week. Click here to look at pictures of my crafting process of the above cave.

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Gisela’s Woodland Gnome

“To fish or not to fish, that is the question.”

130205 Gisela's felted gnome by a fish pond wet-felted playscape

Gisela worked on adding a sweet cottage to a corner of the woods.

This will be a great surprise! Check our craft group blog for next week’s post to see it!

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Books on Felting

A Felt Farm by Rotraud Reinhard. Good instructions on wet-felting.

A Felt Farm by Rotraud Reinhard

Feltcraft by Petra Berger.

Felt Craft by Petra Berger book cover cropped.


Carnival of Felting by Gillian Harris

Carnival of Felting by Gillian Harris SIGNED COPY  Think of a carnival, what does it conjure up? - a celebration of bright colours, lots of fun, excitement and spectacle - all these elements are featured in Gillian's new book - hot off the press this Spring. Following on from the successful Complete Feltmaking, Gillian draws on the carnival atmosphere to create a diverse range of stylish felt-making projects....  UK Hardback - Special author signed copy £11.99 Check out Gillian’s website:

Creating Felt Artwork (Instant download) E-Book by “Handmade by Rosiepink” Handmade by rosiepink. Creating Felt Artwork E-Book

Art in Felt & Stitch: Creating Beautiful Works of Art Using Fleece, Fibres and Threads by Moy Mackay.artinfeltandstitchlarge

Too-dle-loo! See you next Wednesday morning! Thanks! -Jzin

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Check out my handmade Fairy Tale Dolls: Dolls and Tales page.

Handmade Mermaid Mondine at Corona Del Mar Little Beach by CastleofCostaMesa.Com


My handmade dolls for Waldorf Seasons Nature Table

All Seasons

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Waldorf School of Orange County Spring 2013 Bliss Fundraiser

Craft donations are being accepted in the front office. Fill in Auction Donation form (Click here to download) if you have craft (or other) items to donate to our Waldorf School Spring 2013 Gala Auction.

Here are some auction items to get your bidding mojo running! Auction items are being added daily to the Waldorf School of Orange County Bidpal site so please check back periodically and do share this link with your friends and family!

130226 Worldwide Raffle $10 Free Shipping. Support our Waldorf School of Orange County. Magic Wooden Tree House with miniature doll family with words.

Waldorf School Auction items on Bidpal. Share the magic fairy tree house on Facebook.

Jzin’s needle-felted miniature Snow White, Rose Red and Dwarf set is available for bidding on Our Waldorf School’s Gala and Auction bidding site.

130207 dwarf closer plus green background 3
Bid on Snow White, Rose Red and Dwarf miniature handmade dolls set onWaldorf School Bidpal site.
Here’s a partial list of Waldorf School of Orange County auction items (mainly crafts are listed here) on Pinterest…(check back periodically for new additions)…

130205 Rachel Skelly's Needle-felted Gnome with Toadstool in Springtime on a cloudy day

Please follow WSOC Auction Items on Pinterest

Rachel Skelly’s work of art is available for bidding:

130206 Rachel Skelly's mosaic heart on fire crucifix

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Support Our Local Waldorf Community/ Place a Free Ad

If you are interested in placing an ad on “Support Our Southern California Waldorf Community” (free if you are a member of this community) please e-mail me a good picture and a link.

Meanwhile, please support our local peeps! Thanks! – Jzin

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    September 18, 2013

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